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Top 10 Global Mobile Phone Brands in 2017

Top Mobile Brands 2017 Ranking with Parameters (Shipment Units):
Rank Methodology:  details about rankings and parameters
1] 15 global mobile companies were considered in the sample size.
2] The total number of mobile phone shipments were taken as per the latest yearly data available.
3] The companies are ranked according to the total number of shipments.
Here is a list of top 10 global mobile phone brands in World in 2017 based on shipments data.

Top mobile brands have taken the world by storm in recent years. Mobile Phones, Smartphones and devices are present in almost every country in the world. Every person accesses mail, news, games, work on a mobile phone today. Mobiles are changing the technology and business alike. Top mobile brands include Apple, Samsung and Chinese brands like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Vivo followed by LG, ZTE and TCL. Here is the list of top 10 global mobile phone brands in the world 2017 based on number of total mobile shipments.

Customer preferences are changing very quickly and hence it is a world of constant innovation for these best mobile phone companies. High res cameras, faster processors, ease of use, style etc are all important differentiators between these top smartphone brands and the new emerging mobile companies. The industry is constantly evolving with the biggest mobile phone companies investing billions of dollars annually to design the finest handsets and maximise their customer base. Let us have a look at these top mobile phone brands globally in 2017.


1. Samsung

Samsung is a mobile phone manufacturer of South Korean origin which is present now in almost all countries.

Samsung has been one of the top brands since long but after the advent of android phones, it really picked up. Samsung has been giving tough competition to Apple in the smartphone segment with its Samsung Galaxy phones series.

The recent addition has been Samsung Galaxy S8 which is really getting good reviews. Samsung electronics operates in about 80+ countries and employs more than 350000 people. Kwon Oh-Hyun is the CEO of the company. Samsung line of phones went through not so good phase after its Note 7 was marred by battery issues which meant huge losses for Samsung along with loss to brand reputation. Samsung’s S8 launch is very important for the company to be a force in smartphone market. Infinite display of S8 has been hailed as the new standard in the market which should help it reach the top spot.

Samsung major phone launches in recent past have been

1) Samsung S7

2) Samsung Note 7

3) Samsung S8

Samsung was founded almost 50 years ago in 1969 and today is one of the biggest companies in the world. Samsung needs to keep up the innovation to make sure it competes with Apple and tries to overtake it.

Shipment (Units) : 306 Million


2. Apple

Apple is an American company which manufactures and produces the famous iPhone. It is headquartered in Cupertino, California.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniac and Ronald as a computer company but today major revenue of the company comes from mobile devices. Apple Is one of the biggest companies in the world right now given the mobile revolution the world is witnessing.

Apple has created a complete ecosystem of its products with

1) iPhone

2) iPod

3) iOS

4) iTunes

5) Apple Music

6) Apple Online Store

The above products and services collectively form the entire Apple Ecosystem in the mobile world. This along with Android and Windows forms the majority of mobile devices in the world currently. Apple has formed a great brand for itself with the iPhone and even before that Apple was perceived to be high end and high quality product maker. The iPhone is perceived not just a phone but a symbol in many countries. People queue up during a new iPhone product launch further consolidating the strong brand. Over the years it has faced a lot of competition from Samsung, LG and Chinese manufacturers Oppo, Vivo etc but Apple has been able to retain the top spot. iPhone 7 has been a success but not as much compared to previous models. The newer models of iPhone have not been able to offer lot of innovation over the previous ones but with iPhone 8 in the offering, this may change soon. Apple has a loyal community which can help Apple grow even more.

Shipment (Units) : 215 Million


3. Huawei

Huawei is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer which is also a telecom equipment manufacturer. Huawei is based in Shenzen China.

Huawei was founded in 1987 but the handset unit was established in 2003. Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) is the group responsible for the mobile phone series, and Huawei is present in 170 countries.

It employs 7000 people in it R&D centres.

The product portfolio includes

1. Mate Series

2. P Series

3. G Series

4. Y Series

5. Nexus Series

Huawei is known for its innovation and it boasts of 12000 consumer BG patents. Huawei is also present in the tablet segment. Huawei is associated with Borussia Dortmund as a sponsor along with a partnership with Arsenal FC. It also is associated with other football clubs like Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao. It also sponsors IPL Club RCB in India. These sponsorships help the brand establish itself strongly with the consumer market across Europe and Asia.

Huawei has 180000 employees worldwide. Ren Zhengfei is the current CEO of the company.

Shipment (Units) : 139 Million


4. Oppo

Oppo is a Chinese smartphone brand founded in 2001 in Dongguan, China. It is owned by BBK Electronics which also own other famous brands Vivo and OnePlus.

Oppo has been rising fast and broke onto the top mobile scene in 2015-16 with budget smartphones with high end features. It is present in many countries other than China like India, America etc.

Oppo is quite innovative with its products e.g. N1 and N3 were famous for their Industry First designs. Oppo invests a lot in marketing. In India, it is sponsoring the Indian national cricket team and also has famous Bollywood stars as its ambassadors. Similarly in other countires, it ties up with sports leagues and celebrities. Its product portfolio includes

1. Oppo F Series – F1, F3

2. Oppo R Series – R5, R7

3. Oppo N Series- N1, N3

4. Oppo Mirror

5. Oppo Find

Oppo positions iteslef as a camera phone maker. It focusses a lot on camera features and innovation. Oppo’s selfie expert smartphones are quite famous with youngsters. Oppo entered mobile market in 2008 but has really grown in the past couple of years. Oppo is present in 21 countries globally. Oppo has a partnership with Qualcomm for innovative solutions.

Shipment (Units) : 85 Million


5. Vivo

Vivo is a Chinese phone brand which is owned by BBK electronics which also owns Oppo. Vivo is based in Dongguan.

Vivo was founded in 2009 but became famous with the mobile phone X1. Vivo is known for its Hi-Fi chips in its products which results in strong performance of its smartphones.

Vivo also uses an interactive system called Smart in its products, which is an innovative system for using the phone. Vivo focusses a lot on innovation and employs about 3000 people in R&D. Vivo positions itself as a camera and music phone manufacturer. Vivo is also known for its marketing. Vivo ties up with sports even and celebrities to promote its products.

Its product portfolio include

1) Vivo V5 with moonlight camera

2) Vivo V5 plus with dual front camera

3) Vivo Y Series

Vivo employs over 20000 people. It has been active in market since 2012. Vivo is present in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia. Vivo follows strict quality control system to ensure high quality products for its markets. The 4 R&D centers are based in China. Vivo handles the hardware design, manufacturing, software development on its own.

Shipment (Units) : 72 Million


6. LG

Based out of Korea, LG is one of the leading consumer electronics and mobile handset manufacturing company. The company has a strong legacy since its inception in 1947.

LG company has a strong global presence which enables the company to have a strong presence in the smartphone market. More than 200,000+ people are employed in the organization, which has grown in leaps and bounces especially in the smartphone market segment.

LG Electronics has a strong presence in the mobile devices segment. The company has products like mobile phones, tablets, smart watches etc. Since entering the smartphone market in 2013, LG has come up new handsets which has left its mark in the smartphone segment. Some of the most popular mobile phones offered by LG are as follows:

    LG G series
    LG Stylus
    LG Spirit
    LG K series
    LG V series

All these are extremely popular smartphone and mobile models offered by the company. By using tv advertising, online ads, ads in magazines and newspapers, LG has managed to have a strong brand presence. The brand of mobile phones is available in more than 120 countries worldwide. The LG brand has taken several market and sponsorship initiatives like Formula 1, snooker competition, fashion events etc. This has enabled the brand to have a strong presence in the smartphone market segment.

Shipment (Units) : 62 Million


7. Xiaomi

Xiaomi has become one of the most recognised smartphone manufacturing companies based out of China. Xiaomi is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones in China, supplying to the world.

The company was found as recently as 2010, and has still managed to leave a mark in the smart phone segment, owing to its high quality phones and low prices. Xiaomi has over 8000+ people employed in the organization globally who are the backbone of growth of the company.

Xiaomi has strong manufacturing and operation in countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia apart from China. Apart from mobile phones the company has also managed a substantial market share in segments like tablets, home devices and laptops. The logo of Xiaomi is written as “MI”, which stands for Mobile internet. However, owing to the challenging market it is present in, the company also refers to MI as Mission Impossible, as it has managed to overcome severe adversities in this competitive environment and leave its mark. Some of the leading products in the smartphone segment offered are:

    Mi Note Pro
    Mi Note
    Mi 4
    Redmi 2
    Mi Band etc.

All these are extremely popular phones as they have all the features which are offered by a leading phone manufacturer, but the company offers it at affordable competitive prices. Xiaomi has always put customers first, and has developed its technology as per the needs and requirements of the customers. Apart from smartphone, Xiaomi has also ventured into smart watches and smart bands which are making their presence felt in the developing Asian economies. Xiaomi has also taken adequate measure to increase its brand visibility through ad campaigns and marketing activities on TV, online, print media etc.

Shipment (Units) : 59 Million


8. Lenovo

Lenovo is a leading Chinese manufacturer which makes a variety of smartphones and caters to the global market. Lenovo company has more than 60,000+ people in its organization.

The company was found in 1984 and has been a legacy in the consumer electronics domain. In 2013, Lenovo entered the mobile and smartphone segment, and has ever since been growing consistently.

Lenovo has manufacturing plants which have a capacity of closet of 40 million handsets a year. Lenovo managed a substantial sale in China owing to its new range of smartphones, which were marketed very aggressively by the company. Some of the most popular models by Lenovo are as follows:

    Lenovo Vibe
    Lenovo K series
    Lenovo Z series
    Lenovo Phab series

Lenovo has set its focus on challenging the main competitors in the smartphone industry i.e. Apple and Samsung. Lenovo wants to use its existing sales channels to become a market leader in the smartphone industry. Lenovo alongwith Microsoft was responsible for the acquisition of Motorola mobility, which further strengthened its position in the smartphone and mobile market segment. Lenovo has focused on aggressive marketing strategies by advertising on TV, internet, magazines etc to increase its brand presence. Apart from being sold at retail outlets, the company has increased its presence on ecommerce platforms and its own website. This has enabled Lenovo to be at par with all the other leading brands when it comes to utilizing different sales channels.

Shipment (Units) : 56 Million


9. ZTE

ZTE is one the leading telecom companies in the world, and offers an array of products and services in its offerings for both consumers and enterprises.

The company has research and development facilities spread across Europe, America and Asia where it have applied for more than 68000+ patents. Overall the company has a strong and expert workforce of over 30,000+ employees, which have helped the company to become a global brand in the intensely competitive environment.

ZTE offers a wide variety of products in its offering. It offers smartphone devices, wireless equipment, bearers, cloud computing, fixed access etc. Some of the leading smartphones offered by ZTE include

    ZTE Max series etc.

All these smartphones have touchscreen, high resolution cameras, finger print recognition, long lasting battery life, smartphone features like Wifi etc. ZTE has a global customer base which is spread across continents and countries. The company has taken effort to have tie-ups with leading global telecom players like Vodafone, Telstra, China Mobile, AT&T, Virgin Mobile etc. This has enabled the company to become a global name and has increased the popularity of its handsets across the globe. ZTE has also been active in ensuring that it has a strong brand presence. A lot of effort has given on marketing through TV, print, billboards etc. ZTE mobile has also actively sponsored sports events and teams for ensuring good brand visibility. It is a sponsor of teams in the German football league. ZTE also appointed Ronaldo as its brand ambassador for promoting its phone. Apart from being a global top mobile brand, ZTE is one of the top phone manufacturers in China.

Shipment (Units) : 54 Million


10. TCL (Alcatel)

Alcatel are the brand of mobile phones offered by TCL communication, which are one of the leading smartphone players worldwide. TCL communication is a leader in telecom equipment, internet products etc.

TCL is a popular and highly recognizable global mobile brand in the smartphone industry and has a strong presence in over 160 countries. Apart from being a strong smartphone manufacturer, the company has also become a top tablet manufacturer as compared to other players.

TCL (Alcatel) offers a wide variety of features in its smartphones like internet connectivity, high resolution cameras, touch screens, high battery life etc. TCL (Alcatel) has a wide range of products in its offering. One of its most popular brand is Flash, which runs Android 6.0 and has a 3100mAh battery which cannot be removed. Some of the other popular brands offered by Alcatel are U5, Pixi series, Idol series, OneTouch series etc. Alcatel is popular among consumers as its caters to not only the higher segments but also offers simpler low cost smartphones which can are easily affordable by a larger segment in the market. Alcatel is a trademark of Alcatel-Lucent which is used under the license by telecom and electronics company TCL Communication. Apart from business, the company has also focused on CSR activities and given a lot of importance to environment and safety of its customers. The company has often used prominent events to launch its mobile phones, 4G enabled devices, tablets etc, which help the TCL brand create a strong buzz among customers and become one of the top mobile brands in the world.

Shipment (Units) : 38 Million


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