Friday, 15 March 2013

Run my house entirely from solar power

Can I run my house entirely from solar power and be independent from grid electricity (regular supplied electricity)  ?

More and more people are beginning to ask the question: "can I run my house entirely from solar power and be independent from grid electricity (regular supplied electricity) ?"

The answer is YES!

Many household appliances are becoming more and more energy efficient, examples are:
• Laptop computers
• Solar fridges and freezers
• Evapourative air conditioners
• Use electric blankets instead of heaters
• Gas stoves
•  Low watt flourecents and even LED lighting

Here is a scenario of common household power usage and the relevant costs to run such a system with solar power:

To provide lighting and use of common household appliances:
• 20x11W globes average daily use of 5 hrs
• Vacuum cleaner average daily use of 30 mins
• Hairdryer for 20 mins
• Toaster for 30 mins
• Tv 54cm colour for 5 hrs per day
• Handrill for 20 mins per day
• Food processor for 40 mins per day
• Microwave for 10 mins per day

For more detail on the   components of solar system , please read my article :
Let Use Solar Power, Sun Energy , Living Green

 8x80W PV Solar Panels
 6x102A 12V batteries
 4x20A solar regulators
 1 x 6000VA power inverter
 Cables and connectors
 Bracket mountings

Adding a fridge and freezer to the equation, which must run 24/7 will add cost in the form of at least four more 80W panels, two more 102A batteries and two more regulators.

Hot water geysers can be converted to solar heating, as they make use of the heat of the sun to warm water circulating through specially designed heating panels.

Stoves need to be gas, and can be supplemented with a solar cooker.
Then you get independent solar security lights with motion sensors and detachable solar panel, built in battery which is great outside security, never having to worry about power failures.

Please note that  I chose 80W panels for this exercise.
You could also use 160W panels, halving the number of panels,  take less space.
Or you could use 40W panels and double the number of panels,  take more space.

The price of solar panels is different depend on W (Watt). So is most costly for higher W.
But low W  will be more solar panel and will take more space.
The fact is   Space Vs Price !

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Let Use Solar Power, Sun Energy , Living Green

Let Use Solar Power, Energy from the Sun, Living Green

The equipment are:

Solar Panels
Solar Regulators
Solar Batteries (DC power storage)
DC to AC power inverters

Let’s start with a brief revision of the major components found in a basic solar power system.
This should help you to understand then correctly identify and select the correct size components for your solar power system.
The following diagram shows the major components in a typical basic solar power system.
A basic solar powered system:

 The solar panel converts sunlight into DC power or electricity to charge the battery. This DC electricity/(charge) is controlled via a solar regulator which ensures the battery is charged properly and not damaged and that power is not lost/(discharged). DC appliances can then be powered directly from the battery, but AC appliances need a power inverter to convert the DC electricity into 220 Volt AC power.

See section below for information  & Description of individual solar power system components :


Solar Panels

Solar panels are classified according to their rated power output in Watts. This rating is the amount of power the solar panel would be expected to produce at STC (standard testing conditions) of sunlight intensity 1000w/metre at 25 degrees centigrade Different geographical locations receive different quantities of average peak sun hours per day.
As an example, in areas of the Highveld in South Africa, the annual average is around 5.6 sun hours per day. This means that an 80W solar panel based on the average figure of 5.6 sun hours per day, would produce a yearly average of around 450W.H per day

Solar panels can be wired in series or in parallel to increase voltage or current respectively . The rated terminal voltage of a solar panel is usually between 17-22 volts, but through the use of a regulator, this voltage is reduced to around 13 or 14 volts as required for safe battery charging.
Solar panel output is affected by the cell operating temperature. Panels are rated at a nominal temperature of 25 degrees Celcius. The output of a solar panel can be expected to vary by 0.25% for every 5 degrees variation in temperature. As the temperature increases, the output decreases.

Solar Regulators

The purpose of solar regulators, or charge controllers as they are also called, is to regulate the current from the solar panels to prevent the batteries from overcharging . Overcharging causes gassing and loss of electrolyte resulting in damage to the batteries.
A solar regulator is used to sense when the batteries are fully charged and to stop, or decrease, the amount of current flowing to the battery.
Most solar regulators also include a Low Voltage Disconnect feature , which will switch off the supply to the load if the battery voltage falls below the cut-off voltage. This prevents the battery from permanent damage and reduced life expectancy.
A solar regulator also prevents the battery from backfeeding or discharging into the solar panel at night and, hence, flattening the battery.
Solar regulators are rated by the amount of current they are able to receive from the solar panel or panels.

Choosing the right size solar regulator
A solar regulator must be able to handle the maximum current that can be produced by the solar panels. Reflected sunlight and specific temperature conditions can increase the output current of a solar panel by as much as 25% above it ’s rated output current. 
The solar regulator must be sized to handle the increased current.
Example: An 80W 12V solar panel has a rated output current of 4.55 Amps and a rated short circuit current of 4.8 Amps.
Minimum solar regulator size for a single 80W solar panel should be:   
4.8 Amps x 1.20 = 5.76 Amps.
It is recommended that the regulator selected is even slightly larger than this figure to ensure that it is not constantly operating at 100% of its rating, particularly in regions with higher ambient temperatures.
A good rule of thumb is a margin of between 20 and 30%.

Solar Batteries  (use for  DC power storage)

Deep cycle batteries are usually used in solar power systems and are designed to be discharged over a long period of time (e.g. 100 hours) and recharged hundreds or thousands of times, unlike conventional car batteries which are designed to provide a large amount of current for a short amount of time.
To maximize battery life, deep cycle batteries should not be discharged beyond 50% of their capacity. i.e. 50 % capacity remaining.
Discharging beyond this level will significantly reduce the life of the batteries.
Deep cycle batteries are rated in Ampere Hours (Ah). This rating also includes a discharge rate, usually at 20 hours. This rating specifies the amount of current in Amps that the battery can supply over the specified number of hours.
As an example, a battery rated at 120A.H at the 100 hour rate can supply a total of 120A.H over a period of 100 hours. This would equate to 1.2A per hour for 100 hours. Due to internal heating at higher discharge rates, the same battery could supply 110Ah at the 20 hour rate, or 5.5A per hour for 20 hours. In practice, this battery could run a 60W 12VDC TV for over 20 hours before being completely drained.
There are many factors that can affect the performance and life of a battery or bank of batteries. It is highly recommended that you speak with an experienced solar power system installer or solar battery provider prior to making any significant battery purchase.

DC to AC power inverters

The power inverter is the main component of any independent power system which requires AC power. The power inverter will
convert the DC power stored in the batteries and into Ac power to run conventional appliances.

Just over a decade or so ago, DC AC power inverters were so inefficient and unreliable, many people restricted themselves to 12V lights and appliances.
If you have recently tried to shop around for 12V DC appliances, you will see that there is a very limited selection available.
Today, the efficiency and reliability of the latest DC AC power Inverters, are a far cry from the inverters that were available 15 to 20 years ago.
There are three waveforms produced by modern solid state power inverters. The simplest, a square wave power inverter, used to be all that was available. Today, these are very rare, as many appliances will not operate on a square wave.
True Sine wave inverters provide AC power that is virtually identical to, and often cleaner than, power from the grid.
Power inverters are generally rated by the amount of AC power they can supply continuously . Manufacturers generally also provide 5 second and ½ hour surge figures. The surge figures give an idea of how much power can be supplied by the inverter for 5 seconds and ½ an hour before the inverter ’s overload protection trips and cuts the power.
For more info on solar inverters go check out our power inverter website -

Determining the size and number of solar power equipment that you need

Power inverter sizing
Appliance total power draw = 120W(for the 10 lights) + 500W(for the 2 TV ’s) + 250W(for the fridge) = a total power draw of 870W.
To provide a small buffer or margin your minimum size inverter choice should be around 1000W.
A modified sine wave inverter with a 1500W continuous power rating will therefore be your obvious choice in this specific solar system design.

Determining the size and number of solar panels
Here we take the total power usage daily = 1200W.H + 3000W.H + 6000W.H
This = a total of 10200W.H
Divide the total daily power requirement by the number of charge hours for that geographic region
eg. 10200/5.5Hrs = 1854.54W
Add 20% for inefficiencies = 2225.45 W
This total power value determines the size and number of panels
eg. 2225.45/75W panels = 30 x 75W panels.
If you fancied say 125W panels , then 2225.45/125W = 18 panels.
How many batteries?
Well the 75W panels produce 4.4Amps, thus 30 x 4.4 A = 132A x 5.5 Hrs = 726Ah
105Ah batteries, should be discharged to no more than 50%, 
thus we divide total amps by 105A x 50% = 50A.H
726/50A = 14.5 x 105Ah batteries.
For ease of possible 24V or 48V configuration, this would mean 16 batteries.

What size regulator do we need ?
Let’s say we had 20A regulators at our disposal.
One 75W panel produces around 4.4Amps.
3 x 4.4A = 13.2A
So 30 solar panels would need 30/3 = 10 x 20A solar regulators.

Complete the solar power system
Well we have the following:
• 30 x 75W solar panels
• 10 x 20A solar regulators
• 16 x 105A.H deep cycle batteries
• 1 x 1000W modified sine wave power inverter

To light up a 1000w bulb (1 kw bulb) continuously will require a lot of power. That is 1000 watts an hour for 24 hours , which equals 24 kWh's a day of power.
Most solar cells in full sun are about 15% efficient. Of course you have cloudy days and dark periods and short days in winter.
The sun at best puts out about 1000 watts/ m^2, so if you get 15% of this, you get about 150 watts per square meter.
1000 watt light bulb/ 150 watts = about 7 square meters of 15% efficient panels to run thru the day.
To run thru the night and cloudy periods, count on at least 300-400% storage capacity in batteries and charge inverters to give power back.
So about 21-25 square meters of panels would probably be good. Go to a solar manufacturer website to get specifics. With light trackers and concentrators you can do much better.
It is probably better to get DC powered lights rather than AC lights, so you can use the power directly without an AC inverter and the losses it comes with and costs.

When dealing with solar, you go with solar heat for heating water and space, that is the cheapest use of solar. Then you go with DC lighting and battery storage. Only use an inverter for appliances that require AC specifically, like TV's and computers.

compare to regular electricity , solar power system more costly. But, if you want to do good in
helping environment, going green  than you should consider using one.
Now, there are more and more using solar power system in house , office , etc...

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Best Media Player of my choice

Best Media Player of my choice  ( for playing  Video, DVD, CD, Music )

Here is the list of most use media player software for me. All these are free software. Don't cost any money.
I sort them out according to the function , user friendly , usefulness.   No.1 is the best and so on.

No.1 :   Daum PotPlayer (version 1.5.35951 beta)  (at the time I write this blog)         Download here
This is from the maker of   KMplayer.    Daum PotPlayer can play a lot of video format.
MKV  video format that sometimes cannot be play by KMplayer ,   Daum PotPlayer  play it  smoothly.
Daum PotPlayer  come with a lot of  keyboard hotkey that the other software don't have.
For example:  Jump forward or backward  in  ???  seconds, and that ???  can be self setting.  Very Useful.
The keyboard hotkey all can be edit to adjust to what I want. Very user friendly.
A lot of keyboard hotkey for a lot of function.

No. 2 :  K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (version 9.7.5 )  (at the time I write this blog)        Download here
It is one of my must install software. It have all the codec for playing most of the video format.
It come with a popular Video Playing software call   Media Player Classic Home Cinema  (version  (at the time I write this blog). It must be install for the fully functions of Daum PotPlayer.

No. 3 :  KMPlayer  (the last version I use is )  (now is version 3.5  at the time I write this blog)                   Download here
Before the create of Daum PotPlayer ,  KMplayer is no.1 media player software for me.
It have the function that  Daum PotPlayer  have,  and I found it more user friendly then Daum PotPlayer.
But sadly, it sometime have the problem of cannot play some of the  MKV  format video.

No. 4 :  VLC Media Player (version 2.0.5 )  (at the time I write this blog)        Download here
It can play most of the video format. MKV  video format that sometimes cannot be play by KMplayer ,   VLC Media Player can  play  MKV smoothly. It just lack the a lot of keyboard hotkey for a lot of functions.
Compare to  Daum PotPlayer  it lack a lot of  functions.

p.s.  Let me know if you found out other media player software that is better than  Daum PotPlayer.
Leave your comments here:

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