Friday, 15 March 2013

Run my house entirely from solar power

Can I run my house entirely from solar power and be independent from grid electricity (regular supplied electricity)  ?

More and more people are beginning to ask the question: "can I run my house entirely from solar power and be independent from grid electricity (regular supplied electricity) ?"

The answer is YES!

Many household appliances are becoming more and more energy efficient, examples are:
• Laptop computers
• Solar fridges and freezers
• Evapourative air conditioners
• Use electric blankets instead of heaters
• Gas stoves
•  Low watt flourecents and even LED lighting

Here is a scenario of common household power usage and the relevant costs to run such a system with solar power:

To provide lighting and use of common household appliances:
• 20x11W globes average daily use of 5 hrs
• Vacuum cleaner average daily use of 30 mins
• Hairdryer for 20 mins
• Toaster for 30 mins
• Tv 54cm colour for 5 hrs per day
• Handrill for 20 mins per day
• Food processor for 40 mins per day
• Microwave for 10 mins per day

For more detail on the   components of solar system , please read my article :
Let Use Solar Power, Sun Energy , Living Green

 8x80W PV Solar Panels
 6x102A 12V batteries
 4x20A solar regulators
 1 x 6000VA power inverter
 Cables and connectors
 Bracket mountings

Adding a fridge and freezer to the equation, which must run 24/7 will add cost in the form of at least four more 80W panels, two more 102A batteries and two more regulators.

Hot water geysers can be converted to solar heating, as they make use of the heat of the sun to warm water circulating through specially designed heating panels.

Stoves need to be gas, and can be supplemented with a solar cooker.
Then you get independent solar security lights with motion sensors and detachable solar panel, built in battery which is great outside security, never having to worry about power failures.

Please note that  I chose 80W panels for this exercise.
You could also use 160W panels, halving the number of panels,  take less space.
Or you could use 40W panels and double the number of panels,  take more space.

The price of solar panels is different depend on W (Watt). So is most costly for higher W.
But low W  will be more solar panel and will take more space.
The fact is   Space Vs Price !

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