Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Alternatives software other than PowerPoint

Alternatives software other than PowerPoint

 Have you ever slept through someone else’s PowerPoint? Chances are you have, as it takes time and experience to make one of those presentations zippy. People have caught on to the somewhat boring nature of trusty old PowerPoint, and alternatives are popping up all the time. Of all the options out there, these eight presentation tools are at the top of the “PowerPoint Alternatives” list.

1. Prezi
Prezi came after PowerPoint and really spiced up the game; it’s been around for years and has developed a strong brand name. It makes presentation creation simple and is easily navigated by most people.

With the zooming in and out effects as well as its colorful display, Prezi can create some really interesting presentations. Also unlike PowerPoint, Prezi uses a non-linear concept of Pathway Points, meaning “slide” transitions are much more dynamic. Prezi has taken the sleeping audience and made it a thing of the past.

2. Slideshare
Slideshare is not so much an alternative to PowerPoint, but rather a great way to boost share-ability of your presentations. You can easily spread your presentation with your social media followers, which could help you build up a digital engagement marketing strategy. Getting more eyes on your content should be part of your goal, and Slideshare can help you to do it.

3. Emaze
Emaze allows almost any user to build an impressive presentation without putting forth much effort or research. It’s designed to be simple, which adds to the appeal. It can also transition between 3D and 2D slides, making your presentations multidimensional — literally.

Emaze is also super accommodating, working with all languages and platforms. So not only is there more to love with the effective color options, array of templates and overall adaptability, but there are more people who can actually use it, too.

4. Keynote
Keynote is essentially a PowerPoint copycat, but is much easier to use. Unfortunately, it is only accessible for Mac users. Nonetheless, Keynote brings forth some cool animation features and comes with photos and themes that make it ready to go right away.

5. Powtoon
Powtoon will captivate any audience. The program is free, interesting, simple to use and, as stated, great for the viewers. It incorporates characters and animation in order to tell a story rather than list facts as PowerPoint does. The finished product can appear quite professional, even when you opt to DIY.

Powtoon is an option that allows users to tap into their creative sides without getting overwhelmed with the creation. Template choices are busting with energy, and it’s sure to be engaging and fun for all.

6. Haiku Deck
Haiku Deck is a totally free app that lets users put together winning presentations in just minutes. You can access all your photos, as well as those on the Internet and in stock albums, all in one place. You can slap all the information and visuals onto your slides with great ease, but only if you have an iPad.

7. SlideRocket / ClearSlide
Some of you have heard of SlideRocket; ClearSlide purchased it a few years back. Unlike some of the other listed PowerPoint alternatives, SlideRocket is more sales- and business-oriented than creativity focused. Users can create sophisticated, professional-looking presentations that feature excellent tracking and sales displays.

SlideRocket, although not the cheapest presentation tool, works great with videos and collaborates well with Keynote, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. If you’re looking for something clear and professional, SlideRocket may be your optimal choice.

8. SlideShark
SlideShark, like Slideshare, is more of a sharing device than a PowerPoint alternative. However, it really does take PowerPoint to another level. It allows you to share your presentations internationally via cloud technology. Its capabilities include distributing and tracking views, sharing or broadcasting online, cloud storage integration and more.

Never again will you snooze through or put people to sleep with a PowerPoint presentation. These dynamic, creative or professional options will spice up the information you need to share, and keep your audience wholly engaged.

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