Friday, 28 November 2014

How to make your WiFi unhackable.

How to make your WiFi unhackable. 


Too slow connection?Is your internet usage higher than usual? Well these are signs your WiFi is been used by someone or some people.This means your WiFi security is very low and that means you will have to expect a very high red notice bill coming at the end of the month.So how to secure it and stop hackers from getting in and stealing your bandwidth?
Roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some hard work if you are new to the WiFi world.First you need to go to your routers homepage or in other words dashboard.Here's how to go there.

  • Open a New tab
  • Type in the address bar (This is the default IP address for all routers if it is changed reset your router, then continue)
  • Now you would be welcome to the router homepage. (the default password would be Username; admin , Password: admin)
Now you would be in the dashboard looking interface like below (Note different routers have different looking pages, the one below is a Planet ADN-4101 router)which shows the first tab Setup.

 From there your journey is about to end. Go to Wireless>Wireless Security and then choose Security Mode as WPA2 only and WPA encryption as TKIP + AES ( Choosing AES alone makes the encryption weaker).Then choose WPA mode as WPA2-PSK and Group Key Update Interval as 100.Then write a Pre-shared key ( which is actually your WiFi password).
Always choose a easy to remember password which contains letters and numbers, symbols if you can remember them and if the router supports symbols in the password.Now your WiFi shall be a lot secure and almost impossible to hack.If you still feel insecure change your router homepage password too.Just go to the Management tab ( in most routers it's written like that) then User Management.From there you can write a password you would like to be in the router homepage.Note that these setups are taken from a Planet router so it may be different from the router you are having.But all the routers have most of the functions above available.If not it is better to get a new router as your one is already outdated.

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