Monday, 27 March 2017

Why don't grocery store potatoes sprout and then rot?

If you have ever grown a potato in your backyard garden, you know for sure that if you put your own backyard potatoes on the display in the grocery store next to their potatoes, your garden potatoes -- because they are not stored in a cold, dark place -- would immediately erupt in huge, long sprouts.

Sprouting would soon turn them soft, and they would begin to rot.
If our homegrown potatoes sprout in light or warmth, why are the potatoes in the grocery storenot sprouting the same giant sprouts? (Okay, some grocery store potatoes do sometimes send out pathetic sprouts when they are old, but nothing like real garden potato sprouts if you've ever seen them).

The answer to why grocery store potatoes don't sprout and then rot is two-fold. First, grocery store potatoes are treated with a chemical called “Chlorpropham,” often sold under the names Bud Nip,Sprout Nip, Beet-Kleen, and Taterpex.

Second, the potatoes are exposed to so-called “low level” nuclear radiation. This is called
These two answers lead to more questions. First, did you know your grocery store potatoes were treated with a chemical, or radiation, or both? Not likely, because by federal law, potato sellers are not required to reveal this information. You read that right: potato growers and sellers can legally, under federal law, keep silent about the fact that the potatoes are treated with a chemical, or radiation, or both.

When you buy treated potatoes in the grocery store, you can't see the chemicals, and you don't know what the chemicals are. Cauliflower, for example, doesn't come with a warning label listing the chemicals that have been sprayed on it. But chemicals have been sprayed on it.

Not being able to see those chemicals, either on the vegetables or on a label, makes it easy to dismiss the chemicals. When you raise your food at home, there is a real clarity about chemicals -- you know that what you put on your vegetable garden you will later put in your mouth. You suddenly begin to wonder why you are spending money on these expensive chemicals and what the health impacts may be. Didn't people grow these same vegetables for centuries without spending money on these chemicals? The truth is, those chemicals exist only because people are making money on them.

These nonsense chemicals hadn't even been invented as families fed themselves in the past -- so why use them now?

You can feed your family fresh garden produce from your backyard twelve months a year without
electricity. This food security is financial, you won't have to give your money to a grocery store. This security is also about health; for the first time, you will be able to control what chemicals are used, or not used, on your food.

I will teach you how in my blog about gardening, and together we may explorer new and old technics that work wonder, but not well known to others. All comments and suggestions are welcome, together we will improve our skills at gardening. Grow fresh vegetable at your backyard that you know it will be safe to eat.

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