Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The 10 Most Violent MMA Fighters in the UFC Today _ part 2

The 10 Most Violent MMA Fighters in the UFC Today _ part 2

Violence is the act of intently damaging, destroying or abusing. It is a word that is associated only with
the most barbaric wrongdoers in our cruel and unkind world.
But in the world of mixedmartial arts, violence reigns supreme. It is often a measurement of how
ferocious and prolific a fighter can be.

This is never more true than in the UFC.
As the world's most competitive and exciting MMA outlet, the international dynamo consistently
employs vicious in-cage killers: Naturally cruel wonders who would rather bash brains than pick their
So, in celebration of professionally sanctioned brutality, here are the 10 most violent fighters in the
UFC today.

4. Mark Hunt
If my body was trapped underneath a burning semi, Mark Hunt is the one guy in the world I would
want lifting it off me.
Well, maybe Superman, but he's usually too busy to come hang out.
The fact of the matter is that Hunt is one of the strongest fighters of all time, and a guy who is blessed
with a hellacious left hook. Heck, "Super Samoan" detached Stefan Struve's jaw with one explosive
He has gone toe-to-toe with the very best heavyweights in the game and often lets the fire consume
him even in the eye of defeat. He's a guy nobody should ever want to see, and a world-class fighter that
is nearly impossible to put out.

5. Robbie Lawler
Robbie Lawler is simply a different animal. He's ruthless, get it?
The bottom line with Lawler is you know what you're going to get. As an opposing fighter looking into
his eyes from across the cage, you know the guy is coming full blast. You know he's not going to stop
until you're either unconscious or the world comes to an end.
But even though fighters know that Lawler is going to throw unlawful leather for as long as it takes,
there's no stopping him.
His violence is simply too consistent. Like the sun rising in the east, Lawler is going to try to roll heads
with every punch, kick, knee and takedown he has.

6. Jimi Manuwa
Unknown to most UFC fans, many people would scoff at the idea of Jimi Manuwa landing on this list,
let alone No. 6.
But what those ill-informed individuals need to realize is that Manuwa isn't just winning inside the
Octagon, he is practically picking opponents apart.
In just three appearances in the promotion, "Poster Boy" has injured two light heavyweights and forced
an early doctor's stoppage on another. His body shots have been absolutely savage, and the way he
tucks his head and plows full steam is truly throwback.
People are going to be pleasantly surprised to see how well Manuwa performs opposite Alexander
Gustafsson next month at UFC Fight Night 37.

7. Melvin Guillard
People tend to forget about the talentedMelvin Guillard because he doesn't really string together
prolonged win streaks. But that really isn't fair, is it?
When we're talking about raw, uninterrupted violence, winning shouldn't dictate who gets on this list.
Well, Guillard is the exception we're looking for.
As arguably the biggest and strongest lightweight in the sport today, "The Young Assassin" is able to fall
back on his empowering strength and athleticism in order to manifest dangerous situations for his
With 20-career knockouts draped around his waist, Guillard is proof that putting 110 percent into every
punch truly does work, sometimes.


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