Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The 10 Most Violent MMA Fighters in the UFC Today _ part 3

The 10 Most Violent MMA Fighters in the UFC Today _ part 3

Violence is the act of intently damaging, destroying or abusing. It is a word that is associated only with
the most barbaric wrongdoers in our cruel and unkind world.
But in the world of mixedmartial arts, violence reigns supreme. It is often a measurement of how
ferocious and prolific a fighter can be.

This is never more true than in the UFC.
As the world's most competitive and exciting MMA outlet, the international dynamo consistently
employs vicious in-cage killers: Naturally cruel wonders who would rather bash brains than pick their
So, in celebration of professionally sanctioned brutality, here are the 10 most violent fighters in the
UFC today.

8. Matt Brown
When Matt Brown steps inside the Octagon, it looks like he's literally fighting for his life.
Now we don't know what exactly is running through his mind during a fight, but I'd like to think "The
Immortal" is visualizing getting chased by a pack of wild rottweilers.
In any case, Brown competes with a menacing appetite for immediate destruction, and that makes him
one of the most dangerous welterweights in the game today.
He just doesn't seem to care what the outcome of a fight is, as long as he gets to lay his leather fists on
an opponent's cringing chin.

9. Anthony Johnson
Welcome home, Anthony Johnson.
Since his departure from the UFC back in 2012, "Rumble" has been wreaking havoc from New Jersey to
Florida, finishing three of his last four victories by way of knockout.
Now knockouts aren't the only criteria for being violent, but it's a good start. The fact that Johnson
used to fight as a welterweight and is now bullying guys at light heavyweight, speaks wonders as to how
vicious and overpowering he truly is.
The rest of his game may not be world-class, but his ability to swing for the fences and leave with a
grand slam should allow him to shine in his return to the promotion.

10. Abel Trujillo
As one of the hardest hitting lightweights in the UFC today, Abel "Killa" Trujillo knows how to utilize
his strengths.
Blessed with incredible athleticism and an even more impressive chin, Trujillo can exchange with
almost any divisional foe without consequence.
With time to mature, the Blackzilian will find out exactly when to tap in to his inner beast and when to
back off. His recent decapitation of Jamie Varner at UFC 169 was a step in the right direction.
Nobody, and I mean nobody, should want to fight Trujillo right now.


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