Sunday, 19 July 2015

Stop Spamming Facebook Groups to Build Your MLM Business

Stop Spamming Facebook Groups to Build Your MLM Business

If you have started your Direct Selling/ MLM business, and started Spamming Facebook groups about your opportunity, then you are in trouble. Incase you are not in MLM, but are annoyed by this malpractice from some people in our industry, then my sincere apology. Don’t judge our industry by the actions of these people. Purpose of this post is to open eyes of these people and help them understand the right way to do MLM business.

So, does Spamming to Facebook groups work?

So you’ve joined a reputable MLM company and you’re so excited and you ask your upline or sponsor for guidance and mentoring. And he tells you
Hey join Facebook Business groups. Start posting (nice way of saying Spamming).
those posts usually read like this:
Come join us make such and such. (Don’t forget to post a nice picture of a successful couple frolicking on a beach somewhere)
Well I’m here to tell you that as soon as you go out there, this isn’t going to amount to Jack Squat. Thanks Matt Foley. All those posts you see in all the business related MLM Facebook groups are SPAM. It doesn’t matter how legitimate your MLM business is, it is annoying and its still Spam.
There, what a load off of my mind. And you know what? I’m guilty of it too. I USED TO DO IT. But its still Spam.I’m glad that my friend and Online Marketing Adviser Sourav guided me in right direction.
Now I know someone who insists that this method works. So I ask them how they are doing in their business and he told me that
“well my downline hasn’t enrolled anyone but there working on it”.
Ya, good luck with that.

3 Reasons Why Spamming Facebook Groups Doesn’t Work:

  1. If the Facebook group is on other topics, you are annoying other users and creating a wrong impression about MLM industry in their minds.
  2. If the Facebook group is on MLM, most probably all other members are trying to sell/ recruit like you.
  3. Imagine so many distributors of so many MLM companies are spamming Facebook like this, what if Facebook bans MLM distributors completely?

Facebook isn’t Happy About These Activities

Do you know that Facebook Ad Policy has already red-flagged Multi-level Marketing for these kind of activities?
Source: Facebook Help

What about buying MLM leads?

You might as well pay someone your hard earned money and buy some leads. This method is just as useless. And all these ads look and feel the same.
One week ago I was broke owed money to the Taxman and I was living in my van and hadn’t bathed in 2 weeks but after I found this incredible lead generating system. I am now on my way to the Hawaii to sip some champagne on my 100 ft yacht…..Inbox me for more info.”
I’m sure that this newbie will get inboxed. But from people who are going to try to convert them in their business opportunity. Bad leads, bad advice, bad use of time.

Right Way to Build MLM Business

People, you need to build your opportunity by building relationships with others. These people don’t know you how can you expect them to trust you. By building relationships. Blogging, building relationships. Not Spamming. Nuff said.

What is Your Experience with MLM Online?

Are you already in MLM business? I’d love to know how are you running your business online? Are you ever advised to spam Facebook groups with your opportunity? How do you feel about it?
Incase you are not in MLM, I’d like to get an unbiased opinion from you. Would you ever like to join a person/business, that is spamming on Facebook promising high income?


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