Sunday, 26 July 2015

What You Could Buy for A Million Dollars

What You Could Buy for A Million Dollars  [ Infographic ]

Found this real cool infographic. It can give you an idea about what 1 Million Dollars really means!

What Will You Do If You Win 1 Million Dollars?

What Will I Do If I Win 1 Million Dollars?

It’s really difficult to answer. Though a million dollars nowadays really isn’t that much money, but more than enough to settle down and take care of what’s important and then have fun.
  • Important things like mortgage if you have one, bills like credit cards and of course you want to purchase the best college or university education for your kids. I know, blah blah blah. “Yes I have taken care of all of that. So what next?”
  • I think that I would invest with that money. Now that I have a 3 and 1/2 year old, I have started thinking smarter.
  • Then I would start off small and get a Rolex. Got a thing for those watches.
  • Maybe a used Ferrari or brand new Porsche. For sure a great condition old muscle car. When I was younger I purchased a 1971 Trans Am in hopes of restoring it but never materialized. Maybe I would get that. Or a1968 Bullitt mustang.
  • Of course I would have a few Harley’s.
  • I do also remember one Saturday afternoon me and my wife we volunteered at a woman’s shelter. My wife once worked for a construction management company and they needed a few volunteers and me and my wife were pitched in and did our best. I think that I would give money to these types of shelters. Unfortunately there’s a lot of these shelters and they need our help.
  • I would definitely help out family and friends in need of some cash infusion.
There are some people I wouldn’t give a dime to. I’m 51 years old and I never cared what people think of me, not about to start now.

How to Earn Your First Million Dollar

Now if you already have a plan to earn your first million dollar, then stick to it, no need to get distracted. But if you are like me or most people, who never get any proper platform or roadmap to reach that level, let me know. I’d love to share what I found out. I’m really excited that I found a business concept that can take me to that Million dollars level and even more than that, without having to sacrifice my values or time with my family. It will take time – maybe 5 years or even 10 years. But that’s also much better than struggling in a job and business for entire life. Isn’t it?

What Will You Do If You Win 1 Million Dollars?

Now I shared what will I do, I am very curious to read what will you do. Let me know in the comment section.

What Will You Do If You Win 1 Million Dollars?
This was definitely the most fun I've had researching what one million dollars could actually buy really got my imagination and creative juices flowing; seriously, a bottle of coconut brandy costs a million dollars? More importantly though, it made Taulia's Million Dollar Guarantee seem more tangible as I was able visualize the significance of a million dollars through relating it to actual objects and experiences. And now I ask myself, who wouldn't want to add $1M to their bottom line?


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