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Are You a Freelance Writer? Check These 20 Sites that Pay You to Write!

Are You a Freelance Writer ? 

Check These 20 Sites that Pay You to Write

Are you working full time online?
What are your main sources of income?
One of the most lucrative ways to generate income with the internet is with freelance services.
I’m sure you have your favorite list of sites, but you may want to check the following resources.
Here are the places where you can be paid to write, divided into levels of writing skills (in my opinion).

Beginner Level

Here is where you should begin if you are still refining your writing skills.

1. iWriter

Anyone can register to this site and earn money right away.
Choose your favorite topics and start taking opportunities. You can earn $15 per article, as a beginner.
Sign up here.

2. OnlineWritingJobs

This website accepts freelance writers from all over the world.
Payment varies from $12 per article up to $50, depending on the quality of the content.
Check it out here.

3. dotWriter

DotWriter homepage screenshot
That’s a pretty unique concept here.
You write your articles and then you can add them into dotWriter’s marketplace.
There are different topics, so you can surely find the ones of your interest.
For example in the “Internet & Online Business” category, I see an average of $15 per 600/700 words posts.
See this screenshot:
Screenshot of dotwriter marketplace
If you are able to write several articles and list them on this marketplace, there’s a chance you can earn some decent money.
Register here to dotWriter.

4. FreelancerCareers

Good place for finding new opportunities as a beginner writer.
You can get jobs related to your skills and interests.
Payments range between $7 up to $31 per page of your work.
Check here for further details.

5. TopicBay

Same concept of dotWriter, also this website is a content marketplace that allows you to sell your articles.
There’s a “recently sold” page where you can check the articles just bought from the advertisers.
I see an average of $15/20 per 400/500 words post.
Visit this link to apply.


Writers_Ph Homepage Screenshot
This is another website you want so sign up in order to get exclusive offers and writing opportunities on a daily basis.
Payments are approved twice a month.
At the moment of this writing, the highest rate for a job is around $500.
Register here.

7. Ghost Bloggers

Same principles of TopicBay and dowWriter, GhostBloggers is a marketplace where you can sell your high-quality content.
Only cons: they just accept native English speaking writers.
The average pay is $4 per 100 words or $20 for 600 words, but you are free to set your own rate.
You can cash out via PayPal once you arrive at $25.
Here’s the link.

8. QualityText

QualityText homepage screenshot
Earn money by producing content for advertisers. Freelance writers from over the world accepted.
You are free to choose your favorite topics and set the number of articles you are able to write each day.
The rates are $4 per 100 words for U.S. people and $3 per 100 words for Non-U.S. residents.

9. Constant Content

This is another website that allows you to sell your articles to different clients.
As you write more and become an expert, you will be able to enter the “Writer Pool” in order to get exclusive projects from customers.
I see a good average rate at their marketplace, something around 50$ for each article.
Remember that Constant Content will take 35% of commissions, so you’ll earn the remaining 65%.
Payments via PayPal. Check it out how to register here.

Bonus Site:

SponsoredReviews homepage screenshot
This is a good place to start with if you have little experience as a freelance writer, but you need to publish the content on your own sites.
The average rate for the opportunities offered in their marketplace is normally low, ranging between $5 up to$20 per post.
I once received a direct booking from an advertiser, for 150$:
Payment history for SponsoredReviews_com
SponsoredReviews takes 50% of commissions (which is quite high).
But still, that’s a website you want to sign in and add your sites. You have nothing to lose and maybe you are going to get nice opportunities in future.
If you want to give it a go, sign up to SponsoredReviews here.

Intermediate Level

Here are the sites for intermediate level writers.

10. Listverse

Listverse submission page screenshot
This website is awesome and has high-quality content.
Here you can submit your list posts, with really interesting facts.
Requirements are:
  • 1,500 words
  • 10 items minimum
  • focused on the most fascinating and rare gems of knowledge
You can get paid $100. Here’s the link for your submission.

11. The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher is a network of publications dedicated to “Living Better…for Less”.
If you work as a freelance writer, then I’m sure you are kinda expert about how to save money.
They are going to pay you $0.10 per word for any content accepted (this means $100 per 1000 words article).
They also look for sponsored posts, so that’s a great opportunity if you want to monetize your website.
Find out more here.

12. WritersWeekly

These folks are looking for articles that explain to their readers how to make money money doing what they more love, writing!
Get paid $60 for 600 words or $40 for 400 words articles.
Visit this page to read more.

13. Scripted

This is a content agency looking for hiring freelance writers.
Visit this page to apply.

14. BlogMutt

become a writer at BlogMutt - screenshot
First of all, you need to live in U.S. and being legally able to write for a living.
It’s a marketplace for crowdsourced content so if you’re a freelance writer, this is a place you want to check to get more work.
Find out more information here.

15. Income Diary

With more than 100,000 visitors each month and created in 2009, this is an established website you want to write for.
The topics are online business, making money online, web traffic, social media and internet marketing. You should be expert in any of this field, before thinking to apply.
The rate vary from $50 to $200 per post and payment are made via PayPal.
The link for submitting your articles is here.


The niche is online business and if your post is accepted, you can get paid $100 via PayPal.
Here the contribution guidelines.

Expert Level

Here are the sites for highly skilled writers.

17. About

About writing application page is one of the top sites in the world (Alexa ranking at 175 at the time of this writing).
They look for experienced writers, who are an authority in their fields.
You need to have developed an impeccable writing skill, before thinking to apply to
Here’s the link to contribute for

18. Break Studios

Break Studios application page - screenshot
Break Studios is searching for writers for their network of popular websites, like, MadeMan, Holy Taco, Cage Potato, Screen Junkies, and Chickipedia.
Also in this case, you need to be a fantastic writer, to be accepted.
Here’s the link to check how to apply.

19. Smithsonian

This is a very popular and established magazine.
They are accepting paid contributions from expert writers.
The average rate for each post is $0.50 – $0.60 per word
Visit this link to submit your articles to Smithsonian.


The topic to write about is general and the amount paid per post is $150.
Read more here about contributing for


I hope you found some new resources in this list, so to add new websites to get paid for your writing.

What’s your experience with the above-mentioned sites?
Do you have some new ones to add?
Please share your views in the comments below, thanks!
And don’t forget to share the content, if you liked it.

Be well, beloveds, and be grateful.
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