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5 Cool Twitter Local Search Tricks

5 Cool Twitter Local Search Tricks

The Internet has widened our view of the world, and given us access to people and information from all over the world at an unprecedented rate. Mostly, this has been a positive change that has improved the world. But it has also had a couple of downsides, such as making many of us lose focus of what is right in our own backyard. A fact that is a shame, given the multitude of websites and blogs written by people in our own area.
You can find some amazing writers in your local city, and it gives you access to events and news that are coming from around you every day. Not to mention giving you a chance to network with valuable contacts and potential friends right on your doorstep. This isn’t just a scenario with large cities, but with smaller areas, as well. There has been a huge increase in people in more isolated regions opening up the channels of communication and providing insight into lives away from the bustle and crowds.

No matter where you are, big city or tiny town, you can connect with local bloggers through the powerful social media outlet Twitter. Hashtags and live search make it easier than ever to discover local treasures and keep in touch with the circles within your own community.

Search By Location

Search By Location

While it might seem as though this would be the obvious first step in finding local bloggers, it isn’t always a method people choose. That is understandable when you consider how many people choose not to put their real location on Twitter, or else narrow it down by city, county and even sub-region. How can you make sure you are finding everyone?
This method will be a little more limiting than others for this fact. But blogs that are dedicated more to local events will be sure to provide their location more honestly. Which will at least give you a wider look at people in your region. You just have to narrow your search terms.
Searching by state or province is a good place to start. But you can begin to specify by city, town, or even village.

Search Local News Sources

Every area has a couple of news sources like papers and television news programs that cater specifically to the region. They are also much easier to find, and will give you a quick reference for the happenings in your local community. Whether that is for news, events or just quirky things that are going on around you.

Local directories can suggest you some sources and media outlets targeting your specific location.
I always try to keep at least three places followed for general news. This means one major newspaper, one smaller or independent paper, and one news station that I trust. You can also follow specific people who work for those sources, such as when you want to keep up with news in one category. Like education or crime reporters that update on things happening in your city.

Search By Local Events

Organizations are beginning to really take to Twitter to announce events, provide updates and allow others to follow things as they happen. If you have any in mind that you want to keep up with, it is a great idea to follow them early and watch as everything unfolds.
Sometimes, you can follow the Twitter accounts of event centers, so you can keep an eye on any conventions, concerts, shows or large events that will be coming to your area. I have a lot of arena and theater venues followed for this reason.

Examples of Local Hashtags

Living in Michigan, most of the hashtags and accounts I follow are from within that state. Specifically, my nearest larger city of Detroit. For that area, I follow #detroit, #detroitlove and #dtown. But I am also a follower of #puremichigan, #greatlakes, #mittensup and #michiganpride.
I have also found some cool ones for cities I visit on a regular basis. Some of those are #ilovenewyork, #boston and #socal.


Keeping up with local bloggers is easy, mainly because they tend to work for larger organizations that happen to have blogs themselves. Such as newspapers that have individual blogs for their journalists, or event centers that allow you to keep up with what is coming to your town. Using the same tricks, you can also get some travel inspiration too!
Occasionally, you will be able to use similar hashtags to find smaller bloggers in your area who have a lot to offer. Such as the viewpoint of an every day citizen and their life, in a way that you can relate as someone in the same area. When this happens, it is especially rewarding.


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