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Life Lessons That Can Be Learned from Teenage Life

Life Lessons That Can Be Learned from Teenage Life

Teenagers… Messy, moody, dramatic, social media obsessed; being a teenager has its ups and downs. It’s so funny to think of your mom, dad, aunt, or uncle, as a teenager. They may be “put together” now, but the stories of their past may be less than expected. It’s hard for me to even picture my mom being a teen. When she tells me about her experiences, all I can think is wow… you were my age once. Teens may hang with the wrong crowd, get sucked into peer pressure, mess around with drugs, or go through a rebellious stage. We all have our teenage stories. Personally, I was a homebody, shy, never drank or smoked, never partied, and never fell into the wrong crowd, I was also pretty sad, but that’s another story. As I write this (October 5) I’m currently 19 years old. In 5 days I’ll be turning 20, so what better time to think and reflect teenage life than my last moments as a teenager.
We can all take life lessons from the teenage experience.

12 Life Lessons That Can Be Learned from Teenage Life

1. Parents Are Usually Right

Oh teenagers, we put our parents through hell. We went out with people we didn’t let them meet, we wore short skirts under our trench coats when we went to school, and we usually lied through our teeth about well, everything. I’m just assuming, as I said, I was a homebody. As we get older, the dumb things our parents said start to make sense. We begin to value their wisdom and respect their authority. We may even miss them telling us what to do.

2. Don’t Worry About the Future

Worrying doesn’t solve anything, it just gives you anxiety and a negative outlook on the future. We can’t control the future, we can only control our reaction to it and the actions we do until we get there. I can tell you from experience, the things you worry about the most are probably not going to matter in the future. Everything will be ok.

3. It Isn’t the End of The World

Why is everything such a big deal. Calm down! So the boy doesn’t like you, he’s probably an idiot. So you were embarrassed at school, everyone gets embarrassed! It’s a part of life. Sometimes you have to be just that blunt with yourself. Try to look at things in a calm and rational manner.

4. Learn from Your Mistakes

No use in beating yourself up for your mistakes, you are only human after all! Look at a mistake as a chance to grow and learn. Instead of pondering what you’ve done wrong, ponder what you’ve learned so the mistake either won’t be repeated or you’ll handle it better next time.

5. Don’t Be So Dramatic

“I can’t live without him! If he dumps me, I’ll die!” Really? You’ll die? And what is the teenage obsession with the word literally!? (I’m working on getting rid of this one myself.) I literally can’t even?? Just stop..

6. No Regrets

Mistakes, missed opportunity, we torture ourselves with our regrets. I like to look at it this way; in the past, you were a different person than you are right this second. You are constantly growing and changing. So moving forward, don’t go through life with regrets, do the things that scare you, those are usually the things we regret the most.

7. Don’t Set Your Dreams in Stone

Dreams and passions can change. I just knew I was going to be a fashion designer, but as I wrote the blog for my accessories business, I fell in love with writing. I enjoyed writing for my business more than actually running it. I changed, and so did my dreams. And so I started this blog. And just as I write, I’m not sure what will happen for me in the future but I’m open to it. I’m not telling you to stop dreaming or working toward your dreams, quite the opposite actually! I’m telling you to live, experience, and enjoy the ride to your dreams, you may find yourself passionate about something else, and that’s ok.

8. What is Love?

Many teenagers think they experience love, but from experience I can say it’s usually just infatuation, emotions, and hormones. Let’s forget about the first boy we had a crush on for a second. Love is laughing so hard with your friends that your drink comes out of your nose, and then you all laugh at that, love is spending time with your family and experiencing that comfortable home feeling, love is that moment you stand at the altar with the person you can honestly call your best friend. Only a lucky few find true love as teenagers and if you did, cheers to you!

9. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We as human beings instinctively want what others have. We often look at other people and think, I wish I had their life, their boyfriend, their abs, or even their butt! As we scroll through each others Instagrams we think to ourselves, “their life is perfect.” Not at all babe. Instagram doesn’t tell the whole story. Comparison is a daily battle that doesn’t stop after teenage life. We’ve all done it at one time or another. If we can just stop and be thankful for the current moment and stay in our own lanes, we won’t have to compare ourselves to anyone.

10. Happiness Isn’t Found In Material Things

Teenagers love their phones and laptops, some get a car at 16, and many have a dream to grow up and be rich one day. Money, houses, and fast cars are nice, but they’re definitely not everything. The only real way money can make you happy is helping others with it. It’s the same reason why Justin Bieber started acting out, why Lindsay Lohan got addicted to alcohol, and why our beloved Robin Williams left us too soon. They weren’t happy, and yet they appeared to have everything. Not everything; not happiness. Happiness is found inside, in human connection, and in gratitude.

11. Choose Your Own Path

Media says one thing, friends say another. Teenagers may often feel like they’re being pulled in a million different directions with all the decisions and pressures being thrown at them. College? Career path? Love? Friendship? Parents? In the end, only you can decide where your life will take you, what will make you happy, and which path you’re meant to take. There are decisions we may make as teens that can change the course of our lives forever like: taking drugs, drinking alcohol, getting pregnant, or joining a gang. You may fall here and there, but you’ll find your way if you choose wisely.

12. Don’t Try to Grow Up So Fast

Looking back on my teenage years, I let a lot of time pass me by. I didn’t take time for fun and to just be a teenager. I tried to grow up faster than I should have, and also certain life situations force you to grow up. But that time isn’t gone… I appreciate what I’ve learned from my teenage life, and I’ll take it with me as I start this new journey. It’s never too late to feel like a teen and regain your youth. Just taking more time out to enjoy your life instead of struggle through it is a great start.
I think we look back on our teenage lives and wish we knew then what we know now. We wish we were wiser, smarter, or made better decisions. But we were only teenagers. As a teenager, it’s your human right to be dumb, and make dumb decisions, that’s a part of growing up. So instead of looking back and cringing at our teenage selves, we should smile, and thank them for the memories and the lessons. We were young, we can’t be mad at where we were. As I say this to you, I say it to myself, that’s all we had to give at the time. No regrets, remember? Let’s thank our teenage selves, no matter how broken then, we’re here now. Moving forward in our lives, we can take what teenage life has taught us and indeed be wiser, smarter, better, and happier.
So the number of years I’ve been on this earth no longer has the word “teen” in it, and instead of dreading my twenties like before, I’m excited.

Tell me loves, What life lessons did you learn from your teenage life?  Teens, are you looking forward to adulthood?

Live a life that’s muzic to your ears!

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