Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What type of PayPal accounts is better.

How to choose the type of PayPal ?

There are 3 types of accounts:   Personal  ,  Premier   ,   Business.

All PayPal accounts allow you to send and receive payments.

Here are the detail of function of each type of account.

Personal: Recommended for individuals who shop and pay online, or wish to send or receive personal payments for shared expenses such as splitting of dinner bills or rental charges.

Premier: Recommended for casual sellers or non-businesses who wish to get paid online, and who also make online purchases.


Business: Recommended for merchants who operate under a company/group name. It offers additional features such as allowing up to 200 employees limited access to your account and customer service email alias for customer issues to be routed for faster follow-ups.

You would need either a Premier or Business Account if you want to accept credit card transactions online or in person.  Your customers do not have to have a PayPal Account, they can check out as a guest.  (Personal accounts are really intended for shopping online or sending/receiving money to friends or family.)

Note there's no charge to have any of the 3 types of accounts, just transaction processing fees.

Assuming your business is setup, registered, etc., then go with a Business Account.  The advantage is that Business Accounts allow you to display your Business Name or Business Logo Graphic on the PayPal Checkout Screens.  Business Accounts also have a feature called Multi-User Access.  This is helpful if you have an assistant or other employees who help with the business.

If you used a Premier Account, you can not display a Business Name or Business Logo Graphic.  Your customers would only see your email address on the PayPal Checkout Screens.

You do have the option to keep your Personal Account and also open either a Business Account or a Premier Account as PayPal does allow users to have 2 Accounts.   Actually you can have more than one Business Account assuming you have your businesses registered, they each have their own emails, bank accounts and credit cards.

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