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Find RAW Master Codes of PS2 Game

Find RAW Master Codes of PS2 Game

PlayStation 2 : Codebreaker , GameShark , Action Replay , Xploder

First you have to load the ELF-Files from your Game DVD in your ps2dis. Mostly called there as:


There are many many methods to make Mastercodes.
First we have to know that there are 2 main Digits/Values for unlock the Mastercode.

(!!!In Raw/Hex Format!!!)

1. : 0000000E
2. : 000001FD

Important: All Adresses and Digits/Values you find here are always in Raw/Hex - Format. If you want to use them for e.g. AR2 you have to convert them. Tutorials for converting Codes are also in the Code Guides Section!


You have to load the Elf - File in your ps2dis. It brings you to the start Adress. If the game have an Entrypoint, normally it is similar to the Start Adress. But you can also go the Option "Jump to Labels" and searching for "Entrypoint" (Without " " ).

Now we have found Entrypoint.......

Entrypoint Adress for this Game is = " 00100008 " (Digit/Value behind this Adress is unimportant for us)

A normal Mastercode have to start with a "F" in front of the Adress. So we change the First Number ----> = " F 0100008" .

Now we only have to use only one of the unlock Digits.
Mastercode = " F0100008 0000000E " or " F0100008 000001FD "

Actionreplay/Gameshark doesnt use "Entrypoint" - Enables/ Mastercodes. Entrypoint is specific for Codebreaker / Xploder!

2. Method:
Example: GTC Africa
First we open the Elf - File and go to the Option "Jump to Labels". Now we search for Label "memcpy" (without " ")

Adress =" 0011e620 "

but this is not the Adress we can use for a Mastercode. On the Adress we have to press Space + F3 to start Invoke Analyzer. The first time pas2dis bring us to Adress = "0011c32c" but this is also not our adress. We have to press F3 since we have found "scepadread" above or "scepadgetstate" under the "memcpy" Adress.

memcpy Adress for using Mastercode = "00142f8c"

We can use the 2 unlock Digits/Values but we can make a better Mastercode! We only have to add + 3 to the memcpy Adress ---> 00142f8c + 3 = 00142f8f
Now just change the first number into a "F"

Mastercode (memcpy) = F0142f8c 00142f8f

Note: This type of Mastercodes Codejunkies use!! You can use this Method with all Cheatdevices!

3. Method:
Example: GTC Africa.

By this Method we put Entrypoint and Memcpy + 3 together. We use entrypoint as the Adress and memcpy + 3 as Value/Digit

Adress = 00100008 00142f8f

Now we change the first Number into a "F".

Mastercode = F0100008 00142f8f

Note: This type of Mastercodes use Codebreaker and Xploder but did not work for AR2v2 / GS2v2 cause it use the Entrypoint Enabler.

4. Method:
This method you have to use if the ELF-File doesnt have useful Labels.
We can use all of the first 3 Jals starting from Start Adress. This Jals are called Main-Jals. If you have one of this Jals just put one of the unlock Digits/Values to it (dont forget to change the first number to a "F")

"Main-Jal + 0000000E/000001FD "

How did I find memcpy if it is not in the Labels?

Memcpy is normally under a Adress which have the Digit "8e060060"
But first we have to change  2 * 8 Bytes  --------> 6000068e
So we go to the Option "find plattern"  (make sure that "case as Hex - String" is enabled) and write 6000068e.
It will go to where  8e060060  is.

Example: FFX
002de288 8e060060 lw a2 $0060(s0)----> one line under this Adress is our mempcy

Mastercode "Mempcy +3 = F02DE28C 002DE28F

Multi-Elf Mastercodes for CB/XP

Example: 007 Agent under Nightfire
Multi-Elf Games have more than one Elf-File. You see it if you look on your game DVD and there are files which have ".elf" on the end of the name.

'007: Agent Under Fire'

We have:
action elf
driving elf
movie elf

We searching for the Adresses of "memcpy" without Add +3

1st elf... Action Elf
0034539C 0C04EC72

2nd elf... Driving Elf
00277E24 0C090ABB

3rd elf... Movie Elf
00133734 0C049877 "slus 202.65"!!!!
Here we have to add +1 to the Memcpy Adress

01F00008 < Entry Point
01F000CC < Main Jal

01F0976C (01F0976B)

Now put Entrypoint and Memcpy + 1 together and change the first number into a "F"

M Code
F1F00008 01F0976B

Now the other Elfs....

F1F00008 01F0976B
0034539C 0C04EC72 < Action elf
00277E24 0C090ABB < Driving elf
00133734 0C049877 < Movie elf

Instead of a F we change the first Numbers of the Elfs into a 9 !
F1F00008 01F0976B
9034539C 0C04EC72
90277E24 0C090ABB
90133734 0C049877

finisch! If you want you can convert it to Xploder/Codebreaker Format but this Cheatdevices also uses Raw/Hex - Codes so it doesn`t matter if you convert it or not.

FB75206E 31EE003D
9A242B73 18F711F9
9AAC5E06 187B06D5

How did I make an AR2 Multi Elf Mastercode?

007: Agent Under Fire PAL

You will find:
Sles 505.39

AR2 doesnt use Entrypoint Enablers!
wir have to find Memcpy

memcpy JAL = 002783A4 <--- but this is not our Adress for the Code this is our Digit/Value!

xxxxxxxx 002783A4

To get the Adress we have to Add +1 to the Adress!

002783A5 002783A4

*Multi Elf Mastercodes for AR2 changes the first numer to a 8 instead of a F

802783A5 002783A4

Now we have to find the other memcpy in the Elf files
Action... 00345557 0C04EC80
Driving... 002783A7 0C090C17
Movie... 001380B7 0C04AAD5

now we have:
802783A5 002783A4 < Sles 505.39
00345557 0C04EC80 < Action.elf
002783A7 0C090C17 < Driving.elf
001380B7 0C04AAD5 < Movie.elf

We have to change the Adress with the Digit/Value (at the other Elf - Files)

0C04EC80 00345557 < Action.elf
0C090C17 002783A7 < Driving.elf
0C04AAD5 001380B7 < Movie.elf

and change the Digit/Value simply with 00000000
0C04EC80 00000000 < Action.elf
0C090C17 00000000 < Driving.elf
0C04AAD5 00000000 < Movie.elf

Now we have our complete AR2 Multi-elf Mastercode in Raw/Hex - Format
802783A5 002783A4
0C04EC80 00000000 < Action.elf
0C090C17 00000000 < Driving.elf
0C04AAD5 00000000 < Movie.elf

convert to AR2 - Format
7E977325 BCD01E27
but dont forget the Key Code (0E3C7DF2 1853E59E)

Final Master Code
0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
7E977325 BCD01E27

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