Monday, 28 October 2013

Run PS2 game with USB Flash drive , No disc

Run PS2 game with USB Flash drive , No disc
Make PlayStation 2  Lifetime  Last Longer.

Tool use:
Original  Magic Gate  PlayStation 2  memory card
USB Flash drive 8GB or above
PC = Personal Computer
PS2 Game Disc
one new blank  DVD-R  disc

1) Format your USB Flash drive 8GB or above to FAT32  format  using  USB_Extreme_tools
2) use USBUtil_v200_full_en  to make you PS2 game from iso
3) Install  FMCB to your  one new blank  DVD-R  by  Personal Computer , tool name FMCBInstaller_190
4) Shut down your PC, start your PS2, Install  FMCB to your  Original  Magic Gate  PlayStation 2
     memory card  using that DVD-R  disc

Take out that Disc , Shut down PS2 , Plug in your USB Flash drive , Restart your PS2

select the game you have
Play......  ^_^

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