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Play PS2 Game in PlayStation 3 Using PS2 Loader

How to Play PS2 Game in PlayStation 3 Using PS2 Loader
steps for loading Open PS2 Loader in a PS3

Open PS2 Loader is a 100% Open source game loader compatible with
USB Advance/Extreme game format. It's more compatible and it should work
without ps2load or change DNASXXX.IMG tricks.
Open PS2 Loader also is developed continuously and anyone can contribute
improvements to the project.
The main objective is to support both the PS2 and the PS3 with backward

First, you need an USB device compatible with PS2/PS3 formatted in FAT32
(only if you want to load games from USB).
For using games directly from USB, game parts file must be perfectly
defragmented, either file by file, either by whole drive.

You can use this great software, Power Defragmenter:

For loading games by SMB protocol you need to share a folder called PS2SMB
(it can be changed) make sure that it has permissions for anyone to access.
The games have to be in USB Advance/Extreme format. There are some programs
for converting games to this format. Open PS2 Loader includes an command line
tool for that purpose called iso2usbld.
Other utilities are: USBUtil 2.0, USB Extreme installer or USB Insane.
In PS2 you can use any of the existing methods for loading an executable elf.
In PS3 you need to have an original SwapMagic 3.6+ or 3.8 (at the moment
there aren't any other option).

The steps for loading Open PS2 Loader in a PS3 are:
1. Rename OpenPS2LD.ELF to SMBOOT0.ELF
2. Make a folder in root of USB device called SWAPMAGIC and copy
SMBOOT0.ELF to it.
3. Launch SwapMagic in PS3 and press UP+L1 then Open PS2 Loader should
There are 4 forms for launching elfs in SwapMagic.



In order to ensure your games run as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to defragment them.
Deleting/moving files on your USB device or HDD causes fragments and it is possible some games
will not run properly if fragmented.
Attached is a program with both a Commandline and a GUI version for you to use to defragment
your game files and even an entire USB device or HDD if you have many games installed.
The program is easy to use, simply run the GUI exe or use the command prompt if you prefer.
The options are displayed for you to choose individual files or the entire USB device or HDD drive,
then just press the defragment button and wait until it is completed.

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