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Remotely access computer with TeamViewer _part 4

Remotely access computer with TeamViewer _part4

TeamViewer’s Other Features

Presentation mode in TeamViewer is great for webinars or training more than one person at a time. To set up the presentation make sure you change your security settings under the options so that users do not have too much access.

You can then right click on one of your partners or have a user download the QuickSupport client and provide their ID information. Once you are connected you will have a panel on the right hand side that will allow you to chat, set up a conference call, and even give you a preview of what is on your screen.

From a Windows machine you can also quickly present just one window using the TeamViewer shortcut it creates on your window borders. This feature can be easily disabled from the same menu if you do not want to use it and it only shows the button when you are logged into TeamViewer full version on your computer.

If you have two Windows clients you can also set up VPN between the computers for gaming or access to printers on the remote machine. The first time you try to connect to another machine TeamViewer will need to install a new virtual network adapter that will be used to make the connection. Click yes at the below prompt and the network adapter will be set up for you automatically.

To connect to a remote machine with VPN, type in the client ID and click on the VPN option.

If the client is on a platform or version of TeamViewer that doesn’t support VPN you will get an error below.

Once you are connected to a client via VPN you will get a new window that will have some buttons that will allow you to quickly verify the connection and browse the client machine. You can also connect to multiple machines at once following the same steps. Each active connection will show up in the drop down list in the following window.

If you click on share files via explorer a new explorer window will open with the clients IP address in the address bar. If you have set up file or printer sharing on the remote computer you will see those files here.

If you haven’t set up file sharing for the files you need you can also try accessing one of the admin shares on the computer. Admin shares are hidden shares that allow network users access to browse the hard drive if they have permission. To access the main drive (C:) just put “\c$” at the end of the IP address. If you have access, the entire contents of the drive will be available for you to browse.

If you purchased a license of TeamViewer then you will also have the ability to customize the QuickSupport program with your own message and logo. The customize link can be found below the download for the regular QuickSupport.

You then just need to fill out a quick form asking what logo you want, font colors, and what you want the QucikSupport text to say. Optionally you can also enter a password so that the password isn’t randomly generated.


Once you are done with the form generate the QuickSupport with the link at the bottom and you will get a preview before you download. Download the executable and it will work just like the normal QuickSupport. If you don’t have a license for TeamViewer your session will be disconnected after five minutes.

You can also set up a web button that you can use to embed a help button on your own site. Once again this is just a simple form to fill out and then it gives you the HTML code to embed the link.

TeamViewer is more than just a remote assistance program. With tons of features, and most of them free to personal users, it’s really a must have for those of you that provide tech support for your family and friends.

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