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4 different ways to eat a mixture of honey and cinnamon for weight loss

4 different ways to eat a mixture of honey and cinnamon for weight loss

honey and cinnamon

Have you tried by a mixture of honey and cinnamon for weight loss?
Honey mixture with cinnamon mixture magical works helps weight loss and burn accumulated fat, you can eat along with a healthy diet and exercise to speed up the rate of reduce weight, as well as help to overcome the desire to eat too much food.

Honey itself contains huge amounts of antioxidants known health benefits for the body and enzymes. Several studies have also confirmed that cinnamon also features natural properties help to lose excess weight.

It was found that when mixing honey with cinnamon, increasing the body’s capacity to burn more calories and reduce cholesterol levels. Therefore, most nutrition experts advised to eat a mixture of honey and cinnamon as part of a diet to maintain health and to get rid of excess kilo grams.

How to use honey with cinnamon?
Mix ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder with a cup of boiling water, leave it to cool completely. Then add a teaspoon of natural honey to hot water with cinnamon, and are dealt with directly.

When to use honey with cinnamon?

1-Early in the morning


Correct beginning of the day is the secret behind weight loss effectively, where they help to avoid feeling hungry with obtaining the necessary energy during the day.
You can depend on mixture of honey and cinnamon in the early morning to ensure you get the definite results of weight loss.

Eat honey with cinnamon mixture early in the morning when you wake up from sleep on an empty stomach, and then wait for half an hour before breakfast.

When a mixture of honey and cinnamon in the morning, it helps to speed up the process of digestion, which helps to boost energy levels and metabolic rate during the day.

2-Between meals

If you want to reduce your weight, You may sometimes want to eat between meals. And this is often while you are in work. Therefore, Honey mixture with cinnamon is the best to control the appetite and to overcome the desire to eat.
Cinnamon has also proved to help reduce blood pressure levels, which helps to increase the focus during the day.

3-Before aerobic exercise

When ready to exercise some aerobics, there are some things that will help increase their effectiveness. The most important of those things is the prolongation exercises, but did you know that eating honey mixture with cinnamon gives you the necessary energy.
If you feel tired and fatigue after exercise, this means that you do not have the necessary energy to do workouts.
Try eating honey with cinnamon mixture to obtain the necessary energy, it also helps to increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

4-Before going to sleep


Most nutrition experts advised not to eat before going to sleep a period of not less than two hours at least.
But during that period, you may feel hungry, which drives you to eat some snacks. What do you think to overcome the desire to eat before going to sleep with honey drink with cinnamon. Eating at night may prevent you from losing excess weight, and stands between you and the results that you are expecting during the diet.
With a mixture of honey and cinnamon, you will be able to overcome the feeling of hunger, it also helps to improve the digestive process and bridging the craving for sugars.

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