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WMMA Fighter Lacey “The Ladie” Schuckman Interview

WMMA Fighter Lacey “The Ladie” Schuckman Interview

Lacey Schuckman

Colorado has hit a goldmine with WMMA fighter Lacey “The Ladie” Schuckman. She is unlike most female or even male fighters out there. Schuckman (10-7) has found her inspiration through Christ and you will see that everyday on her social media posts from both her and her husband, Randall who is also an MMA fighter. Schuckman has fought for Strikeforce, Ring of Fire, Sparta amongst other promotions and is currently under the Invicta FC banner. Fighting some of the top fighters we know well in woman’s mixed martial arts she has proven she can hang with the “cool kids” and give them a hell of a fight standing and on the ground. Where ever the fight goes Lacey is ready. Check out my interview with her and if you are currently looking for an MMA gym or want to add diversity to your tool belt head down to Lacey and Randall’s gym The SHOP Combat Sports and Fitness Center in Golden, CO.
How did you get started in MMA?
I started training when I was 15. My husband had been training in traditional martial arts and would always want to practice his “moves” on me. After enough times of getting kicked in the head, I decided I wanted to train too. I always was getting into trouble for fighting anyways so martial arts gave me a positive outlet.
How instrumental is your husband, Randall, to you with your training?
IMPERATIVE! He is the brains of the operation. He designs my whole training regiment. He is my game planner and main training partner. He helps me to put together all that our sport is specific, Coaches and teaching us. We are so close in weight that we have the best partnership, we both help one other in so many ways. We spend hours discussing, decision making, and doing research together. It wouldn’t be the same without him.LaceyShuckman
 Is it hard to juggle family and your MMA career?
Not at all. It’s been established from day one that training is our priority and that has made it very easy. They are very supportive because they see the intense dedication this sport takes. Plus Randall and I are on the same page that we aren’t interested in children while we are busy competing and building our gym.
Tell us about “Team Goonies”
It started out because our old Coach, Rex Payne, used to use it as a mean nickname, always calling Randall, our team, and I  “Goonies”. So when we started seriously building a team we knew right away that we would embrace that and be #TeamGoonies. Our team is comprised of people from all walks of life that were unlikely to ever cross paths but we are all united by our passion for training and martial arts.
If you could rematch with anyone who would you want it to be?
Patricia Vidonic (Netherlands?)
I don’t make excuses I got caught plain & simple. I’ll tell you though, let me fight her 9 more times and I’ll win everyone! Then before I got my chance to rematch she retires, that stings! I’d gladly welcome her back to the cage if she ever grows a wild hair.

Lets talk about your next fight Jan 30th. You are fighting Brenda Gonzales at “Sugar” Shane Mosely’s Super Brawl in Phoenix. How is fight camp going?
Excellent! I had almost a year since my last match and I have just focused on learning and improving. My last 2 fights have been short notice (2 weeks & 6 days) so it was nice to have a designated camp. I’m always training 6 days a week so its nice to have a date to set goals for. I’ve stayed in awesome shape so this 8 weeks leading up to the match have been able to focus solely on executing my techniques instead of getting into shape and then trying to fit skill training in.
SchuckmanMandelSherdogWhat is your biggest challenge in this fight?
Just making sure to fight the whole fight! I get complacent at times and don’t play my game for the whole match.
Does it intimidate you at all knowing it is a private show and many celebrities may be there?
Not at all. A crowds a crowd, I’m just there to compete.

If you could invite a celeb to be there who would you invite?
He’s my favorite rapper! He’s a rabbi with a super unique style! I love coming out to his music!
Lets say you are Brenda standing across from Lacey just before the fight starts. What is going through your mind? or what do you want going through her mind?
I want her to be thinking, “She looks ready!” I want the best out of my opponents and I would hope they would want the best me as well.
What is going through your mind when standing across from your opponent just before the fight starts?
Time to do work! This is what I’ve dedicated my whole life to, give it your all!
Do you study your opponent or only focus on your own training?
I always study my opponent its important to know they’re strengths and what they will be working to improve but I just focus on my training and what my Coaches expect of me.
What has been your most memorable experience so far in MMA?
I’d probably have to say the GFIGHT Hook N’ Shoot 115lbs. Grand Prix in 2009. It was my pro debut in an 8 women tournament. It was my first exposure to old school legends, today’s stars, and other females that competed in MMA. It’s been amazing to watch the sport blossom!
WatchinLacey Schuckmang the TUF 20 season and seeing how everything went down, would you try out if given an opportunity?
I really wanted to get to the UFC by my actions in the cage rather then suffer 6 weeks in a house full of drama. However hearing the amounts of cash those gals are getting it may have been worth it, ha ha ha!
You are currently signed under the Invicta FC banner and have fought twice for them. Who would you like to face next in the all woman’s promotion?
My dream Invicta fight would be the champ, Katja Kankaanpää! I think we match up well. We’ll both grind out a battle. Her wrestling is solid, match that against my striking & BJJ, its a match made in heaven!
Favorite Male and Female fighters?
Favorite males: Conor McGregor & Vitor Belfort
Favorite females: Cris Cyborg & Joanne Calderwood
Most embarrassing moment?
In 3rd grade, I thought I was a gangster wearing baggy pants. I had to get up to sing in front of choir class and my pants fell down in front of everyone! Needless to say I outgrew that fashion statement quickly!
If everyone had to wear a warning label what would yours say?
Kills with kindness.
Guiltiest pleasure? (food,tv,cartoon etc)
Ice cream by the pint
I really enjoyed learning more about you. Is there anyone you would like to shout out?
Thank you Syndee for the interview!
I’d like to thank my Coach, Randall Schuckman, my Boxing Coach, Steve Mestas, my Wrestling Coach, Mike Laurita, and my BJJ Professor, Joaquin Baca. My teammates, #TeamGoonies at The S.H.O.P CSFC. Thank you to my sponsors, 90 Degree By Reflex, Amber Sports Gear, Bondiband, Fighter Girls, Grit MouthGuards, Just A Girl BJJ, Mass Destruction MMA, MMA Road Hogs, & Tan Time.


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