Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Five Ingredients Of A Successful Mobile App

Five Ingredients Of A Successful Mobile App

Five Ingredients Of A Successful Mobile App
Many people choose to create mobile apps for a wide range of reasons. Perhaps they want to solve a particular problem, entertain people or invent a mobile solution that will make their businesses better. Regardless of the motivating factor behind the need to create an app, everyone is after one thing – success.

Create an App that Stands out

In a competitive market where there are millions of apps already in existence, it can be hard to develop a mobile application that stands out from the rest. That said though, it is possible to achieve app success by using the right approach. Here are five factors that can take any mobile app to success.


One of the basic principles of app development is to have a unique idea or concept. There are many apps to compete with and so developers always have to offer something new to gain user confidence. It is therefore important to do thorough research on any idea you have in mind so that you don’t duplicate something that has already been done before.

Great User Experience

Studies have shown that the most successful apps are very user-friendly. Simply put, without delivering a great user experience, it can be hard to retain app users.
App User Experience
A good user experience when using an app comprises of a wide range of things. For starters, the interface should be easy to use. Secondly, the app should be fast, with every page optimized to load quickly.
Most importantly, sign ups and other procedures should remain simple to avoid confusing users with complicated processes.

Feature Richness

One aspect that makes apps stand out is the particular features they offer to users. Today’s smartphones and tablets come with excellent native functionalities that you can capitalize on to make your app feature rich. Despite this fact, features should be relevant for the app.
Avoid adding GPS functionality to your app if it has nothing to do with finding locations or providing directions. Remember that too many features that have no use can make your app to look bloated, and this may turn off potential users.

Flawless Coding

Writing error free code is closely tied to making an app user friendly. Quality code will ensure that your app works fine without any issues.
Flawless App Coding
Keep in mind that many app users are unforgiving and they stop using any application that fails to run smoothly.
It is therefore important to do thorough tests to ensure there are no bugs in your app that cause it to freeze or crash.

Solid Marketing and App Improvement

Many successful app developers can attest to the fact that launching a great app is just half the battle. With so much competition to deal with, you have to ensure that your app remains relevant.
The only way to achieve this is to have a solid marketing plan and to improve your app constantly in order to retain users.Remember that a unique idea or concept, excellent design and features along with quality coding, solid marketing and continuous improvement are the five pillars of a successful app.


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