Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Five Best Smartphones Of 2014

Five Best Smartphones Of 2014

A selection of the best smartphones of 2014 As we approach 2015, there has been a number of smartphones released over the year that have garnered much acclaim and sales as well. However, finding the five best releases of the year goes beyond sales and popularity.
What follows is the five best smartphones in terms of their features, ability and overall durability that makes them the best of the ones.


This beauty features a 5.5” HD display screen that is most impressive, but the 13MP camera and the polished features make this one of the better overall smartphones on the market today.
The One Plus One is one of the best smartphones of 2014
However, the number of features is decidedly less than other smartphones as the LG G3 seems to be built for practicality rather than simply having more features.


LG releases yet another great smartphone that is ergonomically designed and with a host of features as well. The new 5.5” screen that is unbelievably sharp has impressed many consumers along with the nifty Android 4.4.2 KitKat that runs the phone itself.
The LG G3 is considered to be one of the best smartphones of 2014
Arguably the best singular feature is the remarkably sharp 13MP camera with laser autofocus features that makes it perfect for low-light shots while delivering surprising clarity.

HTC One M8

While its 5” screen may seem a bit small compared to what some of its competitors offer, it is certainly sharp and large enough for most people.
The HTC One M8 is probably the best handset of 2014
The camera also has an interesting number of features that arguably make it the most versatile around, but most people will notice the clean, metal design and finish that makes the HTC One M8 stand out from the competition. It help that the microSD card tray can support up to 128GB storage as well.

Apple iPhone 6

Easily the most hyped release of 2014, the iPhone 6 surprised some by not being revolutionary, but more like an improved version of the previous iPhone 5 that was a welcome surprise.
The Apple iPhone 6 is considered to be the best smartphone of 2014
The display screen is truly impressive and the plethora of features made this a solid entry in the iPhone series. Admittedly, a few customers have pointed out the fact that the all-aluminum frame of the phone is subject to bending, but that seems to be a minor issue at best.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has certainly been on a tear recently with its Galaxy series and the S5 model is no exception. Offering the typical number of dazzling features, including the remarkably sharp 5.1” display screen and high quality 16MP camera, the real stars of this particular release just might be the incredible battery life which helps extend this smartphone considerably further than most of its competition.
The Samsung Galaxy S5 is also considered to be up there with the best smartphones of 2014
Plus, water-resistant design is something that many people will appreciate as well. Somewhat expensive, but offering the features that make it worth the price, the Samsung Galaxy 5 is yet another winner in this remarkable line of smartphones.
Overall, these five smartphones have proven themselves to be the best of 2014 and certainly have enough features to make an excellent investment for the coming year as well.
Whether the releases for 2015 match the move towards better display screens, superior cameras and larger size remains to be seen, but what can be said is that 2014 was certainly a good year for smartphones.

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