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Understanding the Aging Process

Successful Anti Aging Begins with Understanding the Aging Process

Is it really necessary that we understand how the aging process works?  We admire the commitment of the athlete who spends hours studying the opposing team's peculiarities and tendencies in order to gain a game day advantage.  If you are really serious about winning the battle against aging, you must be willing to become familiar with the fundamentals of the aging process.  Learning and knowing what you are up against will help you to have a clearer vision of what you must do to be a victor in  anti aging.  A short course in Aging 101 will arm you with sufficient knowledge to face the negative arguments, and to keep pursuing a path to better health.

The Course Description

First we'll look at what people consider to be the normal signs of aging.  This is what you are experiencing, or will experience, if you don't make some changes.  Next we'll look at how aging in the "developed" world differs from aging in the "developing" world.  Then we'll take a short journey into the microscopic world of the cells in your body.  This is where anti aging succeeds or fails.

We'll then discover that your cells are under constant attack.  And the attacks have gotten worse since our civilization has become more "advanced".  Next we'll take a serious look at what happens when your cells lose the battles they face thousands of times each day.  And finally we'll fire you up to grab the reins of your cellular future.  You can change the way you experience the aging process. 

If You Want Different Results,
You're Going to Have to Do Something Different

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
--Albert Einstein

You're probably not the kind of person who will accept aging lying down. You're going to attack it head on. You're not satisfied with the results of aging that you're experiencing. You don't want to experience the same things you've seen happen to most of the people around you.

You don't have to change everything you're doing. But if you're like most people, you're going to need to make several changes. Now you don't need to alter every aspect of your life at once. If fact, you had better not try to make too many changes at the same time. If you attempt too much at once, it will probably spell failure for you.

You Need Your Own Plan for Anti Aging

Do you feel like you have no control over the aging process?  Are you just going along year after year, with no plan except go to the doctor and tell him about the latest medication you've seen advertised on TV?  You can take control of the rest of your life and choose the kind of health you want to experience.
Understanding the causes of aging will enable you to develop an anti aging strategy that really works.  If you only try to treat the symptoms of aging, you'll be doing what most other people are trying.  And what will this give you?
     • High doctor bills
     • High prescription drug bills
     • Undesirable side effects
     • Too-frequent surgeries
     • Little and short-lived improvements
     • A feeling of personal helplessness

Knowledge is Power

In the arena of anti aging, the old adage is true.  If you are going to take control of your own health, you need to learn some things about the way we age.  You don't need to become a certified nutritionist, a professional herbalist, or an expert aerobics instructor.  But you do need to learn some basic information about the aging process and how you can use natural substances and practices to retard the changes that are occurring. 
Now there are many good books you can read on the subject of anti aging, and perhaps you are motivated to read some. But if you're like most people, you'd like maximum results for minimum research. I have tried to provide easy access to everything you need to know within the pages of this website. So how and when does the aging process occur?

The Signs of Aging —
Are You Over the Hill?

Have you noticed the signs of aging for a while now?  Most people don't realize it, but our bodies reach their peak performance at about 25 years of age.  After that, it's all downhill!
So, if you do nothing different than you did the first twenty-five years, your body will not respond the way it used to.  At least three changes begin to occur as early as 25-35:
      • Bones become weaker
      • Reduced response time and coordination
      • Slowdown in metabolic rate

As the decades add up, there are many other changes that accompany aging:
      • Reduced elasticity of the skin
      • Less stamina from less oxygen from reduced blood flow
      • Diminished lung capacity
      • Increased gastrointestinal distress
      • Diminished sensory acuity in vision, hearing, smell, and touch
      • Decreased memory retention
      • And I can't remember the rest!

But How Do You Feel?

When you play a little softball, join in a soccer match, or run for a mile, do you find that you don't ever remember getting so sore before?  When you get up in the morning, and go up or down the steps, is there some stiffness and pain in your ankles and knees?  When you run a half block to catch a bus, are you more winded than ever before?

Are you finding it much harder to keep the extra pounds off?  When you get an injury, does it take longer to heal?  Is your hair getting a little thinner in spots?  Do you find that it's harder to maintain your balance, or that you have a more difficult time keeping a steady hand?  All of these and more are just the normal signs of aging, and what your body is going through is both predictable and inevitable.

You Can't Just Cover it All Up

There are whole sections of our economy that are dedicated to hiding and disguising the signs of aging.  Whether it's anti wrinkle creams, hair colorants and restorers, "support" clothing, or instant energy beverages, you can buy just about anything to make you look and feel ten years younger.
But what you want is more than just a cover up, or an instant fix that lets you down a little while later.  What you and I need are real lifestyle changes that address the source of the problems of aging, not just the symptoms.  Yes, the promise of the potion or the lotion that makes you look and feel like you're twenty is still alluring.  But if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Lay a Foundation for Positive Change

Before you are ready to begin an effective anti aging program you need to have a little more knowledge. While we are enjoying unprecedented longevity in the 21st century developed world, we are being subjected to increasing prescription drug use and life-extending surgeries. Why are we living longer yet experiencing more health-related problems? What is different about the process and signs of aging in the developed world?

Contemporary Health Concerns

What are the most pressing contemporary health issues? We've conquered the killers of the 18th and 19th centuries: cholera, smallpox, tuberculosis, leprosy, diphtheria, and tetanus. And with the discovery of the germ theory, and the advent of vaccinations and immunizations, most of the diseases that plagued mankind are now ancient history.
Because of these and other advancements in modern medical science we're living longer than ever.  But we have developed new killers in the last century.  One half of all deaths in the western world are attributable to two illnesses: heart disease and cancer.  And yet these same diseases are virtually unknown among underdeveloped peoples.  With all our great advancements in medicine and contemporary health care, it seems that the best we can do is simply treat the symptoms.

What Are the Causes of These Killers?

We may wash our hands more often and cover our mouths when we cough, but there appears to be something about the way we live that subjects us to the ravages of these modern afflictions.  One doesn't need to do too much study to discover that our diet and our lifestyles are what subject us to this duo of diseases. 

What we are eating is not what our bodies need, and much of what we do eat is harming our bodies.  Our bodies need food: that "stuff" which God created for our bodies and what our bodies were designed to be nourished by.  Instead we feed ourselves with non-foods that introduce into these perfectly-designed bodies, all kinds of substances that were never intended for human consumption.

Consider These Analogies

Our modern-day automobiles are masterpieces of design and engineering.  With their computer-driven systems, they function at amazingly high levels of proficiency.  Who would think of putting diesel fuel into the gas tank or honey where the engine oil goes?  That would be stupid; it would ruin a beautifully-designed car.
Who doesn't love their pet?  Whether it's a purebred or a mutt, we love our family dog.  We make sure that he has his scheduled vaccinations, bathe him regularly, and keep him from suffering from fleas, as best we can.  And we feed him the best food that we can afford.  So why don't we give him a candy bar while we're enjoying one?  Because it wouldn't be good for him; everyone knows that!

Do We Take Better Care of Our Cars and Pets
Than We Do Our Bodies?

I think we know the answer to this question. And it's not just the food we don't eat. It's the exercise we don't get, the stress we do endure, and often the substances we put on our skin and the air we breathe. If we want to take full advantage of the longevity that contemporary health science has afforded us — if we desire to participate in an anti aging lifestyle that is successful — we need to take better care of our bodies.

We can't just consume whatever we want and as much as we want, and expect to avoid an encounter with one of "the big two". Even if we take a lot of pills, subject ourselves to multiple surgeries, and have good genes, what we put into our stomachs is the raw material from which new cells are produced. And it's in the cells of our bodies that the health of our future is established.


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