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List of all X-Men comic book characters [5] All Uncanny X-Men Members

List of all X-Men comic book characters

List of All Uncanny X-Men Members

List of all X-Men comic book characters : All Uncanny X-Men Members

This is a complete roster of all X-Men comic book characters, and X-Men team members with images. What Marvel Comics characters are in the X-Men? This is a complete list of students, alumni, and mutants that went through Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and Xavier's School for Higher Learning.

The X-Men started out in 1963. Back then the original X-Men lineup included the X-Men mutants Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Jean Grey, led by Professor X, all with extraordinary powers. It wasn't until much later that popular X-Men members like Gambit, Wolverine, and more X-Men female characters like Rogue, Psylocke, and Storm joined the X-Men team.

Whether living, dead, or resurrected, everyone has their favorite X-Men character. The X-Men are the team of super powered mutants that used the school as a base of operations (the school got trashed a few times over the years). What mutants are in X-Men?

While, as you can see, all X-Men characters and the names changed dramatically over the years, the X-Men have a wonderful history of maintaining a roster of some of the most interesting characters in Marvel comic books. You'll be able to find all your favorites in this list of X-Men.


Sarah Vale, Depowered. Sister of Preview, who is depowered but still alive. Deceased: Killed when the bus sending depowered students home exploded in New X-Men (vol. 2) #23 (2006). Powers: Technopath capable of talking with and controlling machines.,


Andrea Marguiles, X-Treme X-Men #20 (2003), Depowered. Deceased: Killed when the bus sending depowered students home exploded in New X-Men (vol. 2) #23 (2006). Powers: Elastic and malleable body.


Nick Shelley, More than likely depowered. Powers: Rubbery body.,

Rain Boy

Carl Aalston, More than likely depowered. Powers: Exists as a form of sentient water; must contain himself in a special suit that allows negligible amounts of his water form to be expelled for attacks.
Rain Boy’s past before he came to the Xavier Institute is unknown, but when he arrived at the school, he was placed on Gambit’s student squad. Seemingly the youngest member of the team, he seemed to fall into that place, notably a bit shyer and naïve than the others. However, he also showed a good knowledge of the workings of the X-Men, and also some fierce loyalty towards his teammates when he stood with Onyxx and Flubber in a possible coup against their trainer, Gambit, when they believed him to be taking advantage of newcomer Foxx, however, they were easily set straight. Later, Foxx turned out to be one of Mystique's disguises, and Rain Boy helped to try and calm Onyxx when he freaked when he learned of this.
Afterwards, not much was seen of Rain Boy, but he is believed to be depowered after M-Day along with most of the students at the school.
Rain Boy was a member of Gambit's Squad up until he was depowered on M-Day.
Powers and Abilities : Living water held in a containment suit, able to expel his liquid mass as pressurized streams from his hands.

Foxx a.k.a. Mystique

Mystique (Raven Darkhölme)
Mystique is a member of a subspecies of humanity known as mutants, who are born with superhuman abilities. Mystique is a shapeshifter who can mimic the appearance and voice of any person with exquisite precision, and her natural appearance includes blue skin and yellow eyes. She is typically portrayed as a foe of the X-Men.
Throughout most of her history, Mystique has been a supervillain, founding her own Brotherhood of Mutants and assassinating several important people involved in mutant affairs. At one point, she mentions that she is over 100 years old. Mystique is the mother of the villain Graydon Creed, the X-Men hero Nightcrawler, and adoptive mother of the heroine Rogue. She is forced to abandon Nightcrawler, but raises Rogue for a number of years, and the two women have mixed feelings towards one another.
Joining the X-Men
Mystique later infiltrates the X-Men, posing as a young girl named Foxx and joining Gambit's training squad, the Chevaliers. She attempts to seduce Rogue's boyfriend Gambit to break them up so she can set her daughter up with a young mutant named Augustus, but Gambit resists. Mystique ultimately reveals herself to him, telling him that she is trying to relieve the tension between him and Rogue (because of the two being unable to touch due to her ability to absorb someone's essence upon skin-to-skin contact). Mystique then metamorphoses into Rogue and tells Gambit that he would not be cheating on Rogue if he had sex with her in Rogue's form.
When the telepath Emma Frost discovers who Foxx really is, the X-Men confront Mystique. Mystique tells them that she had been lonely and wants to join the X-Men. Mystique uses Rogue's doubts about what happened between her and Gambit to sow further discord in Rogue's relationship with Gambit.
The X-Men vote and decide to have Mystique join them on a probationary status (though Rogue is one of the ones who vote against her joining). Nightcrawler asks her to leave for a while regardless of the vote, saying that he needs more time adjusting to the idea of her being a member. Mystique agrees and leaves. After M-Day, she joins the X-Men and brings Augustus (Pulse) along with her. Both have been crucial in the downfall of Apocalypse.
(alias: Raven Darkhölme), Mystique infiltrated the Xavier Institute while posing as student Foxx from X-Men (vol. 2) #171 (2005) to X-Men (vol. 2) #172 (2005). She was then discovered by the X-Men and voted in as a probationary member. See above (2000s recruits).,
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Edward Tancredi, Astonishing X-Men (vol. 3) #3 (2004), Depowered by Ord's cure in Astonishing X-Men (vol. 3) #4 (2004). Deceased: Committed suicide in Astonishing X-Men (vol. 3) #7 (2005). Powers: Flight.

Jeffrey Garrett

Jeffrey Garrett is a young mutant with teleportation powers. He died when Xorn Destroyed the Xavier Institute. He returned as a Ghost some time later. He is now assumed deceased permanently.
Jeffrey Garrett, X-Treme X-Men #20 (2003), Died while teleporting during Kuan-Yin Xorn's attack on the school in New X-Men (vol. 1) #147 (2003). Was revealed to have "survived" as a ghost in New X-Men: Academy X #9 (2005). He disappeared after M-Day, supporting the theory that his "ghost" state was an aspect of his powers. Presumed deceased: As of New X-Men (vol. 2) #21 (2006), he is presumed dead following his disappearance. Powers: Teleportation; "ghost" form.

Leong Coy Manh

Nga Coy Manh

Xi'an Coy Manh, Uncanny X-Men #501 (2008), Former staff member of the Xavier Institute. Original field leader of the New Mutants. Joined the X-Men when they re-formed in San Francisco. Currently a member of Cannonball's New Mutants squad. Currently seen in New Mutants and Uncanny X-Men. Powers: Mental possession of others.


Melody Guthrie, New Mutants (vol. 1) #42 (1986), Depowered, as confirmed in New X-Men (vol. 2) #20 (2006). Sister of Cannonball, Husk, and Icarus. Powers: Flight.


Cirlio Crisologo is a mutant with a plant like body. He is a former student of the Xavier Institute.

Esme and Sophie Cuckoo

Esme Cuckoo, New X-Men (vol. 1) #118 (2001), Esme died in New X-Men (vol. 1) #150 (2004). Powers: Same as the other Cuckoos (see above, Street Team X-Men).


Hong Lianje, New X-Men (vol. 1) #123 (2002), More than likely depowered. Powers: Tiger-like appearance.


Gary Walsh, Apparently confirmed depowered in New Avengers. Powers: Extends spikes from his body.,
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Ruth Durie

Eleanor Sandford

Eleanor Sandford  was a mutant girl who, with Ruth was captured by the mutant Poppa to be sold for genetic experiments to the highest bidder. She was saved by Magneto, who killed Poppa and gave Eleanor Sandford and Ruth cards for the Xavier Institute, knowing that he could not use them for combat..  Eleanor Sandford  skin was covered in pink spots.


Unrevealed, New X-Men (vol. 1) #131 (2002) (mentioned), Mentioned but never identified. Confirmed depowered in New Avengers #19 (2006). Powers: Flight.

Carter Ghazikhanian

Carter Ghazikhanian, Uncanny X-Men #411 (2002), Left with his mother, nurse Annie Ghazikhanian, and an unknown friend. Likely depowered. Powers: Telepathy and telekinesis.


Quincy Marrow, New X-Men (vol. 1) #134 (2003), Confirmed depowered in New Avengers #18 (2006). Was small and had pointy ears but used his illusory powers to look like a handsome guy. Powers: Illusory self-image.


Natalie Wood is a mutant who can create solid photon constructs. She is a former student of the Xavier Institute.

Elf was a student at the Xavier Institute. She stood on in awe an Kid Omega stripped away Slick's illusory disguise.
Powers and Abilities : Photon Generation: Elf had the power to generate solid light.


Jordan Lewis, X-Treme X-Men #20 (2003), Confirmed depowered in New Avengers #18 (2006). Powers: Shadow generation.
Gloom was one of many students who enrolled at Xavier's school after Professor X declared himself worldwide as a mutant and claimed that the mansion was a safe place for mutants to take refuge.
On Emma Frost's order, Gloom used his powers to temporarily blinding both Bishop and Sage when they were "trespassing" the school.
M-Day & Decimation
Gloom lost his powers due to the events of M-Day. He was possibly killed on Stryker's attack on the school bus.
Powers and Abilities : Umbrakinesis He had the ability to release a nerve dampening darkness at will causing it to blind whoever he chooses temporarily. 


Real Name : Zach Halliwell
Zach is a student who joined the insitute after Professor X revealed himself as a mutant, he used his powers on Sage during the time when she and Bishop came to arrest Jeffrey Garrett.
Zach was one of the young students Emma Frost sent to delay Sage and Bishop when they came to the Xavier Institute searching for Jeffrey Garrett. He later lost his powers after M-Day. He was possibly killed in Stryker's missile attack on the former students.
Zach could psionically imprint the primal characteristics of any animal onto another, causing them to think and behave as another creature would. He also had a rat like face due to his mutation.


Stan Finch,  Silicon was a mutant and student at the Xavier Institute.
Little is known of Silicon's life before before he came to the Institute, but it is known that he was part of many students that enrolled at Xavier's school once Professor X went public as a mutant, stating that the mansion was a safe place for mutants. He used his powers on both Bishop and Sage (when they were "trespassing" in the school) under Emma Frost's orders to destract them. He was able to slip past Sage when she tried to grab him, but Bishop captured him using his trench coat.
His current whereabouts are unknown. It is presumed that he was a victim of William Stryker's Bus Bomb, and was therefore depowered Post M-Day
Liquid body composition allows him to fly and reduce the friction of his physical form so that he can slide out of any grasp/trap easlly without harm.


Reuben O'Hara, Confirmed depowered in New Avengers #18 (2006). Powers: Elephant form, manipulate emotions.,


Walter Lambert

Marie D'Ancanto

Real Name : Marie Jennifer D'Ancanto
Marie D'Ancanto was an enthusiastic cheerleader in high school. Her father was a gardener and her mother was a teacher. Marie also used to babysit the children of "Paint" and Jack Freestone. Her family was killed in a horrific car accident by partying teenage mutants. Badly injured in the accident, Marie was further devastated when the local police refused to bring the mutants responsible to justice. Her uncle kept pestering the local police and the media about bringing the mutants to justice, until X-Corporation lawyers claimed it was species harassment. The lawyer, Jarod Molloy, was actually a pawn of Elias Bogan, and started buying the homes of humans in Marie's hometown of Valle Soleada. Revenant, also employed by Bogan, caused Marie's uncle to have horrible nightmares until he sold Marie's home.
Enraged, Marie intended to cause a suicide bombing in a concert being performed by mutant rock star Lila Cheney. Her target was Sunspot, the head of the Los Angeles branch of X-Corporation, who was supposed to be there. Unknown to D'Ancanto, the X-Men were in the concert’s attendance, and able to stop the attempted bombing.
Before facing trial, Marie D'Ancanto was forced to stay with former X-Man Rogue, who eventually showed the young woman the error of her terrorist ways. The mutants involved in her family's death later walked free from court and Marie herself was accused of attempted murder and anti-mutant terrorism, facing the death penalty. Fortunately a plea bargain done by the mutant lawyer Evangeline Whedon placed Marie on probation. Whedon needed an assistant and Marie needed to live and work under court-approved supervision, so Whedon offered Marie a job as her assistant. Seeming the right thing, Marie accepted the offer. 
Marie D'Ancanto, X-Treme X-Men #31 (2003). Human student. An anti-mutant terrorist who was given a second chance by the X-Men when their lawyer, Evangeline Whedon, got her probation, and hired her as an assistant. Powers: None.

Spencer Bronson



Tom Skylark
Inhabitant of Earth-15104 (Earth-616 150 years in the future). He possesses the Rover, one of the last Sentinels.
Tom Skylark was abandoned as a child. At some point he encountered an abandoned Sentinel. Tom possesses mutant abilities which enable him to communicate with machines. Tom reprogrammed the Sentinel and named him Rover. As a child Rover would find food for Tom, and provide protection.
As Tom grew older Rover remained his loyal companion, protecting Tom from Sublime's Crawler. When the Phoenix Force egg was discovered on the Moon, Tom and his mutant friends sought to protect the Egg from Sublime. The egg was strapped to Rover's back and Tom and Rover were able to escape death at the hands of Fantomex the Destroyer, Beast's herald.
Tom and Rover came upon E.V.A after killing a pack of Crawlers. E.V.A. brought them back to the X-Men's compound, not knowing that one of the Crawlers had hidden inside Rover's chest cavity. Back at the X-Men's headquarters the Crawler teleported out and began spawning duplicates of itself. Before the X-Men were able to take them down a group were able to teleport the phoenix egg off of Rover's back and back to Sublime's layer.
Later when the X-Men were saving Mer-Max from a boat full of Crawlers Tom began to confess his feelings for E.V.A. While talking to E.V.A. Tom failed to notice the pack of Crawlers that were teleporting around Rover, attacking him. Rover fell and sank into the ocean, leaving Tom distraught. Soon after Sublime arrived, and Tom called Rover telepathically to save them. Rover attacked Sublime and was presumably destroyed in the process. E.V.A. attacked sublime as well and was seriously damaged in the process. Tom came to E.V.A.'s side to comfort her as Phoenix fixed the corrupted time-line that they belonged to.
It was hinted by Martha Johansson that Phoenix may have taken their souls to the White Hot Room.
Tom possesses an innate ability to communicate with machines. His abilities may include the ability to communicate remotely and fix machines with some form of technopathy.

Swift Wind

Jacob Pace, X-Men Unlimited (vol. 2) #7 (2004), Presumed deceased: Unable to solidify, he was dispersed in X-Men Unlimited (vol. 2) #7 (2004). Powers: Body transforms into air.


Real Name: Abraham Verne
Identity/Class: Human mutant
Occupation: Student
Group Membership: None
Affiliations: Xavier Institute student body: Gelatin (Carlo Brewster), Prodigy (David Alleyne), Viskid (Adrian Defoe), Wallflower (Laurie Collins), Wind Dancer (Sofia Mantega) and others
Enemies: None
Known Relatives: None
Aliases: None
Base of Operations: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Westchester County, New York
First Appearance: New Mutants II#7 (January, 2004)
Powers/Abilities: Caput's mutation turned him into an energy generating living skeleton. He wore a protective, bowl-shaped helmet to contain his energies.
Height: 5'9" (by approximation)
Weight: 160 lbs. (by approximation
Eyes: White, no visible irrisses
Hair: None
(New Mutants II#7 - BTS) - After manifesting his powers, Caput enrolled at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.
(New Mutants II#7) - Caput was seen walking through the cafeteria with a feline mutant when Sofia, Laurie and David were having breakfast.
(New Mutants II#8) - During Parents Week at Xavier's Caput was seen having a good time with a man (most likely his father).
Comments: Created by Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir (writers), Carlo Barberi (pencils), Juan Vlasco (inks).
In Latin, "caput" means "skull". Why Verne ended up with that codename seems pretty self explanatory.
Caput was part of the Xavier's Institute entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe HC#13, it was here that his real name and codename have been revealed.
Given his codename originating from a Latin word, it might be speculated (and it is just speculation) that he could have been on Beast's Exemplar's squad, as Hank is the most likely of the X-Men to suggest codenames derived from Latin.



Raymond Keyes is mutant who possesses wide-frequency hearing. He is a former student of the Xavier Institute.




Seth Walker


Noah Crichton, New X-Men (vol. 2) #20 (2006), Depowered. Deceased: Drowned in New X-Men (vol. 2) #20 (2006) when he lost his powers. Powers: Amphibious abilities.


Amber  Aliases Alex
Amber was one of 19 young mutants who were accepted to Empire State University when that institution actively opened its doors to mutants. Her power consisted into shape-shifting which manifested usually during her dreams, according to her parents' observations.
Amber avoided joining the local Students for Tolerance group ran by Gigi Martin, as well as the fringe Magnetic North, and claimed to have joined the university for the free education, and only joined the chess club.
Amber met Chamber, who had recently enrolled at ESU. She noticed his attraction to Gigi Martin, and cautioned him about getting involved with her.
Chamber met with Amber and revealed to her that he was one of the X-Men, having gone undercover to learn how six of the mutant classmates had died.
Later, he visited her dorm room and briefly saw her in her form as a beautiful blonde woman. Amber claimed that that person was her roommate. She assisted him in investigating the mutant-hate group Purity, using her computer, and managed to track down one of the group's members.
Later that evening, Chamber entered Amber's room from her window and again beheld her as her "roommate". Amber quickly covered for herself claiming that she had changed rooms. Chamber revealed to her that the man from Purity said that the killer of the six students was a mutant himself. The next day, Amber accompanied Chamber to the scene of the murders. Guessing that a member of Magnetic North might be behind the murders, Chamber was just setting off to see them when Amber kissed him. Chamber reacted badly to this, as he only thought of Amber as a friend. Hurt, Amber told him to leave.
After learning from Magnetic North that the mutant who killed the others was, in fact, Gigi Martin's boyfriend and co-founder of the Student for Tolerance: Alex, he broke into Gigi's office to find her holding a gun on Amber, trying to coerce Amber into staying out of the investigation. Having realized what Amber's power was, Chamber communicated with her telepathically, and had her assume the form of Gigi's dead lover Alex. This distracted Gigi long enough for Chamber to disarm her, ending the crisis.
With the case solved, Amber explained to Chamber that her "roommate's" form was one she must have dreamed about. Impressed with her looks, Chamber tried to kiss her, but she responded by slapping him. Indignant that even someone as unusual as him could be so ruled by appearances, she thanked him for saving her life, but asked to never see him again.
Chamber later learned that all of the mutant students had been expelled from ESU except for Amber. He felt she would be an excellent ambassador to humanity.
Her current whereabouts are unknown, including if she kept her powers after M-Day or not.
Powers and Abilities
Amber possesses an unusual appearance, with a fin on the back of her head and scales covering her body. She also possesses the ability to shapeshift. This ability commonly manifests itself in her sleep, when she assumes the form of a normal, beautiful young woman, her fantasy ideal.
Amber, New X-Men (vol. 2) #23 (2006), Depowered young girl. Deceased: Died following the bus explosion in New X-Men (vol. 2) #23 (2006).


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