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My Top 10 X-Men

My Top Ten X-Men
Coolest  X-men  Ever 

The X-men are widely known and talked about thanks to the recent movies. Movies like X-men: First Class and Wolverine have really bumped up the franchise after the X-men movies that came out.
But who are the top ten X-men?
This is my list of the top ten that my dad helped me put together, although some are pretty obscure and unknown by most.

10. Bishop

His real name is Lucas Bishop ,and he can absorb energy directed at him and use it to enhance his strength, have resistance to injury, and have recuperative abilities. He was sent from an alternate future, in which Sentinels had taken over the planet and killed off all the mutants (kind of like the Days of Future Past movie), to prevent that future from ever happening. I mean, that's intense.

9. Cable

Cable is the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey's clone) and has telepathic and telekinetic abilities with superhuman strength. He was infected by Apocalypse with a "techno-organic" virus which slowly turns him into organic metal. His telekinesis keeps it in check but he is still a crippled hero. Cable was born in the present, but raised in the future to defeat Apocalypse. After that, he chased another villain back to the present, founded the X-Force and then continued to travel the world as Soldier X. (What's with all the X stuff?)

8. Rouge

Rouge was abandoned by her parents and was adopted my Mystique and Destiny. She was the ability to absorb the memories, knowledge, talents, and personality of other people through physical touch, but to the detriment of others. After a while in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Rouge turned to the X-men for help to control her powers. She's such a complex character unable to be touched by anyone else, and very interesting to read about.

7. Shadowcat AKA Kitty Pryde

She is able to phase through solid matter. It seems like such an unassuming and seemingly harmless power until she's reaching into your chest and starts to solidify. Kitty also has a pet dragon named Lockheed. I mean come on, pet dragon. How cooler can you get then that?

6. Mimic

His real name is Calvin Rankin and he has the ability to keep the powers of five other people at the same time-although the power he wields is only half as powerful as their original counterparts. Mimic got his powers because of a chemical accident. His time in the X-men was short lived, however, because his arrogance made him hard to work with. But he can also keep FIVE DIFFERENT SETS OF POWERS, like how cool is that?

5. Sunfire

This mutant can project solar fire and can fly. His mother was exposed to radiation when the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, and it led to him developing this power. When Sunfire's powers matured, he vowed to get revenge on the US. When Xavier asked Sunfire to join the X-men, he accepted but only for a short while ,and he preferred to go on special missions that benefited Japan. I think this character looks really cool and he has a strong sense of nationalism which is awesome (not the whole wanting to get revenge on U.S idea though).

4. Havok

Havok's real name is Alexander Summers and he is the brother of Scott Summers. He can absorb solar energy and project it either in an omni-directional wave, or in the form of plasma bolts of intense heat, which causes objects to shatter or burn up (thank you marvel encyclopedia). Havok was recently featured in X-men Days of Future Past. He is extremely powerful, but has little control over his abilities, which leads to problems (obviously). However, his powers manifest in a really neat way.

3. Colossus

His real name is Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin ,and he lived in Russia on a Soviet collective farm. He has the ability to change his body into an organic steel-like metal, which gives him superhuman strength and protects him from injury. Colossus is extremely powerful ,but he is still very kind, gentle, and loyal to his friends while always aiming to do what's right.

2. Phoenix

Jean Grey obtained the Phoenix force when she was escaping from imprisonment on a space station run by Sentinels. She piloted the craft (even though the pilots section of the shuttle didn't have enough shielding), and the radiation almost killed her. This is when the Phoenix Force, a sentient cosmic entity of limitless power, made contact. Eventually, due to mental manipulation from Mastermind, Jean Grey went crazy and became the Dark Phoenix.

1. Wolverine

Of course, everyone knows about Wolverine thanks to Hugh Jackman's amazing performance in Wolverine Origins. I mean who doesn't love Wolverine? He is such a wonderfully complex character and his healing ability lets him do things no one else can, including bonding adamantium to his skeleton. His is determination is nothing short of remarkable.

If you guys like this, please comment and tell me what YOUR favorite X-men character are!!
As always, if you want something in particular just leave your requests in the comments.


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