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List of all X-Men comic book characters [4] All Uncanny X-Men Members

List of all X-Men comic book characters

List of All Uncanny X-Men Members

List of all X-Men comic book characters : All Uncanny X-Men Members

This is a complete roster of all X-Men comic book characters, and X-Men team members with images. What Marvel Comics characters are in the X-Men? This is a complete list of students, alumni, and mutants that went through Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and Xavier's School for Higher Learning.

The X-Men started out in 1963. Back then the original X-Men lineup included the X-Men mutants Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Jean Grey, led by Professor X, all with extraordinary powers. It wasn't until much later that popular X-Men members like Gambit, Wolverine, and more X-Men female characters like Rogue, Psylocke, and Storm joined the X-Men team.

Whether living, dead, or resurrected, everyone has their favorite X-Men character. The X-Men are the team of super powered mutants that used the school as a base of operations (the school got trashed a few times over the years). What mutants are in X-Men?

While, as you can see, all X-Men characters and the names changed dramatically over the years, the X-Men have a wonderful history of maintaining a roster of some of the most interesting characters in Marvel comic books. You'll be able to find all your favorites in this list of X-Men.

Val Cooper


Marshall Evan Stone III, ,

Wild Child

Kyle Gibney, X-Factor (vol. 1) #114 (1995), Member of Gamma Flight, Omega Flight, and Alpha Flight before joining X-Factor. Later a member of Weapon X. Confirmed depowered on M-Day in New Avengers, though his powers were later restored. Deceased: Apparently killed by Omega Red in Wolverine: Origins #39 (2009).


Shard Bishop, , Died in Bishop: The Last X-Man #14.


Devlin Greystone, , Died in X-Factor (vol. 1) #149.


A woman named Fixx exists in Bishop's future timeline. She, along with Greystone, Archer, and Shard made up a clandestine group of heroes known as Xavier's Underground Enforcers (X.U.E.) which pursued the ideals of Charles Xavier in a way differing from the mainstream Xavier's Security Enforcers (X.S.E.).
When Shard, a former X.U.E. member who had been transported to the main Marvel Universe by her brother Bishop in holographic form, became anchored in Polaris' body following Sabretooth's escape from US government custody, this allowed her teammates to follow her. Fixx was able to use her telepathic power to lock on to Shard and psychically transport herself and her teammates to our time, implanting themselves in recently deceased host bodies with the mission of preventing their future from occurring.
One thing that the group did was hunt down a man from their timeline named Micah—just a child in our time—and attempt to stop him from becoming the madman who helped kill mutants and who killed Greystone's mother. Greystone believed that the boy must be killed in order to stop his tyranny, but Fixx and Archer tried to convince him that it was unethical to judge a man for a crime he did not yet commit. After stopping him, the trio decided to join with X-Factor, but their tenure was short-lived.
Greystone slowly developed temporal insanity, believing that his mission was accomplished, and he could go home to a better world and be reunited with his mother, who might theoretically be alive. In an attempt to return to his own time, Greystone built a flying time machine, but due to shoddy craftmanship and unsound theories, the craft exploded, seemingly killing Greystone and Havok, who was attempting to stop him. With Archer's retirement and Greystone's demise, Fixx is the sole survivor of the X.U.E., but she may still continue to fulfill their mission in some way. It is unknown if Fixx retained her mutant powers after M-Day.
Powers and abilities
Fixx manifests psionic sprites from her mind as small fairy-shaped psychic projections that channel her powerful telepathic and psychokinetic abilities. They can relay messages, or cause immense mental pain by burrowing into the thoughts of another individual. Her fairies can move objects or repel a physical assault if Fixx concentrates hard enough. Fixx can also switch her appearance between "Jane Doe" and herself, but her host was an amnesiac and has no memories of her own which could normally be accessed (like Archer with his host body).


Archer, who later took the identity of deceased international criminal and wife abuser, Jude Black, is a fictional mutant character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. His first appearance was in X-Factor vol. 1 #140.
Fictional character biography
In his future, Archer was part of an elite group of mutants called the Xavier's Security Enforcers (X.S.E), where he was teamed up with Greystone, Fixx, Bishop, Shard and many others. Once a "perfect soldier", the turning point in Archer's life was when his wife Annie, and son Connor, were killed by rogue mutants in cold blood, after which he decided that X.S.E. was ineffective and was recruited into the Xavier's Underground Enforcers (X.U.E.).
A brilliant combatant with vast knowledge of his future, he used Fixx' psi-link with Shard to time travel to the present day in the hope of preventing certain atrocities from happening in the Marvel Universe's timeline so that his timeline may never occur. The only way that he and his team could travel to the past was by being transformed into one of Fixx' psychic fairies via Shard and, fortunately for them, they were able to inhabit the bodies of three recently deceased victims of a bus hijacking which led to a crash. Archer took over the body of an international terrorist named Jude Black (the bus hijacker) and along with Fixx and Devlin Greystone set out to carry out their mission -- to destroy the future era in which they lived by stopping the events that put its horrors into motion.
To do this, the X.U.E. lured Mystique to them in order to gain her (and X-Factor's) participation to stop the Dark Beast who kept a strain of the Legacy Virus infecting humans in a subterranean lab. In the future, Havok of X-Factor unwittingly unleashes this strain onto humanity, an act which leads to anti-mutant hate and fear, mutant roundups and mutant branding-in essence, the Gene War of Bishop's era (first mentioned in X-Treme X-Men #4).
In the future, one of the most notorious mutant contentration camp officials who tortured mutants was named Micah Leash—but in the present he was only an innocent child. In the future, Micah-a human badly scarred about the face-personally killed Greystone's mother before the Summers Rebellion occurred, a joint uprising of humans and mutants who ended up freeing mutants from the camps. In this era, Greystone set out to kill the boy—seeing it as the only solution—but Fixx and Archer eventually came to realize that it is unethical to sentence someone to a crime they have not yet committed. It's also highly unlikely that due to his past, Archer would wish to see a child killed, anyway.
By saving the young Micah from a doomsday cult whose leader nearly scarred him, Fixx and Archer felt they helped prevent the possible cause of the boy's future evil. They convinced Greystone of this also.
Greystone slowly developed temporal insanity, believing that his mission was accomplished, and he could go home to a better world and be reunited with his mother, who might theoretically be alive. In an attempt to return to his own time, Greystone built a flying time machine, but due to shoddy craftmanship and unsound theories, the craft exploded, seemingly killing Greystone and Havok, who was attempting to stop him. Initially, Archer discovered that Jude Black was an international terrorist who had a family (a wife named Rachel and a son named Cal), and—wanting to have a second chance as a father.
In fact, before his death, Jude was tried in absentia by the Genoshan government for the murder of several hundreds of innocents. Upon meeting Jude Black (who was now Archer) in New Jersey a mysterious trio of Genoshan fighters attempted to execute him until Archer bargained his life for that of his Jude's family. The Genoshans agreed, but were defeated by Archer's teammates and Havok, who soon arrived in New Jersey and fought them. Archer left to go and live with Black's family, hoping to replace the family he lost years before in the future. His X.U.E. teammates joined X-Factor but their tenure was short-lived.
Powers and abilities
Archer can transmute his body into pure electrokinetic energy, shoot electrically-charged plasma bolts, control most forms of electromagnetic energy, and has superhuman agility.
He is an expert tracker, tactician and hand-to-hand combatant.


Theresa Cassidy, X-Factor (vol. 3) #1 (2006), See above (Muir Island X-Men).
alsoRANKED #19 on X-Men Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie#143 on The Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time


Butterfly , Real Name : Layla Rose Miller
Height : 5'7"
Weight :132 lbs.
Layla Miller
Originally a key figure in the House of M, Layla Rose Miller is a mutant and member of X-Factor Investigations. She is famous for her catch phrase "I know stuff", which stems from her comprehensive knowledge of future events. She recently married James Madrox like she always claimed would happen.
Powers : Layla can see portions of possible futures; combined with manipulative interpersonal skills & her ability to think ahead, she arranges events to encourage the outcome she desires. She views herself as a pawn, but one that is aware of the game & the players, allowing her to pick her own moves. Chaotically or temporally charged individuals disrupt her predictive ability. She claims to know the source of her power, but insists revealing it would cause her immediate death. She sometimes registers to detectors as a mutant, other times as a normal human. While her body was in a trance, Layla was able to appear to Madrox, despite their being 80 years apart; how she managed this is unrevealed. Before M-Day she could breathe fire; during the House of M reality warp, she could telepathically restore buried memories.
Group Affiliations : Summers Rebellion (Reality-1191); formerly X-Factor Investigations; Human Resistance Movement (Reality-58163, "House of M"
First Appearance  : House of M #4 (2005)

Captain Britain

Brian Braddock, Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn (1987),
alsoRANKED #65 on The Top Marvel Comics Superheroes#75 on The Greatest Marvel Avengers Characters of All Time#125 on The Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time


Meggan Braddock, Married Captain Britain in Excalibur (vol. 1) #125. Was pulled out of our reality in Uncanny X-Men #465.,

Phoenix   { Rachel Anne Summers (also known as Rachel Grey) }

Rachel Anne Summers (also known as Rachel Grey)
Rachel Summers, Also known as Rachel Grey, codename Marvel Girl. After being trapped in the Mojoverse for a while, she escaped and emerged in London, which led to her joining Excalibur. 
In her first appearance, the character's surname was not revealed; later publications and retcons further expanded her backstory to involve central characters of mainstream continuity. She is the daughter of the alternate future counterparts to Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Jean Grey-Summers from a harsh dystopia, the half sister of Cable, a niece of Havok and Vulcan, and a powerful mutant in her own right.
Rachel Summers inherited her mother's vast telepathic and telekinetic talents. She also inherited her mother's original code names Phoenix and Marvel Girl. Although the character is considered unique to the Marvel Comics "multiverse", her name has been used to designate the mother of Marvel characters Hyperstorm and Dream Richards in respective timelines.
Future adolescence
Rachel Anne Summers comes from an alternate future Earth known as Earth-811, as seen in the "Days of Future Past" storyline from The Uncanny X-Men #141–142. In this reality, the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly provoked the ratification of the Mutant Registration Act, leading to a dystopian future where the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots rule North America. Rachel was abducted by operatives working for Ahab, who used drugs and hypnotherapy to turn Rachel into a "Hound," a mutant who tracks down other mutants. She fulfilled her duties, but her psychic powers linked her to her victims; fueling her grief and despair until she attacked Ahab and scarred him. In return, he sent her to the mutant concentration camps. There, she befriended the surviving mutant rebels, including Wolverine, Magneto, Colossus, Storm, Kate Pryde, and her lover, the adult Franklin Richards.
Rachel managed to send Kate's consciousness into the past to her younger self to prevent the assassination, but it did not change their time. Rachel sent her astral form into the past to find out why and discovered she had sent Kate into an alternate past. On the way back, she encountered the disembodied Phoenix Force and it followed her to her present. Rachel passed out from the strain of astral projection and the Phoenix Force revealed itself to Kate, who asked it to give Rachel a fresh start.
When Rachel and Kate broke into "Project: Nimrod" on a suicide mission to destroy a new model of Sentinel, they became trapped. When Kate spoke the words "Dark Phoenix," the Phoenix Force ripped Rachel from her timeline and sent her body back to the alternate past to which she had sent Kate's consciousness. This was a past where she learned Jean Grey was dead and that her father was married to someone else. Rachel experienced additional heartache and displacement trauma when she discovered that her father's new wife, Madelyne Pryor, was pregnant with a son (Nathan Summers), because in her timeline she was the first-born child of Scott Summers.
Rachel had a brief membership in the X-Men before finding a Shi'ar holoempathic crystal at her grandparents' home. The crystal was imprinted with a portion of Rachel's mother's essence inside it as a tribute to the family shortly after Jean Grey's death. After Rachel took a vow to remember her mother with the uniform and name of Phoenix, the Phoenix Force fully bonded with her. She was granted access to its power on a cosmic magnitude, albeit in a much more limited fashion than the Dark Phoenix. Soon after, the grudge which she had begun with Selene boiled over when Rachel secretly invaded the Hellfire Club. She did this with the intention of taking vengeance on Selene for the murders she had committed, particularly that of nightclub owner Nicholas Damiano, who had previously taken Rachel into his home after Selene had attacked her. Selene proved to be no match for Rachel's newly increased powers, but just as she was about to finish Selene, Wolverine arrived and was forced to stab Rachel in the chest. Mortally injured, Rachel was lured into Spiral's "Body Shoppe."


Kate Rasputin, Excalibur (vol. 1) #1 (1988), Originally from the Days of F*ture Past timeline. A living robot containing Kate Rasputin's consciousness.


Colin McKay, Excalibur (vol. 1) #46 (1992), His two swords, the Zz'rath, will cut through anything except people who know that they are innocent.


Cerise, Excalibur (vol. 1) #47 (1992), A member of the Shi'ar alien race. Formerly had a relationship with Nightcrawler.


Scott Wright, , Former agent of F.I.6. Joined the team after F.I.6. was destroyed by Necrom. Left to join the Brand Corporation, but was fired later.


Feron, , Descendant of the first host of the Phoenix. A trained mage.



Warlock, An mutant member of the alien Technarchy and former member of the New Mutants and Excalibur. Killed by Cameron Hodge in New Mutants (vol. 1) #90 (1990) and later resurrected by the Phalanx. Joined the X-Men during Selene's attack on Utopia and currently a member of Cannonball's New Mutants squad. Currently seen in New Mutants. Powers: Techno-organic body, shapeshifting, and infection and assimilation of living organisms through a virus he creates (all due to his alien physiology). His mutation is his ability to feel emotions.,
alsoRANKED #83 on The Greatest Marvel Avengers Characters of All Time


Talia Josephine "T.J." Wagner, Daughter of Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch from an alternate reality. Former member of the Exiles.,


Angelo Espinosa, Died in Uncanny X-Men #423 (2003).,


Everett Thomas, Died in Generation X #70 (2000).,


Clarice Ferguson, Uncanny X-Men #317 (1994), Thought to have died, but recently rescued by Selene, whose side she joined.
alsoRANKED #34 on X-Men Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie#83 on The Top Marvel Comics Superheroes#149 on The Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time


Claudette & Nicole St. Croix, Claudette and Nicole St. Croix originally joined the team in their combined form while masqueraded as their sister Monet. They later took her place for a time within the Penance body before being freed and separated and becoming wards of Generation X. Powers: Able to merge into a single form possessing superhuman strength, durability, reflexes, coordination, hearing, and vision, as well as flight and telepathy.,


N/A, Generation X Annual '95 (1995), Clone of the real Mondo. Died in Generation X #25 (1997). Powers: Absorbs matter and duplicates its properties.


Unrevealed, Generation X #43 (1998), Powers: Reality warping telekinetic.

Artie Maddicks

Arthur Maddicks

Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards, Generation X #20 (2006), Became a ward for a short time after the alleged death of his family, the Fantastic Four, during the Onslaught saga. Powers: Reality alteration.
alsoRANKED #88 on The Best Characters Created by Stan Lee

Glob Herman

Robert Herman, New X-Men (vol. 1) #117 (2001), Imprisoned for a time due to involvement in the Riot at Xavier's. Still powered after M-Day. Last seen in San Francisco during the Proposition X riots. Powers: Body composed of organic paraffin wax, allowing for superhuman strength and resistance to injury.


Christian Cord, New X-Men (vol. 1) #126 (2002), Brother of Tattoo. Imprisoned for a time due to involvement in the Riot at Xavier's. Revealed depowered in New Avengers #18 (2006). Served as a member of Donyell Taylor's New Warriors with the codename Radian and technology-based powers. Powers: Formerly generated ultraviolet light capable of a blinding/burning effect.


Vincent Stewart, Imprisoned for a time due to involvement in the Riot at Xavier's. Revealed depowered in New Avengers #18 (2006). Served as a member of Donyell Taylor's New Warriors with the codename Skybolt and technology-based powers until his death. Deceased: Died in an explosion in New Warriors(vol. 4) #16 (2008). Powers: Formerly able to project intense heat from his hands.,


Christine Cord, Sister of Radian. Imprisoned for a time due to involvement in the Riot at Xavier's. Revealed depowered in New Avengers #18 (2006). Served as a member of Donyell Taylor's New Warriors with the codename Longstrike and technology-based powers until her death. Deceased: Killed by Cancer of the Zodiac in New Warriors (vol. 4) #5 (2007). Powers: Formerly possessed bio-phasing ability allowing her to scramble the nervous system of whoever she touches. Had chameleon-like skin pattern that shifted with her mood.
Tattoo, later Longstrike, Alter ego : Christine Cord. Her first appearance was in New X-Men #126, created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.
A student of the Xavier Institute, the young girl called Tattoo can display messages or designs on her skin, as well as phase through matter. She is one of the many students who were mentally controlled by Cassandra Nova to attack Wolverine and Beast. Tattoo and the other students are freed from Cassandra's influence by the Stepford Cuckoos. While attending classes, Tattoo became romantically involved with a telepath named Slick. When Quentin Quire reveals Slick's true form, that of a dwarf-like creature, Tattoo is repulsed and breaks up with him. Tattoo joins the Omega Gang, led by Quentin Quire, taking up their own beliefs in mutant rights. This gang includes Tattoo's brother Radian, who can emit disorienting flashes of light. They set out to avenge what seems to be the murder of Jumbo Carnation, a popular mutant clothes designer. They also attack and kill a group of murderous, mutant-hunting U-Men.
The Omega Gang starts a riot at Xavier Institute during 'Opening Day' celebrations, an event designed to bring the public to Xavier's. Several members, including Tattoo, confront the X-Men on the front lawn. During the battle Tattoo manages to phase her hand into Cyclops's head. She informs him if she became solid, he would die. Emma Frost turns into her diamond form and places her hand inside of Tattoo's head; now Tattoo would also die if she became solid. This eliminates the stand-off.
After the Omega Gang is neutralized, all but Quire are sentenced to a human jail. As informed by Wolverine, once their sentences are completed, the gang members would be sent overseas to do exhausting, demanding charity work.
Tattoo is one of many mutants that lose their superhuman powers after M-Day.
She appears to have been let out of jail, and then decided to pay her debt in another way: by joining the newest incarnation of the New Warriors. After being given a version of Stilt-Man's armor, she takes up the codename Longstrike, and begins training with the team. The new group includes her brother Radian. However, on one of the team's first missions out to stop the Zodiac, she is overconfident when fighting Cancer, and she is killed in front of the rest of the team.
Her brother is saddened by her loss, but when his teammates assure him that it was her own fault that she died, he stays with the team.
Powers and abilities : After taking up Stilt-Man's armor, she was able to extend her limbs to great lengths with heightened strength.
She formerly had chameleon skin which allowed her to form words and/or patterns on her flesh; her bio-phasing ability disrupted the neurochemistry of people she reached into.

Kid Omega

Quintavius "Quentin" Quirinius Quire, also known as Kid Omega.
Quentin Quire joins the student body of the Xavier Institute after Professor X's return from averting a war with Genosha and the rebuilding of the X-Mansion. He immediately stands out as a brilliant intellect and quickly becomes Xavier's prize pupil. Xavier teaches Quire to control his powers when they first appear. The extent and type of his mutant abilities are never clearly defined. Quire appears to be a very powerful telepath, and the Stepford Cuckoos describe him as having a 'see-through mind', but he is not necessarily limited to that.
Quentin often associates with Glob Herman and has a crush on Sophie, one of the Stepford Cuckoos. However, something about Quire disturbs the Cuckoos, though Emma Frost dismisses it as academic rivalry.
Omega Gang: New X-Men
While a student at Xavier's, Quire invents the anti-gravity floats for Martha Johansson's brain canister, and exposes the charisma-powered Slick's true, ugly body to the other students. On his birthday, Quentin receives a call from his parents, who tell him he was adopted. This seems to destabilize him. He goes to town, getting a haircut reminiscent of Bolivar Trask's depiction of a mutant overlord from a newspaper that was published the day Quire was born. Quire becomes strongly opposed to a policy of tolerance with humans, calling for vengeance for the recently murdered mutant designer Jumbo Carnation. He takes to wearing clothing based on the Trask mutant overlord illustration, which happens to be one of Jumbo's creations. He also debates with Professor X the merits of his dream of humans and mutants living in peace, and the school policies based on this idea. He questions whether Xavier would allow any dream other than his own to exist.
Shortly afterward, Quire and a group of like-minded students visit town wearing the Trask-overlord clothes, and Quire convinces them to take the mutant drug Kick. They accost a gang of humans in an alley and kill or maim them all. When Herman asks what had happened to a human Quentin himself had murdered, Quire replies he had carved his name across the man's mind. Back at school, Xavier confronts the students, but Quire is not implicated. Quire and his gang later go to a mutant tattooist and have their arms marked with an Omega symbol over an X, then attack U-Men Central. Returning to school, the "Omega Gang" ambushes Professor X with a baseball bat and clamps his head in a thought-proof helmet. The next day, at the school's "Open Day" to parents and the media, Quire publicly proclaims it is "open season on humans" and starts a riot.
"Riot at Xavier's"
Some of the students join Quire in protesting Xaviers' policies, but most of the damage is done by the Omegas themselves. They are finally subdued by Beast, Cyclops, Emma Frost and Xorn. However, with Quire still guarding Professor X, the situation threatens to continue. Quire even mentally subdues Wolverine with a memory of his past life. Xavier eventually frees himself of the helmet and confronts Quentin, calling his thought-proof helmet and his plans of revolution "flimsy." However, the altercation is not officially ended until the Stepford Cuckoos, led by Sophie, use Cerebra and a dose of mutant drug Kick to boost their shared powers. They blast through to the grounds and confront Quire, who confesses that his motivation for the ordeal was to impress Sophie, to whom he is attracted. This uniformly disgusts the Cuckoos, who mock his motivations and defeat him with a massive telepathic shockwave. Disoriented, Quentin apologizes. He confesses that he started everything not only because of his desire to impress Sophie, but also because of his own disrupted sense of identity upon discovering he was adopted. Emma Frost chastises him for his recklessness, as she reveals the now deceased Sophie in her arms.
Quire is taken to the Infirmary, where Henry McCoy tries to stabilize him, but his body is being burnt out by his own psionic energy. This is apparently the result of his overdoses of Kick, which cause a secondary mutation that changes his brain into faster-than-light energy. Apparently this simultaneously puts him in telepathic contact with everyone on the planet across time. Seeing that Quire is terminal, Professor X calls for Xorn. He opens his helmet to expose Quire to the mini star in his head, and Quire "left the mortal plane." Quire's final words when Xorn "heals" him are vaguely prophetic of many of the coming events in Morrison's final run of New X-Men. This includes the foreshadowing of events such as Xorn later being revealed to be Magneto, Xorn's eventual destruction of Manhattan, and the actions of Sublime, a bacterial entity that claims to be the cause of some of the human/mutant hatred and aggression occurring.
Young Quentin Quire was one of the top students at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, having been inspired by Professor Charles Xavier's dream of human/mutant brotherhood when he was 13 years old. Among his achievements, Quentin created a set of anti-gravity floats to grant mobility to the disembodied brain of his fellow student Martha Johansson. Devastated after learning that he was adopted, Quentin was pushed over the edge following the death of renowned mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation, supposedly at the hands of humans. He began to doubt Xavier's teachings, and developed a more negative and hostile view of the world and of humankind.
Quentin became addicted to the new designer drug "Kick," which increased superhuman mutant powers but also altered the brain's metabolism. Quentin assembled a group of others that shared his beliefs about humans, calling them the Omega Gang, and set about attacking both innocent humans and members of the mutant-harvesting U-Men group alike. Creating a helmet patterned after that worn by Magneto which prevented the use of telepathic powers, Quentin and the Omega Gang captured Xavier during an Open Day at the Institute and fomented a student riot. While the X-Men easily defeated the Omega Gang, the identical telepathic quintet named the Stepford Cuckoos sought to oppose Quentin. One of the Cuckoos, Sophie, whom Quentin was besotted with (much to her chagrin), empowered her sisters by taking a dose of "Kick" and utilizing the X-Men's mutant-locating device Cerebra to magnify their telepathic powers to a level higher than Quentin's. Defeating him, the strain seemingly proved too much for Sophie and she died.
Due to his abuse of "Kick," Quentin underwent a secondary mutation that caused his physical form to discorporate, leaving him a disembodied mind trapped in a containment unit. Later, when the cosmic avatar known as the Phoenix Force returned to Earth, its presence influenced Quentin to reconstitute himself. Creating a new physical form, he sought out his beloved Sophie. Remembering her death, Quentin exhumed her corpse and sought out the Phoenix Force to help resurrect her. The X-Men were able to trap the Force, but Quentin sought to free it and opposed the X-Men. During the clash, the Force was freed and it granted Quentin's wish, resurrecting Sophie. However, upon seeing Quentin, a disgusted Sophie chose instead to return to death. The Force ultimately merged with Jean and left, after which the heartbroken Quentin returned to his disembodied state.



Mike Columbus, New X-Men (vol. 1) #135 (2003), Deceased: Killed by Kuan-Yin Xorn in New X-Men (vol. 1) #149 (2004). Powers: Single eye within forehead projects a paralyzing strobe light.


Unrevealed, Still powered and living on Utopia with the X-Men. Powers: Superhuman strength.,


Dean Boswell, Presumed deceased: His containment suit exploded in New X-Men (vol. 1) #137 (2003). Powers: Body exists in a gaseous state, which must be contained in a special suit.
The autistic young mutant known as Dummy became a student of the Xavier Institute before his powers manifested. When they did he became a sentient gas, which was put in a latex suit that grants him a humanoid appearance and functionality. He later takes part in Xorn's Special Class, along with other students such as Baslisk, Angel Salvadore and Beak.
Dummy, along with the other students of the special class, follows Xorn as he led them in a field trip to the nearby woods of the Xavier Institute for an overnight camping trip. Soon after they were attacked by the U-Men, humans who harvest mutant body parts and graft it onto themselves. Dummy was struck by a one of the U-Men's scalpel projectiles, and he starts to leak away. He is saved by Beak, who covers the hole in his suit with a condom. Xorn takes care of the majority of the U-Men well away from the Special Class. One soldier on his own threatens the group, but the mutant known as Baslisk stuns him with his powers.
New X-Men Vol 1 137 page 03 Dummy (Earth-616)
The Death of Dummy
The following day, fellow student Quentin Quire starts a riot over perceived mistreatment. His group take over the main building, while most of the visitors, staff and students are outside. An explosion sends a piece of shrapnel right through Dummy's suit, scattering his gas like form. His final fate is uncertain and though Baslisk claims to later smell him at the Institute's Prize-giving ceremony. Given Basilik's unusual personality, it was probably just a fart joke.
Powers : Exists in a gaseous form.
Strength level : No strength since he is made of gas.


Joshua "Jay" Guthrie, Rom Annual #3 (1984), Former member of the Hellions squad, but switched with Wither (see below). Around the time of M-Day, Rev. William Stryker amputated his wings, and Jay became very defensive about having any of the healers help him. Deceased: Killed by Stryker in New X-Men (vol. 2) #27 (2006). Powers: Red wings allow for flight and healing factor; vocal mimicry.

Wind Dancer

Sofia Mantega, New Mutants (vol. 2) #1 (2003), Squad co-leader and love interest of Hellion. Confirmed depowered in House of M #8 (2005). Served for a time as a member of Donyell Taylor's New Warriors with the codename Renascence and technology-based powers. Powers: Formerly could control air to levitate objects, block or carry sounds from far distances, fly, refine the force of the wind to create a cutting effect, and force compressed air into a person's ear, disrupting their balance.


Laurie Collins, New Mutants (vol. 2) #2 (2003), Had a hard time getting control of her powers. Wither accidentally withered her arm. Deceased: Killed by William Stryker's sniper in New X-Men (vol. 2) #25 (2006). Her remains were later used to make a bio-sentinel. Powers: Pheromone emission and manipulation.


Kevin Ford, Former member of the New Mutants squad, but switched with Icarus (see above). Still powered, he left after withering Laurie's arm and later became a disciple of Selene. Deceased: Killed by Elixir in X-Force (vol. 3) #25 (2010). Powers: Decomposition of organic matter through touch.,
Kevin Ford always considered himself cursed and unlucky. His mutant powers manifested at an unfortunate and unlucky time. Panicking as his clothes began to decay, Kevin's father tried to calm him down and Kevin's power reduced him to dust. Traumatized by the experience, Kevin began hiding out and avoiding the public.
New Mutants Squad & Hellions Squad
Locate by Dani Moonstar, Kevin was invited to attend the Xavier Institute, where he met and developed a crush on Laurie Collins. Kevin was finally finding a place where he could belong. However, after being attacked by Donald Pierce and his Reavers, Kevin went into a rage and used his powers to attack Pierce and decay the skin off his cyborg face. To stop him, Dani Moonstar was forced to show Kevin his worst fear - killing Laurie. Kevin became so distraught by the image that he fled from the Institute.
Some months later, Dani (with the help of Emma Frost) set out to bring him back to the school, to fill the sixth place on the her formalized New Mutants Squad. Kevin had exiled himself to living in a scrap yard. While there he turned unwanted scrap into beautiful art. While Kevin was still angry at Dani, Emma managed to persuade him to return, and he joined the New Mutants Squad under the codename Wither. Shortly after he returned to the school, Kevin was arrested by FBI Special Agent Justin Pierce for killing his father. While the Hellions tried to "rescue" him, the New Mutants tried to stop them fearing the consequences of involving the Institute in a fight with the FBI. The X-Men soon arrived and ended the fight. Although Kevin was later freed, the damage was done. Upon returning to the Institute, Kevin swapped squads with Icarus to become a Hellion.
Wither continued to clash with Elixir primarily over Laurie's affections. He also remained oblivious to Mercury's crush on him. During the semester, Wither discovered Elixir had had brief affair with a professor, Wolfsbane. He informed the entire school, successfully ending Josh's relationship with Laurie and terminating Wolfsbane's employment.
During the summer break, Wither accompanied the other Hellions to Julian Keller's family home in California. When the Kingmaker contacted the Hellions, he was able to provide Kevin with Cure Mark II, which offered Kevin temporary relief from his powers.
On M-Day, when most of the world's mutants lost their powers, Kevin mistakenly thought he had lost his powers also. He touched Laurie's hand making it withered. Feeling guilty and depressed, Kevin ran away from the Institute. Kevin relocated to Mutant Town where he again began isolating himself from society. Wither called Mercury only once after leaving, and upon discovering Laurie had died became enraged and hung up.
Selene's Inner Circle
While Kevin was out of the Institute, he met a homeless woman. Kevin lived with her for some time in an abandoned house, until one day the woman was seemingly killed by police. Kevin killed the police without hesitation, immediately after the old woman reappeared as Selene, the Black Queen. She invited Wither to come into her circle, and he accepted. The two became lovers thereafter.
Selene's Inner Circle on Utopia
As one of Selene's death dealers, Wither assist her recruiting others and in resurrecting her undead army with the Techno-Organic Virus. When Selene's forces attacked Utopia, Wither also murdered his former classmate, Onyxx.
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During the final battle on Necrosha, Kevin was killed by Elixir, whose omega-level biological manipulation allowed him to overwhelm Wither's death touch and disintegrate him.
Wither is mutant without conscious control of his powers, including:
Organic Decay: He has the ability to decay, and eventually disintegrate all forms of organic matter by touch – a power which is involuntary. His touch breaks down the binding forces between organic molecules, causing organic materials to wither and reduce to a pile of dust within a matter of seconds' exposure to his skin. This power is even more difficult to deal with due to the fact that it wants Kevin to use it. It has a "hunger", which gives Kevin a desire to use it.
Decayed Sight: He has the ability to see the world in a dead or decaying way.


Brian Cruz, New Mutants (vol. 2) #10 (2004), Confirmed depowered in House of M #8 (2005). Deceased: Killed when the bus sending depowered students home exploded in New X-Men (vol. 2) #23 (2006). Powers: Could implant a psionic signal within others so as to repel or attract people to them.


Callie Betto, New X-Men: Academy X #1 (2004), Depowered. Deceased: Killed when the bus sending depowered students home exploded in New X-Men (vol. 2) #23 (2006). Powers: Elf like features, plant manipulation.


Maxwell "Max" Jordan, Still powered. Deceased: Killed by Stryker's sniper in New X-Men (vol. 2) #27 (2006). Powers: Body covered in sharp quills that can be projected.,


Dallas Gibson, New Mutants (vol. 2) #10 (2004), Former member of the Paragons squad, but switched team with DJ (see below). Confirmed depowered in New X-Men (vol. 2) #20 (2006), but still alive. Powers: Could merge with his shadow for superhuman strength and intangibility.


Aurelie Sabayon, Confirmed depowered in Decimation: House of M - The Day After (2006), and possibly died in the bus explosion in New X-Men (vol. 2) #23 (2006). Powers: Breathes water.,


Shaun Kennedy, More than likely depowered, and possibly died in the bus explosion in New X-Men (vol. 2) #23 (2006). Powers: Generates light blasts.
Shaun joined the X-Men after the Xavier Institute went public, taking the name Xenon and joining Rogue's Advocates Squad. He later lost his powers in M-Day, and his current status is unknown.



DJ , Mark Sheppard, New X-Men: Academy X #2 (2004), Former member of the Corsairs squad, but switched with Specter (see above). Depowered. Deceased: Killed when the bus sending depowered students home exploded in New X-Men (vol. 2) #23 (2006), despite Elixir's attempts to heal him. Powers: Used different types of music to manifest an accompanying power.
Real Name : Mark Sheppard
Little is known about DJ's past. His mutant powers probably manifested around puberty, and he was accepted to the Xavier Institute.
Corsairs and Paragons
When the Xavier Institute originally began the training squad system, Mark was placed with Cyclops' Corsairs and codenamed DJ. Later for unclear reasons, DJ and Spector switched squads, and DJ become part of the Paragons under Wolfsbane.
Like the rest of his squad, DJ was upset and saddened by the departure of Wolfsbane. Along with the other Paragons and the Alpha Squadron, DJ was briefly mentored by Karma. Ultimately, former New Mutant, Magma stepped in to become the Paragons' mentor.
Mark Sheppard (Earth-616) Death
DJ's death
M-Day and Death
DJ was one of the many mutants to lose their powers on M-Day. The depowered students of the Xavier Institute was asked to leave the school, but the bus carrying several depowered students was attacked by one of William Stryker's Purifiers. After the bus exploded, X-23 tried to rescue DJ, but with his last words, he told her she was pretty. Elixir tried to heal him, but it was too late.
Powers and Abilities
Powers : Currently none. DJ was a mutant, but lost his mutant powers due to the effects of M-Day.
His former powers included:
   Acoustic Eclectic Mimicry: DJ possesses the ability to transform music to create various effects. Different styles of music create different effects, all depending on what he is listening to.
   Concussive Blasts: "Hard" music like rock allows him to generate damaging blasts.
   Forcefields: Classical music allows him to create forcefields.
   Photokinesis: Dance music enables him to create blinding lights.
   Flight: Gospel music allows him to fly.


Jessica "Jessie" Vale, New X-Men: Academy X #12 (2005), Confirmed depowered in New X-Men (vol. 2) #20 (2006) but still alive. Sister of Network, who died in the bus explosion in New X-Men (vol. 2) #23 (2006). Powers: Precognition.


Lazaro Kotikash, New X-Men: Academy X #13 (2005), More than likely depowered. Powers: Micromorph able to shrink down to a height of four inches.
Kidogo was a member of Alpha Squadron. He was de-powered after M-Day and was killed in an attack by the Purifires. He was a Maasai.


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