Monday, 26 January 2015

10+ Things to Always Be Grateful For

10+ Things to Always Be Grateful For

True happiness is in giving thanks… If you’re reading this you are doing three things you should be thankful for:
 Be Grateful

Breathing, seeing and reading.
If you weren’t breathing, you’d be dead or well on your way. If you weren’t seeing you couldn’t be reading this, and because you are reading this, you can read.
According to the National Adult Literacy Survey (2003) by NCED, U.S. Department of Education, more than 30 million adults in the U.S. can’t read well enough to read a simple story to a child.

Be thankful that you can and Smile!
It’s charity. Unless you have some strange degenerative disease that hinders the use of your facial muscles or you’ve had too many plastic surgeries, nothing should limit your ability to smile.
Even if you don’t want to, you can and you should. It will make you feel better.
It’s one of the only universal non verbal forms of communication that the same across all cultural boundaries.

You have your faculties.
You might be ailing or even disabled, but if you’re reading this, you’ve got use of some or all of your abilities.I learned from a friend with a physical disability to make the best of whatever faculties you have available.
The fact that you’re here should be enough for you to count your blessings, not you problems.

Didn’t you eat today?
\If you have access to the internet, chances are, you have access to a good meal. You might have already gorged yourself on a massive one.
More than likely, if you’re not eating it’s because you’re choosing not to. If you haven’t eaten, I’d suggest you step away from what every device you’re on and go nourish your body.

Knowledge makes you free. You can get it and there’s always more to learn.

You’ve got Love. If you don’t have it, try looking inside yourself.
If you can’t find it there, you might need a one on one consultation… or a therapist.

The Sun is shining. Without it we’d be without our most important source of vitamin D, there would be no photosynthesis, and the plants and trees couldn’t supply us oxygen for our breath… In short, the earth may very well freeze over.

Day turns into Night and night yields into day.
All the cycles that make our lives what they are: the day changing into night, the changing of the seasons, the physical and spiritual growth of humanity continue. Think on those things.

Aren’t you thinking? This one really needs no explanation. Societies, cultures, and civilizations have evolved into what we know from a single thought… Thoughts become things.
Finally, and most obviously, there is technology. If you’ve made your way to this website, then you are benefiting from decades of technological advancements [PERIOD]

Be well, beloveds, and be grateful.


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