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SEO trends for 2015 – do the SEO like a CEO

SEO trends for 2015 – do the SEO like a CEO

What to expect and how to prepare yourselves for the year 2015 in the ever-so-evolving world of online marketing?
Many of you are probably already familiar with the acronym SEO, being that you visit this particular blog. However, it is not a very common term for everyday users, so I will do my best to explain the term concisely.

Do you know what SEO is

SEO is a commonly used acronym in a modern website administrator’s work day. It is short for Search Engine Optimization. However, SEO does not include optimizing the search engines. That would require too much work and untethered access, and would be quite unrealistic. SEO is actually the optimization done on your own webpage in order to become more visible on the Internet.
What does “more visible” mean in this context? It means that an already existing website or a page on a social network would be ranked higher on different Search Engines list of websites, due to slight but clever changes on the webpage itself.

mass planner searching on different seach engines

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex, use different search algorithms. By using some of the SEO tips we will provide, your webpage can be considered more relevant to the search itself, and hence ranked higher in the search results page. Even though these big Internet companies use different algorithms, the tips should work on all of them, since they all strive to deliver the most reliable and relevant search results.

Google Yahoo Bing image
The following advice on how to use SEO to better your website’s position is based on the predictions of some of the best experts in the field.
With Google leading the way in changing the way it indexes websites and holding the #1 spot among search engines, your main focus should be Google and its accompanied services. So here is the list of the top 9 SEO trends for 2015.

google is king and it values content

Trend #1 – Content marketing is the element with the strongest impact factor on search visibility in 2015. That being said, it doesn’t mean that the technical elements should be neglected. On the contrary, it should still remain the focus of your SEO, but with content as the king. These two sometimes overlap, but there is a growing divide between the two on the horizon in the 2015. Those who opt for just one of these components will not have a successful year. Our advice is to use quality content to achieve better ranking and visibility, alongside carefully thought-through technical components, and the 2015 will be your oyster.

SEO trends is 2015
Trend #2 – Making your webpage tailored for mobile viewing is a must! Not only is there a higher number of mobile Internet users, but the existing users tend to do more and more via their cell phones. It is not only content viewing, but also very lucrative business. Mobile commerce is booming. Different markets show different growth, but the numbers are all in the double digits range. However, the most important thing is that Google has been giving mobile traffic more significance. It has instated a category of “mobile usability” for websites. The same criteria will be used for ranking the pages as well. If you still don’t have a suitable mobile version of your webpage, you better hop on it.
prepare your site for mobile SEO
Trend #3 – Google has been emphasizing citations and brand mentions in order to avoid easy manipulation for the purpose of achieving higher search rankings. This trend is likely to continue in 2015. This sort of citations is called “implied links”, because they mention the brands name without actually linking to a website. What that means for you is that you should get your brand name more visible on other pages, without direct use of any links. For example, reviews on Yelp! or mentioning of your brand in an article online, someone else’s open-for-public Facebook page will all lead to your brand (and your website) being ranked higher by Google.
Trend #4 – Twitter and Facebook will bear even more value. With Google Authorship program going bust, Google itself is turning to the more successful social platforms in the form of Facebook and Twitter. Companies have done their SEO right in the past and inflated their rankings by joining the Google Authorship program. However, now they need to go back to the more competitive world of high traffic social networking. Google + will once again become completely neglected. Even though a controversial topic, it is strongly believed that Google uses social signals in their ranking algorithms. Those who have strong social network presence have the higher ranking, as easy as that.
Twitter and  Facebook importance for seo
Trend #5 – Humanizing the brand. Sound very vague at first. What this means is that successful companies will not be able to just rely on their SEO and content, but also engaging bloggers, being active and interactive on social networks, as well as having brand advocates. Putting a human face in front of a company or a product is crucial for brand recognition in some instances. In others, it may not be crucial, but it helps a lot by making your brand more personal to others.
humanize your brand - get in touch with bloggers
Trend #6 – Beware of the negative SEO! In the not-so-distant past, many businesses have tried to hurt their competition by associating their competitor’s websites with spam. It takes up to 9 month to distance oneself from such links, so it can hurt one’s business really badly if it was attacked hard. That way the ones directing the spam assaults get their pages ranked higher than the competition, and probably get some of the business not originally intended for them. It’s hard to protect from this, especially as at first you won’t have the slightest clue that it happened. What you can do is constantly monitor your links so you can spot a strange jump in links increase immediately and taking action as soon as you can.
beware of spam links
Trend #7 – SEO will be integrated into everyday marketing. From now on, many forward thinking businesses will integrate social media, SEO and content marketing into one fluent working environment. They will no longer be divided, since they are all used for the same purpose. That is why SEO consultants will join basic marketing teams in their new roles and they will not only do SEO, but primarily content management and strategies. SEO is not vanishing, it is just evolving into something much grander.
Marketing is evolving into seo and more
Trend #8 – Expect more multimedia. Sites will need to step it up in the term of multimedia. From videos, to images, sited will need to make everything more personal and unique, directed solely towards their customers.
Trend #9 – Pay attention to the semantics! For a while now, searching usually meant writing entire sentences or questions, which entails that you need to predict inquiries you would like to be associated to. To achieve that, use more keywords that describe your business.
Pay attention to the semantics of your articles
With all this said, I have to add one thing. SEO is not an exact science. It is not purely about algorithms. It is a mix of mathematical thinking and social observance. It is a modern day cross between science and applied art. Mistakes are possible, but not always predictable. Nothing is 100% certain. If everyone used the same advice the same way, there would be no difference for better or for worse. That is why it is necessary to take everything written here into account and make it your own. Try to understand it and implement it with your business as organically as possible.


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