Thursday, 1 January 2015

How to Get Your Money Back From Online Scams

How to Get Your Money Back From Online Scams

Get your Money BackOnline scammers are sneaky.  Not only do they do an excellent job of disguising their real intentions, they also do a great job of covering their tracks.  This makes it incredibly difficult to get your money back if you’ve fallen victim to their ploy.
Often times, if you are wondering how to get your money back from online scams, you’ll need the help of a professional.

How eConsumerServices Can Help

eConsumerServices oversees a vast network of online merchants.  The company has connections with many different businesses in various niches.  With their wide-reaching contacts, eConsumerServices can work from inside; this usually expedites the credit card refund process.
While eConsumerServices should definitely be one of the first agencies you contact when trying to report online scam, they shouldn’t be the only professionals you deal with.  The more agencies you work with, the more likely you are to find someone to act on your complaint.

Working with Law Enforcement Personnel

There are law enforcement professionals at both the state and federal level whose sole responsibility is to seek out unscrupulous merchants.  By notifying these professionals about online scammers, you can set the ball in motion to bring these criminals to justice.
To find a consumer protection office in your area, contact the Federal Citizen Information Center.  Select “Where to File a Complaint” and “State Offices.”

Assistance from a Moderator

While government agencies will work diligently to unearth fraudsters, there isn’t much they can do to get your money back.
Many law enforcement agencies partner with mediation programs to help resolve the issues between the shopper and the merchant.
If the unscrupulous business holds a license, you could contact the state agency that issued the license.  That agency might also be willing to act as a mediator.
Lastly, the Better Business Bureau is always available to help protect consumer rights.  They can tell you how to report a scam, help you file a complaint against a business, and assist with dispute resolution.

Taking Legal Action

Sometimes mediation won’t work.  You always have the option of suing the merchant in small claims court (assuming the business is local).
The first step in this process is to send a demand letter to the merchant.  This written document must explain the problem at hand and insist on a refund.  Most courts won’t allow a lawsuit to be filed until this step has been taken.

Filing a Chargeback

If all other forms of dispute resolution fail, you may need to resort to a credit card chargeback.  This should only be used in a worst-case scenario.  However, if you are wondering how to get your money back from online scams, this might be the only successful route.
However, keep in mind the following.  If you choose to file a credit card chargeback, the bank will only process your claim if you never received the item or it wasn’t of the quality advertised.  For example, if you knew you were buying a fake, counterfeit, or knock-off item, the bank won’t refund your money.  Likewise, you can’t claim fraud (or unauthorized transaction) if you did actually approve the transaction.

Recouping Cash

Unfortunately, there are some instances where getting your money back from an online scam just isn’t possible.  This is usually the case if you’ve handed over cash or used a wire transfer.  Wire services – like those provided by Western Union or MoneyGram – are non-refundable.
How to get your money back from online scams isn’t an easy subject to discuss.  The process will take a lot of time, patience and diligence.  However, if you fight hard enough and work with the appropriate agencies, it might be possible to get compensated for your efforts.


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