Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Top 8 Questions to Ask a Potential SEO Agency

Top 8 Questions to Ask a Potential SEO Agency

Trying to get your website to rank on the top of Google and other search engines is a lot of work. If you don't have the time to do these activities, many businesses and individuals often turn to the professionals so that they can focus their energy elsewhere.
However, before you pick up the phone and hire the first SEO agency you come across, you're going to want to know the right questions to ask.
To help you with the hiring process, here are eight questions you should ask any agency you're thinking about hiring.

1. May I look at your past clients?

Even if the agency says no, you have to understand that many of them do sign non-disclosure agreements, forbidding them from sharing information. However, it doesn't mean the agency should give you the cold shoulder. Any reputable agency should be able to offer you a brief list of any clients that they have worked with in the past.

2. How will you improve my ranking?

A good agency is going to explain their ranking process in detail. If they are dancing around the question or just giving out confusing answers, then it may be better to look somewhere else. A good agency is going to be able to explain their strategies, estimate how long it's going to take and if they are going to be able to reach the goals you're giving them. Maybe rankings are not even what you should focus on. Maybe its traffic? Good agency will explain you why.

3. Are there guarantees?

If the SEO agency states that they can guarantee a number one ranking, then you should probably run for the hills. You have to remember that search engines run on an algorithm. While it can be gamed to an extent, these rankings aren't going to last long. While it's okay for a company to make certain guarantees, just make sure that they aren't doing anything to put your website at risk.

4. Do you work locally, nationally or both?

In the world of SEO, an agency will either focus on a national or local market. While some companies can focus on both, you're going to want to choose a professionals who only focuses on one area. Since the local and national ranking system is a lot different, you're going to want an agency that knows how to rank a local website properly if you're only looking to target a specific geographical location. On the other hand, if you want to target the world, you'll want people who can rank you worldwide.

5. Will you share changes?

When an agency starts working on your website, it's important that you know what they are doing to your website, especially if they have control of making changes on the website itself. Whether it's coding, changing the layout or adding keywords to existing articles, you're going to want to know every change that's being made. To play it safe, it's always best to have them get your permission before making any website changes.

6. What is success to you?

Every agency will have their own vision of "success." Some will say that ranking in the top 10 is a success, while another may say increasing your traffic by 20 percent is a success. Before working with any agency, see what they believe success is going to be. Also ask yourself what your success is.

7. How will we communicate?

In the world of business, communication is key. Without good communication, it's hard to determine how much progress the website has made. Ask the agency how they generally prefer to keep in contact. Is it via Skype? Email? Phone? The more options you have, the easier it will be to keep in touch.

8. How much will you charge?

Lastly, you're going to want to know what you're going to be charged before the project even begins. Some agencies are going to charge by day x number of their employee engaged, while others may charge by the project. No matter which route you're going to take, make sure that you get everything in writing to protect yourself. Depending on the complexity of the project, the fees for a agency are going to wildly vary.
By treating the hiring process like an interview, you're bound to find someone you're comfortable with. Just remember to take your time, dig deep into their history and ask lots of questions. By adding the questions mentioned above to your list, you're bound to find agency which can bring you success for years to come.


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