Thursday, 25 June 2015

9 Apps and DOWNLOADS to Help Writers Be More Productive

9 Apps and DOWNLOADS to Help Writers Be More Productive

You’re a writer bursting with ideas–and not enough time to get them all down. Problems keeping track of all those scribbled notes? Hard time keeping your focus with all the demands of email, social media, and the business of being a writer? Guest contributor Robert Morris offers a list of helpful online tools and apps to help you get organized, stay focused, and–most importantly–get more writing done!

As a creative writer, all you need to do is rely on your ideas and you’ll get some words on the blank screen in no time. You can commonly hear that claim from people who have never made an attempt in writing, but you know better than that. When you’re working on an important project, you are facing several obstacles that prevent you from doing your best. The following apps and tools will help you find a solution.

1. Quip

A beautiful, modern word processing app for your iPad can make your daily writing routine much more enjoyable. Quip is not a complete office suite, but it provides all the needed features for taking notes, organizing to-lists, and creating simple documents.

2. WPS Office Free

This is a popular mobile office suite, which is free and compatible with PDF, MS Office, and other document formats. In addition to English, it also supports Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Japanese. With this app, you can create, edit, encrypt and share various types of files, including .doc, .dot, .docx, .wps, .pps, and more.

3. Matcha

With all the different choices in text processors–if you’ve having trouble deciding, maybe you should check out Matcha: This clutter-free processor comes with full Bluetooth keyboard support, iCloud and Dropbox synchronization, sharing functionality, passcode protection, third-party app integration, and other features you’d expect from a good writing app.

4. Microsoft Word for iPad and Android

There’s nothing wrong with sticking with your old-fashioned MS Word. However, you’ll appreciate also having your familiar writing environment on your tablet, smart phone, or mobile device, too. This app enables you to create, read, and edit documents wherever and whenever you like.

5. iA Writer

This very functional word processing app for iPad and iPhone, with its minimalistic design, has one goal–to keep you focused on writing. You won’t find many cool features, but the iA Writer is very effective when you want to write quickly and easily.

6. Pages

This is one of the most reliable and popular word processors for iOS devices. You get 60 Apple-designed templates, iCloud support, and awesome features in a free download. Pages enables you to format the document with appealing textures, fonts and styles.

7. Daedalus Touch

This word processor is suitable for creative writers who aim for simplicity. Although it’s not an alternative to Microsoft Word and Apple Pages, it still enables you to create documents simply, quickly, and efficiently. There are no documents, document lists, or folders in this app–you’ll have a paper stack that you can navigate by swiping from right to left.

8. Documents Pro 7

This complete office suit is really easy to use. These are only some of the features you get: photo album; text and csv file support; spreadsheet; file manager; Dropbox syncing; .xls files support; and more. Documents Pro 7 enables you to create, organize, save, share, and print all the files you create.

9. iWord Processor Pro for Microsoft Office + PDF Professional

If you want to equip your iPad and iPhone with a fully-functional word-processing app that doesn’t take a learning curve, try iWord Processor Pro. You can use it to create and edit Open Office, MS Word, and Apple Pages documents on the go.

BONUS: Ninja Essays

If you are stuck at any stage of the creative writing process, you may find an effective solution at a paper writing service like Ninja Essays. (Full disclosure: This is my website.) For example, if you are writing a piece on global warming–but you don’t have any knowledge of the issue–you can get help from a professional writer educated in the pertinent niche. You can also rely on this website when you need help with editing.

Now that you have a solid selection of writing tools that help you get organized and stay on track, you can relax and put your energy into that creative flow. Happy writing!


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