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Youtube is one of the best places to make some easy money

 Method to make money from Youtube

Youtube is one of the best places to make some easy money. It’s the third biggest website in the world, and tons of people are looking for videos to solve their problems.
So with this in mind, we can help them out and make some easy money in the process.
This is not a method that will make you rich overnight though. The only way you’ll really profit from this method is to be consistent.
Many people that start internet marketing think that they will get rich overnight, and when they don’t see amazing results the first days, weeks or even months, they give up.
This method only work if you consistently work at it, and as you do your income will grow over time.
Make Money On Youtube
This method to make money from Youtube requires you to rinse and repeat the same process over and over again, but this is exactly what will make you the money and you’ll be able to watch your income grow every month.
So in this guide you’ll learn:
  • How to choose the perfect offer for this method
  • How to get your affiliate link that will make you money
  • How to get videos without creating them yourself
  • How to optimize your channel and upload your videos
  • How to increase your conversions to make more sales
This Is probably one of the easiest ways to get started to make money online, and it’s 100% free.
And if you don’t give up too easily, it can make you a good amount of money!

The Best Products To Promote For This Youtube Method

As I mentioned, this method works best for evergreen products in the internet marketing niche.
You don’t want to be promoting some secret loophole method or stuff like that that come and go every week.
What you want to promote is software, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes and other high quality products that stand the test of time. This way when you upload a video it can make you money for years to come.
So the best website to find these products is, which is a site that list upcoming product launches.
As you can see, there’s plenty of products to choose from:
muncheye product launches
So now it’s time to check some high quality software products. Here’s an example of a great product to promote:
muncheye software product
If you know a thing or two about marketing, then you understand that split testing is a crucial element to increase your income. So this is definitely something that is evergreen.
Plus, on the JV page you can see they already have tutorial videos ready, which Is perfect for this method.
And that’s another reason why promoting high quality software products or WordPress plugins are great for this method. The product creators will have created numerous tutorial videos to explain how the product works, so we can use those for our benefit.
When you promote their videos and make sales, the product creator makes a lot of money. Some even encourage you to use their videos to get more exposure for their product, as they are usually very busy with other things such as support and updating their product. So some even have an area with videos you can use for promotion in the affiliate tools section of their affiliate page.

Becoming An Affiliate To Start Promoting

Before you can get started creating these evergreen cash machines, you need to become an affiliate of the products you want to promote.
Usually, the platforms of the products launched will either be Jvzoo, Warriorplus or Clickbank. So make sure you sign up for these networks first.
On the product page in Muncheye, you’ll find a link to the JV page of that particular product as you can see here:
muncheye JV page
On the JV page you’ll find a link to the affiliate sign-up page, so for this particular product it looks something like this:
register on Jvzoo
Some product will have some restrictions. With that I mean sometimes product creators won’t allow new affiliates to promote.
For this product this is not the case it seems:
jvzoo sign up page
If there are some restrictions, here are some things you can do:
  • Mention how you will promote (in this case Youtube)
  • Add a link to your Facebook profile
  • Add a link to your Warriorforum profile
The reason some product creators add restrictions is that there are some scammers out there who want to game the system and steal commissions.
When you show proof you’re a real person, chances are high they will approve you anyways. If not, then just move on to the next product, there’s plenty you can promote. :)

Getting And Uploading Your Videos

As I mentioned before, you won’t need to create the videos yourself. Instead you’ll be using the videos created by the product creator.
These can be overviews of the product or tutorials, whatever video you can find out there that people will be looking for when they search for the product.
So what will we do? Simply download them from Youtube! By doing a simple search in Youtube, you can see that the 3 videos of the example product are already uploaded to Youtube:
3 minute optimizer videos on youtube
So then you click the video and copy the video url as you can see here:
copy video url
Net head over to a website called and copy and paste this url into the box and click download:
keepvid download video
You’ll get a bunch of options but make sure to choose the first one so the quality of the video is the same as the one on Youtube.
keepvid download link
Quick Tip: Make sure the name of the file is the product name, this will help you rank the video in Youtube or Google.
Now that your video is downloaded, it’s time to upload it to your Youtube channel.
The process for that is pretty straight forward, you log into your Youtube account, click the upload button and you’ll arrive at this page:
upload videos to youtube
Now before uploading the video, make sure to make it unique. This can easily be done in the Youtube video editor. In order to do so just enter “Trim Youtube Video” in the Youtube search box and you’ll find tons of tutorials on how to do that:
trim youtube videos
By making the video unique you won’t get an error message saying you are uploading a duplicate video.

Optimizing Your Video

Now what’s more important is adding your keywords in the title, description and as tags for the video here:
optimize youtube videos
So what’s best?
Adding as many keywords as possible!
Make sure the product name is in the title, and you add as many variations of the keywords in the description and the tags.
Here are some examples for this particular product:
  • 3 minute optimizer review
  • 3 minute optimizer tutorial
  • How does 3 minute optimizer work
  • How to set up 3 minute optimizer
  • How to do A/B split tests with 3 minute optimizer
  • How to increase conversions with 3 minute optimizer
I’m sure you get the idea.
The thing to understand here is that the Youtube ranking algorithm doesn’t work the same as that of all other search engines like Google or Bing.
So what’s called “keyword stuffing”, which simply means adding as much keywords as possible is actually beneficial and will allow you to rank your vide for multiple keywords, which will mean more views and sales eventually.
So how do you make sales?
By adding your affiliate link in the first line of the description!
Something like:
Want More Info >>> “Your Affiliate Link”
It’s important that you add it in the first line. The majority of people will never read your entire description and only the first couple of lines is visible for everybody, so keep this in mind.

Increasing Your Conversions

While adding your affiliate link in the description will get you a good amount of clicks, it’s always best to double or even triple that.
So for that you can add annotations:
add annotaions in youtube videos
You can add multiple things, but the goal is fairly simple and that’s to make people click your affiliate link in the description. Here you can see the types of annotations you can use to achieve that:
youtube annotations overview
So a speech bubble or a note at the bottom of the video reminding people to click your link is definitely something that will get you more clicks which can result in sales.

Conclusion Of This Evergreen Youtube Income Method

As I mentioned in the intro, this is not a method that will allow you to upload a couple of videos and the money will come rolling in. You definitely have to consistently work at it.
Let’s put it this way, if you upload 100 videos, and one of them makes you $300 a month, you earn $3 per video that you upload every single month. The next month you do the same and you’ll earn $600 per month and so on.
At that point you can hire somebody to help you out and scale this method pretty fast and eventually make a full-time income!
So if you’re willing to put in the effort, get started today and reap the rewards in due time.
This is just one method to make money from Youtube, there are many other ways to profit from uploading videos.


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