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Masamune Shirow (士郎 正宗) Art

士郎正宗  Shirō Masamune : Art


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Masamune Shirow (士郎 正宗 Shirō Masamune?, born November 23, 1961) is the pen name of Japanese manga artist Masanori Ota.[1] The pen name is derived from the legendary sword-smith Masamune. Shirow is best known for the manga Ghost in the Shell, which has since been turned into two theatrical anime movies, two anime TV series, an anime TV movie, an anime OVA series, and several video games. Shirow is also known for creating erotic art.

Born in the Hyōgo Prefecture capital city of Kobe, he studied oil painting at Osaka University of Arts. While in college, he developed an interest in manga, which led him to create his own complete work, Black Magic, which was published in the manga fanzine Atlas. His work caught the eye of Seishinsha President Harumichi Aoki, who offered to publish him.

The result was best-selling[2] manga Appleseed, a full volume of densely plotted drama taking place in an ambiguous future. The story was a sensation, and won the 1986 Seiun Award for Best Manga. After a professional reprint of Black Magic and a second volume of Appleseed, he released Dominion in 1986. Two more volumes of Appleseed followed before he began work on Ghost in the Shell.

In 2007, he collaborated again with Production I.G to co-create the original concept for the anime television series Shinreigari/Ghost Hound, Production I.G's 20th year anniversary project. A further original collaboration with Production I.G began airing in April, 2008, titled Real Drive.



Art books

A substantial amount of Shirow's work has been released in art book or poster book format. The following is an incomplete list.
  • Intron Depot 1 (1992) (science fiction–themed color illustration art book collecting his work from 1981 to 1991)
  • Intron Depot 2: Blades (1998) (fantasy-themed color illustration art book featuring female characters with armor and edged weapons)
  • Cybergirls Portfolio (2000)
  • Intron Depot 3: Ballistics (2003) (military-themed color illustration and CG art book featuring female characters with guns)
  • Intron Depot 4: Bullets (2004) (color illustration art book collecting his work between 1995 and 1999)
  • Intron Depot 5: Battalion (2012) (game & animation artwork covering the period 2001–2009)
  • Intron Depot 6: Barb Wire 01 (2013) (illustrated for novels 2007–2010)
  • Intron Depot 7: Barb Wire 02 (2013) (illustrated for novels 2007–2010)
  • Kokin Toguihime Zowshi Shu (2009)
  • Pieces 1 (2009) - Premium Gallery
  • Pieces 2 (2010) - Phantom Cats
  • Pieces 3 (2010) - Wild Wet Quest
  • Pieces 4 (2010) - Hell Hound 01
  • Pieces 5 (2011) - Hell Hound 02
  • Pieces 6 (2011) - Hell Cat
  • Pieces 7 (2011) - Hell Hound 01 & 02
  • Pieces 8 (2012) - Wild Wet West
  • Pieces 9 (2012) - Kokon Otogizoshi Shu Hiden
  • W-Tails Cat 1 (2012)
  • W-Tails Cat 2 (2013)
  • Greaseberries 1 (2014)
  • Greaseberries 2 (2014)


Galgrease (published in Uppers Magazine, 2002) is the collected name of several erotic manga and poster books by Shirow. The name comes from the fact that the women depicted often look "greased".
The first series of Galgrease booklets included four issues each in the following settings:
The second series included another run of 12 booklets in the following worlds:
After each regular series, there were one or more bonus poster books that revisited the existing characters and settings.

Minor works

  • "Areopagus Arther" (1980), published in ATLAS" (fanzine)
  • "Yellow Hawk" (1981), published in ATLAS" (fanzine)
  • "Colosseum Pick" (1982), published in Funya" (fanzine)
  • "Pursuit (Manga)" (1982), published in Kintalion" (fanzine)
  • "Opional Orientation" (1984), published in ATLAS" (fanzine)
  • "Battle on Mechanism" (1984), published in ATLAS" (fanzine)
  • "Metamorphosis in Amazoness" (1984), published in ATLAS" (fanzine)
  • "Arice in Jargon" (1984), published in ATLAS" (fanzine)
  • "Bike Nut" (1985), published in Dorothy" (fanzine)
  • "Gun Dancing" (1986), published in Young Magazine Kaizokuban
  • "Pile Up" (manga, two parts) (1987), published in Young Magazine Kaizokuban
  • "Colosseum Pick" (1990), published in Comic Fusion Atpas" (fanzine)
  • Neuro Hard - The planet of a bee (two parts in 1992, four in 1993, four in 1994), published in Comic Dragon
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  • Design of the MAPP1-SM mouse series[4] (2002, commissioned by Elecom)





Video games


PC Engine

Super Famicom

Nintendo DS


PlayStation 2

PlayStation Portable

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  • 士郎正宗,日本兵庫縣神戶市人,出生於1961年11月23日,血型A型。曾經在大阪藝術大學(後畢業於該校美術系)就讀時期於《Atlas》同人誌發表作品「Black Magic」,後於1985年《蘋果核戰》 (APPLE SEED)晉身職業漫畫創作領域。士郎正宗的作品有一貫的風格,都是關於高科技世界的影響與演變,也具有相當豐富的格鬥場景;故事陳述中那天馬行空的想像 力向來引發令人讚嘆或不知所云的兩極化評論。 而漫畫中周遭用來解釋故事中涉及的概念與專有名詞或觀念所放置的文字註解,更是其著名的另類特色。
  • 士郎正宗初次尝试漫画创作是在大阪艺术大学学习期间,曾自费发表了作品集,引起了同行的注目。1985年,青心社将其作品《蘋果核戰》单行本化。1989年4月22日,士郎正宗在“YOUNG MAGAZINE 海贼版”上以每3月1篇的进度连载了《攻壳机动队1》, 总共包括了12篇小故事,虽然在该作由连载的初期不被当时的部分杂志社编辑以及资深读者看好,其原因在于作品充满了与当时流行气氛格格不入的灰暗基调,但 是士郎正宗以其超强的把握剧情能力以及精湛的画功(分镜工整完满,人物写实)震撼了读者的心,一时间在日本成为最热门的话题。随后该作品在欧洲、美洲以及 亚洲其它国家出版后,更是得到了近乎狂热的支持,从而奠定了他在世界漫画中的地位。之后该作品又陆续出版了2卷作品以及通过动画电影和電視動畫的制作使得 其原著漫画更深入人心。而他的其他作品,如BLACK MAGIC,APPLE SEED,DOMINION等也曾陆续搬上过银幕。
  • 其它代表作还有:《特搜机动队》、《BLACK MAGIC》、《仙术超攻壳 ORION》等等。除此之外,他为大量小说绘制了插图,目前,士郎正宗共推出两本画集,即1992年的《INTRON DEPOT 1》和1998年的《INTRON DEPOT 2~BLADES》。


  • 1983年02月25日 《BLACK MAGIC
  • 1985年02月15日 《苹果核战记(APPLE SEED)》第一卷
  • 1985年11月10日 《苹果核战记》第二卷
  • 1987年07月31日 《苹果核战记》第三卷
  • 1989年04月15日 《苹果核战记》第四卷
  • 1985年12月20日 《BLACK MAGIC~士郎正宗初期作品集》
  • 1986年10月01日 《DOMINION
  • 1986年12月20日 《BLACK MAGIC M66》
  • 1987年05月27日 《DOMINION CLUB
  • 1988年12月15日 《苹果核战记原画版》
  • 1990年05月30日 《APPLE SEED DATA BOOK》
  • 1991年10月05日 《攻壳机动队
  • 1991年12月24日 《仙术超攻壳ORION》
  • 1992年07月17日 《INTRON DEPOT 1》画集
  • 1993年01月27日 《DOMINION特别版》
  • 1995年02月21日 《警察战车队DOMINION》
  • 1996年01月25日 《苹果核战记总集篇》
  • 1997年07月11日 《Cyberdelics
  • 1998年11月26日 《INTRON DEPOT 2~BLADES》画集
  • 2007年10月18日 《神靈狩/GHOST HOUND
  • 2008年04月08日 《RD 潛腦調查室
  • 2013年10月10日 《紅殼的潘朵拉》六道神士(漫画)士郎正宗(原案)







YARUDORA 3: Sampaguita
PlayStation 2(PS2)
攻壳机动队: Stand Alone Complex
PlayStation Portable(PSP)
攻壳机动队: Stand Alone Complex
Horned Owl (射击游戏)
Nintendo DS(NDS)
火焰之纹章: 新·暗黑龙与光之剑
Rising Force Online (MMORPG


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