Thursday, 18 June 2015

How To Slowly Fire Your Boss

How To Slowly Fire Your Boss

Working for somebody else, whether a big company or conglomerate. To me kinda feels like your on borrowed time. Believe me, anything can cause you to be let go. Me for instance, I was told that we are really sorry but it’s not your work but we have to let you go. Even in my Termination papers stated it wasn’t my work, they were happy with my work. Just restructuring. I thought that it was a load of bull. But I know someone that still works in the warehouse, obviously they still need people to do the grunt work. But for high level managers to A/P and A/R people, they were given the boot. This isn’t the 1950′s anymore, loyalty between employer and employee is non existent anymore. It’s time you start looking out for yourself and your family. Harsh I know but it’s the cold hard truth.

Is the 9-5 Job is All Your Deserve?

I always felt when I was working my J-O-B that I WAS destined for greatness. This 9-5 thing just isn’t for me. And that crappy A/P job was just a stepping stone. I deserve the high end car, house, watch and clothes. I always felt that if these people (or should I say sheeple) are okay with the 1% raise at the end of the year, office politics, leaving their children with somebody else or fighting traffic on cold, ice covered streets in the winter. Then let them be happy with this. It wasn’t a bad company to work for but again, I was helping a bunch of rich Old Farts in a board room getting more rich. I felt I was trading in time for money. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

How to Slowly Fire Your Boss

Now this is what I did to slowly fire my boss. I started planning ways to get out of my crappy A/P job. I came up with an action plan. First things first, I knew it wasn’t going to be overnight. So I calmed down and worked on my business 2 or 3 hours daily. Which is more than enough for MLM. Also I picked the MLM industry because no matter what people think, The MLM industry is a great business model and a lot of companies use this model. A lot of every day house hold names use MLM. I researched which MLM company I wanted to join. Tried their product(s), and decided if this is the company I’m going to work with. And asked my mentor to mentor me. Which is what he did.
If you are still here reading this then that tells me that you want more for yourself and your family. You are steps ahead of your mindless co-workers. Keep moving forward. Don’t let your boss fire you…you fire him first. If need help, feel free to book a time and I’ll show you how you can do it too.


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