Sunday, 18 May 2014

Add some color to your home with a pink bathroom

Light pink bathroom

Add some color to your home with a pink bathroom 

Shabby chic pink bathroom set

As you’ve seen, we’ve dedicated quite some space to bathrooms and how one can decorate them. It’s almost needless to say why and still, we’ll go on and say once again that one’s bathroom must get all the attention in the world since it’s the place where one renews his/her energy.
People are different and so are their homes. While some people would opt for red, others would go for black and so on. Well, today we’re focusing on pink bathrooms. No, no spelling mistake. We’re talking about PINK bathrooms. Some of us go a bundle on this color and why wouldn’t it be used to decorate the bathroom? Just wait to see the pictures below and you’ll understand why it is one of the best bathroom colors.
Attic pink bathroom

The reasons why one’s home should receive the utmost attention when being decorated are various. It’s where you renew your energy, charge your batteries and do a part of the things you like to do in your spare time. I bet pampering is among those and this requires a top bathroom. Be it classic, modern, shabby chic or antique, the bathroom deserves all your focus. Decorate it in such a way for it to induce calmness and peacefulness.
You might think that it takes a lot to decorate a pink bathroom. Walls getting pink, pink furniture, pink decor items…where do I get all those pink items from? Worry not as today’s furniture industry provides us with furnishings and home accents of shapes and colors we’ve never even imagined.

Black white and pink bathroom

The idea is to pick the ones that suit your needs best and not only your color preferences. Leaving the color aside, you need products that come with practicality. Now, when browsing the online catalogs, you will run into many pink furniture pieces for your bathroom. Pick the style that suits you best but keep in mind that they should be of high quality and provide you with functionality. If you want to add some other color to pink, consider black and white. The three of them work so well together and they make for quite a team.
The furniture should come with enough compartments for all those pampering products of yours. The large number of pink bathroom furniture styles might get you a bit of a headache but as long as we’re talking about your bathroom, it is worth every second and cent spent (and even all that sighing here and there).
If the web is not helpful enough and you still have questions related this and that, hire an interior designer to give your preferences the best shape. Pick your pink and let it dress up your bathroom. Add a glass of strawberry milkshake and the pampering session can begin!

Cheerful pink bathroom
Elegant pink bathroom
Exquisite pink bathroom

Luxurious pink bathroom
Light pink bathroom corner
Pink bathroom
Pink bathroom furniture
Pink bathroom with floral accents

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