Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The 5 Stages of Grief in Data Loss

The 5 Stages of Grief  in Data Loss

The 5 stages of grief and coming to terms with data loss explained.
Or rather, the series of emotional stages experienced when
confronted with the death of your data.
Yes, your data.

Stage #1: Denial

Maybe you clicked on a link. Maybe you spilled a drink. Whatever happened, the details of how are not of importance to you. You are confused and you can’t believe this is happening to you. Surely, it’s just some sort of computer or interwebz wizardry. The interwebz is hilarious, after all. You couldn’t have possibly lost your stuff. Nope. Not possible.

Stage #2: Anger

Stupid computer. Stupid stuff. Stupid links. Stupid. All the things? Stupid. You want to hit, scream, kick, throw things. Rage blackouts are strong in this stage. You need a punching bag. Anything or anyone will do really.

Stage #3: Bargaining

No no no no no no no no. Please please please please please please. At this point you know your data is gone and all is lost and you’ve resorted to begging the Internet Gods to spare you. You’ll do anything! Name it. You’re desperate. No, really.

Stage #4: Depression

I also call this the “I just used a lot of emotional energy to throw all the things and hate all the things, so eff it.” You’re grieving. You feel hopeless, helpless, and sad. You haven’t exactly lost your will to live, because really, what’s the point?

Stage #5: Acceptance

It happens, right? You’re over it. Not really over it, over it. But for the most part you’re over it. Even depression is too much energy wasted. You have to move on Whatever. Find your inner McConaughey. You’ve got this. Sure, you’ve still got an anger, depression hangover and you’re still not happy, but it is what it is.

Losing your data sucks. Losing your pictures and videos suck. And once it’s done it’s done. But accidents happen, right? You may not be able to prevent accidents, but you can keep the number of casualties to a minimum. How? Make your data disaster proof. We’ve already told you about the secret.
As someone once said, “Lose your data once, shame on you. Lose your data twice…. can’t get fooled again.”
Sure, you can- but don’t. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t forget backups. Don’t get fooled again.

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