Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tips to Create PS2 Video Game Yourself

Tips to Create PS2 Video Game Yourself

Creating a PS2 game alone is not as easy as it seems. It requires the combined effort of professional programmers, engineers and modelers to give it a final functional touch. Like you can see video games in India created skillfully by expert programmers and coders. Here you don’t need to have hundreds of dollars to get an interesting video game. You can have in 60 USD. Yes only in 60 dollars you can buy your own PS2 game easily.

But if you are interested to create your own then it does not mean that no one can develop it. It is a doable task but takes time, dedications, skill and effort. In many cases it can take month or even a whole year to create a PS2 game from scratch. If you want to create your own PS2 video game you need to follow given instructions seriously.

PS2 Video Game


1- Get Required Skills in Programming and Engineering

If you want to create a PS2 video game, the first thing you need to do is to get required programming skill. You need to get training in various subjects including computer science, audio/video technology, business management and art. These skills will help in programming, visual and audio effects, 3d modeling and design.

2- Create an Interesting Idea for the Game

After getting required skills now move onto the first step in game creation. Yes create a unique and interesting idea about the game you want develop.

3- Contact Professional to Discuss Your Idea

Though you can create it yourself all alone as well but it is better if you join and consult with the group of professionals already practicing in the same field. Discuss your idea with them and get useful recommendations to give it a practical form.

4- Hire 3D Modelers

Hiring 3D modelers is another great idea to handle the digital side of your PS2 game. Contact with experienced persons in this regard and also have a look at their previous work.

5- Create Proper Sound Effects

Now come to the sound effects and quality of your game. For this purpose, contact audio engineers who can understand the nature of your game and sound effect it actually needs.

6- Use Development Kit to Check Its Performance

Now come to design phase where you need to use PS2 development kit. This is an official PS2 development kit offered by Sony in order to test your game on it. If you see your game is working well on it, it means it can go well with any standard PS2 playstation.
So your PS2 video game is ready to go live in online market place.

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