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Foods That Cause Allergic Reactions

Foods That Cause Allergic Reactions


The allergic reactions most commonly occur within the first year of the life . Allergies can be caused from almost all types of foods and drinks , and the main are milk , nuts , eggs and many more .

The unwanted reactions to food can be divided in two basic groups: toxic and non-toxic. Toxic reactions can occur in anyone who eats certain amount of foods that are contaminated with bacteria or toxins . Nontoxic reactions can occur in sensitive people , and they can be allergic and nonallergic .

Although you can be allergic to every food , 90 percent of the children are allergic to these products : cow 's milk , eggs , peanuts , products from soy , wheat , fish , shells and crabs.

What are the symptoms of allergic reactions to food ?

Symptoms of food allergies are scratching , irritation , mild swelling of the mouth , throat and the tongue . Also some other types of symptoms like cramps , diarrhea , vomiting . And at some people ( 1 % to 2 % ) can come to an anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis) .

Oral allergy syndrome

This syndrome occurs at 50 percent of the people who suffer from seasonal allergies . If you are allergic to pollen , same reactions can occur when you they eat kiwi , carrots , potatoes and celery .

In which period the allergic reactions to food occur ?

Allergies are most common in the first year of the life . In the developed countries , 8 to 28 percent of the children are allergic , and this number is low in adults.

The best therapy is the diet

For patients who are allergic to certain types of foods, a diet is recommended , which means avoiding those foods . It is important for the patients who have had a systemic allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock) to avoid those foods .

If symptoms of the allergy are so strong that can cause you problems in your daily life , go see a doctor and make allergy tests . The results of the test will help your doctor to determine the best therapy for you.

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