Sunday, 18 May 2014

What Is Garlic Good For?

What Is Garlic Good For?

Garlic is good for treating flu and colds thanks to its antibacterial properties , and besides that garlic can help with some other diseases too.


Garlic has a beneficial effect on beauty . Its juice cures the acne . It is enough to make a mixture of garlic and apply to you skin, and the results will be visible in a few minutes .


Viral infection of the mouth , or better known as herpes , which is a very unpleasant , but curable . All you have to do is to put a piece of garlic on the herpes and hold it for about 10 minutes.

Inflammation of the ears

Garlic helps in treating the inflamed ears , and the recipe is quick and simple . In a hot cup of olive oil add squeezed garlic  and let it stand for 1 hour . Put a few drops of this mixture to your ears , and repeat it 2 times a day .

Hair Loss

If you have problems with hair loss , several times per week apply garlic oil to your hair , and leave it on for at least 10 minutes .


Garlic acts as an antibiotic and can help fight the cough . Place the garlic in hot water , let it stand for a few minutes and then drink it as tea .

Skin Care

Allicin , one of the compounds of garlic helps in softening the skin. Add a little garlic to your face mask , hold it slightly longer and then rinse with warm water . The results will be visible .

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