Thursday, 12 February 2015

Have you used Capstar for your cats?

I love animals and I’ve been around them for as long as I can even remember! When I was little, I was constantly surrounded by dogs up until a couple of years ago. When my dog passed away, I decided that I wanted a “switch of scenery” so I opted to adopt a cat .
My sister currently owns a dog which is this cute, energetic Labrador retriever named Choo- Choo. Labrador Retrievers, as we all know are medium sized dogs that love to be outdoors a lot. They are well known diggers and they love rolling around in mud and they can oftentimes be a handful to deal with which means, it’s really no surprise if they end up catching a flea or two.

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Fleas have definitely been one of the struggles that my sister and even I have had to deal with for quite some time. My sister constantly complains about how it bothers her at how Choo- Choo is always scratching and biting himself and how he looks so uncomfortable. It’s also not as fun to pet a dog with fleas so whenever we’re over, we don’t enjoy petting him as much as we used to. I particularly don’t want him around my kids either just because I’d prefer that they stay as far away from fleas as possible.
Taking Choo- Choo’s situation into account, we decided to do our research and try to find an effective treatment for him. We scoured the internet until we found Capstar Reviews. They are available for cats and dogs so obviously we opted to purchase the Capstar for dogs.

Safe, Effective, & works within 30 minutes!

Capstar for cats & dogs is an oral flea treatment that is clean, safe and effective. It is said to work 30 minutes right after administration and because it is administered orally, you no longer have to worry about creating a mess as compared to topical solutions. Capstar works for puppies, pregnant and lactating mothers which make it safer to use… especially during crucial times in a dog’s life. I’m actually surprised that not a lot of flea treatments take this into account so I was very glad that Capstar was considerate enough to actually think of this.
As soon as we did an ample amount of research about this product, we were convinced that Capstar was indeed the quick fix we needed to solve our little dilemma. So we ordered it online and waited patiently until it arrived. Surprisingly, it didn’t even take that long and soon we were on our way to a flea-less household. I thought about picking it up at the pet store or my local veterinarian’s office but the price was so much more!

Getting Your Pet To Swallow It

As I mentioned earlier, Capstar for dogs is an oral treatment which means unlike other flea treatments, we were required to feed it to our extremely energetic Labrador retriever. Of course we had the option of crushing the pill and incorporating it in his food but we figured that it would be more efficient to just force feed it to him instead. We did have a slight problem trying to get him to stand still and actually eat the pill but then again, we thought it would’ve been harder had it been a topical solution considering is coat of fur. Lesson learned, we tried crushing the pill and adding it to his food the next day and it actually gave us an easier time! Choo- Choo gobbled up his food with no hassle whatsoever. I am certain most dogs would eat the pill without crushing it up since it really is tiny. I think Choo-Choo was just giving us a hard time! In fact, I found out that my sister gave him another Capstar a few months later and get ate it without any problem.
We were so amazed by the results of Capstar because a few hours in, we noticed that his scratching was greatly minimized. He was no longer scratching himself for minutes at a time and he actually looked more relaxed. When we took a closer look, we were surprised to see that the fleas had in fact been falling off!
We decided to give him 1 pill/ day for 3 days to ensure that all the fleas would definitely go away and in that time period, my sister has done nothing but praise Capstar for gods because it has definitely helped her with her problem.

Regular Flea Prevention

Of course, she does not solely depend on just giving Choo- Choo flea prevention, she also makes sure to bathe him regularly and checks if there are still eggs on him and takes them out herself. But even if she has to do these things, she has shared that it’s not as tiring as it was before when Choo- Choo had it all over him. I even tried checking myself and I was relieved to find that there were no fleas on him anymore and his reduced scratching had become very evident.
Ever since we started using Capstar for dogs, Choo- Choo has become a better and more relaxed dog. We no longer have to see him suffer from biting and scratching, and petting him has become fun again.
I would definitely recommend using Capstar for cats and dogs with fleas because it really gets the job done & fast!


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