Wednesday, 11 May 2016

100 awesome Android apps -part 4

part 4

 100 awesome Android apps 

that will turn your phone

 into a jack of all trades


We’ve once again overhauled out Best Android Apps article, whittling the list down to a paltry 100. Some are new, and others have been standbys on this list for years running. Either way, we’re certain that any and all of these apps will make your life easier, and help you get the most out of your Android device. The apps are listed by categories like Music, Travel, Productivity, and so on.

Documents, Web, and Email

Office Suite + PDF editor

Office-Suite-+-PDF-screen This app is the most downloaded app of the Google Play store, and for good reason. It’s the most robust and fully featured Office solution for Android. Create word documents, PDFs, power point presentations, spreadsheets, and more.

Google Inbox

google-inbox-screen If you’re a Gmail user and Google loyalist, Google’s Inbox app is a must download. It rethinks the inbox entirely, encouraging you to eliminate clutter, make it easier to stay organized, and get more done.

Google Drive

google-drive-screen The natural choice for anyone invested in Google’s apps and services, the streamlined Google Drive app lets you store up to 15GB of files and access them wherever and whenever you need to.

Google Keep

google-keep-screen This app allows you to type notes or lists, add photos and annotate them, or record audio files that are automatically transcribed. Anyone invested in the Google ecosystem will love this.


evernote-screen Here’s an elegant solution for all your note-taking needs, from simple to-do lists, to voice reminders, to notes with supporting photos. Tag, sync, and organize for a real productivity boost.
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acalendar aCalendar gives you a great overview of your day, week, or month. It also supports reminders, repeat events, and has a fully customizable widget so you can view events from the home screen.

Rescue Time

rescuetime-screen Waste a lot of time on your Android device? (You do. Don’t worry, us too.) RescueTime is your way to reclaim those moments. It tracks your usage in every app and shows you where you can cut down.


anydo-screen This stylish productivity app allows you to create task lists and save notes. It deeply integrates into your phone, supports cloud syncing, and it’s easy to share lists across devices.

Puzzle Alarm

puzzle-alarm-screen Perpetually pressing snooze? Not anymore. This alarm clock will keep blaring until you’ve completed a puzzle. You can set the difficulty level, alarm volume and tone, as well as make alarms and reminders for other tasks and times of the day.

Accuweather Premium

accuweather-screen AccuWeather is the app that you’ll open when you need some precise weather information. It offer minute-by-minute readouts, localized to your exact street address, for your local forecast and precipitation.


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