Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Android Camera Reviews and Sample / Huawei y6


Huawei Y6 Camera Review and Sample Images


Huawei Y6 is a low budget phone from Huawei with good specs . We recently did a video review of Huawei Y6 , you can take a look at the video at the link below.
Huawei Y6 has a 8 Mega Pixel rear camera with LED flash light and a 2 MP Front Camera. The camera result is satisfactory in good lightning conditions however It looks like that the camera tries to over saturate the colors a little. This over saturation becomes more evident in low conditions.
The 8 mega pixel camera on Huawei Y6 is however very fast and can launch and take photos in 1.4 sec , when the phone is in standby mode. It can also take burst shots . The camera software comes with many features such as smile shutter , burst shot , watermark and more , which can be useful.
Below are the camera options and settings available in Huawei y6.
Lets look at some sample images from Huawei Y6 Camera. The images produced by the camera have dimension of 2448 × 3264 with an average size of 4 MB
The camera has a fixed aperture of f 2.0 and the exposure time varies depending on the scene, the maximum I noticed was 1/518 .
The camera captures good colors in day light . You can see slight over saturation here in the photos by looking at the lights. . Also the bokeh effect created by  capturing close up pictures came up nice
A sample Selfie . I am not a good model for selfie but just for you sample. The selfie came out pretty nice as well. Although the low light selfie was not satisfactory. The camera is enough for skype calling but not the best options for selfie enthusiast.  The front 2 MP camera produces 1200 × 1600 images with size of 800 kb . The aperture for front camera is  f2.8
Download original full size huawei y6 camera sample from the links below.
Huawei Y6 Video Sample 
The huawei Y6 makes videos in 720p resolution in MP4 format. The video lack the sharpness but otherwise the colors were fine and frame rate was satisfactory. Download a sample video from the link below.
Another Nice feature built in to huawei y6 camera is the option to create time lapse video. Although you can surely download apps from the playstore to do this but having this feature by default is nice. You can play around with it and make some creative videos . Download a sample from link below.


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