Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Android Camera Reviews and Sample / Innjoo Max 2

Android Camera Reviews and Sample / Innjoo Max 2


One of the main attractions of innjoo max 2 is its camera. When you look at the specs you see an amazing 13 MP camera with dual LED Flash and 8 MP front camera with LED flash as well. SO obviously these specs look great on paper.
But on testing the camera we were disappointed by the result. Although I was not expecting a true 13 mega pixel camera considering the price of the phone. The rear camera result is not all bad. In good light the camera result is average . The dual LED flash light of rear camera is however amazing and worked like a real camera flash
The 13 Mega Pixel rear camera produces an image with 3120 × 4160 dimensions and the image size is about 4-5 mb . The aperture of camera if f1.8 with focal length of 3.5. The color in the images is good but lacks the sharpness level.  Check out the sample images from innjoo max 2 camera below


Innjoo Max 2 Dual LED Flash
I was impressed by the power of flash on the rear camera. It almost works like a real camera flash and can be very helpful in dark or night environments.
Without the flash light 
After using the flash light
As you can see the flash is very powerful and filled up the entire photo.
Innjoo Max 2 Front Selfie Camera 
The front 8 MP camera is definitely not made for selfie enthusiast. The LED flash light helps a little to light up the surroundings. The image dimension is 2448 × 3264 with a size of 1.3mb
The front LED flash light helps a little to improve the light but the image quality from the front camera was disappointing.
The Day light selfie however was fine .

Without flash in dark environment
with flash in dark environment

Download full size sample images from the links below
Innjoo Max 2 Camera Video 
The Video from the rear camera of innjoo max 2 is saved in 3GP format , The video size is 1920 × 1088 and uses the codec MPEG-4 Video, AAC
You can download a sample video from innjoo max 2 from the link below.
Innjoo Camera Options / Settings
If you are buying innjoo max 2 for its camera , then dont . Although it says 13 MP and 8 MP camera in the specs but the sensor and lens quality of its camera is not upto the mark. Then again if you are looking for a good camera phone then that would cost you more.
For the price of the innjoo max 2 , I would say its camera is just average.


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