Friday, 13 May 2016

Which is better? Tempered Glass vs Plastic Screen Protectors. Handphone protection

Which is better? 

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors or Plastic Screen Protectors

Handphone protection ,  Need your help !

I've been using plastic screen protectors for a while now. I know allot of people think that Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are much better than Plastic ones. But I use to have a very good plastic screen protector for my SGSII, which was produce by a Japanese company. I can't remember the name of the company, but that screen protector was amazing. I had dropped my SGSII numerous times onto asphalt and paved driveways and the screen protector always came out without a scratch! Until I drop my SGSII onto my gravel drive, which cause some serious damage to the screen protector but the glass underneath was left untouched.

I've recently switched from plastic to a tempered glass screen protector for my Note 4 due to the fact that I can't find a good plastic screen protector locally. While the tempered glass screen protector on my Note 4 looks better than the plastic one I had used on it previously. I don't like the fact that the glass adds a bit more thickness to the display, while it doesn't seem to cause any problems with the touchscreen interface. I just don't like having the add thickness to the display, which isn't present in plastic screen protectors. While I will continue to hunt for a good plastic screen protector and I probably will get if I ever go on holiday to Hong Kong again.
I'm very pro plastic. They provide great protection. And don't have the issue of thickness or messing up touch screen functions. There is no added danger to having a plastic screen.
Glass however, I've seen that when the phone falls, because the glass is so hard, the phone can no longer give that slight milimeter bend it needs what it falls and the screen can break and the glass won't (if the phone doesn't fall screen down). This could be different in newer phones, but I don't want to take the risk .
Most tempered glass protectors are actually multi-layered protectors with PET film (plastic) middle layer holding the adhesive. So, the shock absorption will greatly depend on the thickness of a screen protector plus materials properties. When it comes to the durability, however, tempered glass falls short, as it chips and cracks easily.
My friend’s phone fell on ground and the glass protector cracked but saved the original display which was atlleast 10 times costlier than glass protector. So I also think about  protect my new phone screen with a glass protector. I dont know anything on earth having Lifetime warranty

my friend tell me this:
1. He had a $3 dollar glass protector well over 6 months and no cracks (except a few chipped edges)
2. He had tried to smash this protector with a hammer and nothing horrific happened. Just a spider crack and a few chipped pieces.

BUT ;  what happen to me ?
I bought a tempered glass protector thinking it would be great. I noticed it cracked before 24 hours without a single drop or rough button press. I will never buy that one again. It was $20 for a waste of time and money.  Why ??????
is it truth most tempered glass screen protectors are made in China ?
I want to protect my phone, but I mind is so confuse now?

So Which is Better ?
Tempered Glass Screen Protectors or Plastic Screen Protectors ?
I'd like to know what your all think is better a Plastic or Glass Screen Protector? 
Please share your views on the topic.


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