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Android Camera Reviews and Sample / Huawei Honor 7

Android Camera Reviews and Sample / Huawei Honor 7

Few days ago , We showed you the video review of Huawei Honor 7 , Which is a mid range device from huawei with great specs and price range. The star feaature of huawei honor 7 is however its 20 MP rear camera and the 8 MP front facing camera. Today we have its camera review for you. Lets look at the camera options available in the huawei honor 7 and then some sample images to check the camera result.
One of the main features of Huawei Honor 7 camera is its ability to take long exposure photos. Although you can find some apps in the playstore which might be able to do that but huawei has made this built in the camera and its optimized for the camera lens. Take a look at two images sample below which shows the long exposure and light painting. To take these shots you have to use some support or a tripod so the camera doesnt move.

Even the regular night time images came out really good. Usually camera phones are not good at taking night time images .
The Day time images came out really nice . Although The colors seem a  bit too over saturated .


The front 8 MP camera is pretty decent as well. It is capable of taking very good images and is perfect for selfie enthusiast. The front camera comes with a flash light, however the flash light is just like a dim bulb and is not very powerful. Still if you are taking a selfie in complete dark environment , it will be enough. Forexample the image below was taken in complete darkness.

   Usman Malik · December 28, 2015


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