Sunday, 27 April 2014

I am a keeper of knowledge

I am a keeper of knowledge

Recently, my friends ask me, "Why not show all your knowledge on your blog?"
"I want more stuff other than MMA or BJJ!" "You are too focus on what you like most."
"Make the blog more for all people, not just a group people" "I want more about health"
 "I want more about computer" "I want more about game"
 "I want more about music"
 "I want more about ............." ................. so many request.

OK! That it. I will start a new way. More knowledge on more stuff, in all kind of things.

Thank for all your's E-Mails. ............. so many request! HA HA!

(MAN's enemies are: Ignorance, illiteracy and poverty!)   by  keeper of knowledge


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