Monday, 28 April 2014

Total Relaxation using Hypnosis, NLP, Subliminal audio CD

Total Relaxation using Hypnosis, NLP, Subliminal audio CD


release tension

    * Reaching the deepest levels of meditation
    * Obtaining clarity and insight
    * Entering higher states of awareness

This newly re-mastered favorite delivers 60 minutes of Alpha waves. 
The gentle pulsations of soothing Alpha waves move your mind into a regenerative
 state of total relaxation. Your consciousness is lifted above fragmented thoughts
 and worries, becoming unified in peaceful repose. You experience a euphoric
 release from anything and everything that bothers you.

(MAN's enemies are: Ignorance, illiteracy and poverty!)   by keeper of knowledge
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I sell the  Hypnosis, NLP, Subliminal Audio CD for $2 US Dollar
I will guide you step by step, personally.
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