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Stress Free using Hypnosis, NLP, Subliminal audio CD

Stress Free  using Hypnosis, NLP, Subliminal audio CD

Everything in my life works perfectly
It¡¯s easy to let go and let my life unfold
I let life happen and it¡¯s wonderful
I move freely and with ease
I have enough time
Time is on my side
I take care of myself
I feel great, I love my life
I know how to relax, I am relaxed
All parts of my life fl ow freely and easily
I live in the present moment
I trust my future to unfold beautifully
I let go of control
I live with ease, I am fulfi lled
I feel connected to the fl ow of love in my life
I get all the help I need
I trust my inner guidance to show me the way
Everything in my life works with cooperation
I trust the process of life
All details take care of themselves

Positive thoughts produce positive results. The only problem is that some of our most
persistent, self defeating beliefs are stored deep in the unconscious, where they have
 the power to undermine our happiness and sabotage our success. Now you can
 effortlessly change those negative beliefs to produce the results you want.

Special combinations of brain wave frequencies are harmonically layered in soothing
music to trigger heightened states of receptivity. Here the unconscious is primed to
receive and act on a new set of ideas. Subliminal messages are deeply absorbed by
the unconscious to immediately impact your sense of self, your creativity and the
 dynamic expression of your power in the world.

Instructions for Listening
Listen to this program every day for six weeks. Be on the look-out for "coincidences"
 and acknowledge even the smallest synchronicities as they occur. Once your
 subconscious has fully absorbed and integrated the subliminal messages, reality
conforms to what your subconscious mind believes. The results are profound.

Can be used anytime and anyplace; while working, relaxing, exercising, reading or
even sleeping. The subconscious mind has the capacity to absorb subliminal
messages without special attention from the conscious mind.

 When listening with headphones, find a time and place where you are not likely
 to be disturbed. Position yourself comfortably with your spine straight and
breathe deeply. This posture allows your natural channels of energy to open
and flow freely. Using headphones while consciously relaxing enhances
your receptivity to the brain wave frequencies and subliminal suggestions.

(MAN's enemies are: Ignorance, illiteracy and poverty!)   by keeper of knowledge
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