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The secrets of PhotoReading...

The secrets of PhotoReading...

· read more easily with better understanding
· improve your memory and sharpen concentration
· increase your productivity
· Invent whole new perspectives and approaches in life
· propel yourself to new levels of personal performance
· enhance your intuition and develop your true potential
· create more time in your day
· catapult yourself into a bright future
· Get through information at least three times faster!

PhotoReading exposes printed materials to the brain at phenomenal rates, a page per
second–all beyond the conscious mind's processing capability, but within the capabilities of
the subconscious. Now, reread that sentence to make sure you got it. It is a wild concept. We
actually teach you to "mentally photograph" the printed page at 25,000 words per minute.
(Remember, you promised to keep an open mind.)
Paul Scheele is an international expert in human performance. His acclaimed work has
led to a breakthrough in reading that is easy for anyone to apply. As a matter of fact, as a
beginning PhotoReader you will absolutely be able to process and understand any printed
material three times faster than you can right now–that's where you will start out!
PhotoReading requires a willingness to explore something different. One of the reasons
people in emerging countries such as Hungary and Mexico have embraced PhotoReading is
they realize they have to do something different to catch up with other countries. You may be
getting by, but to thrive in this new millennium with the deluge of information, you absolutely
will have to do something different, otherwise you will be passed by. Think of where you
would be today if you had not opened up to the personal computer.
PhotoReading balances a series of reading techniques proven in university studies with the
breakthrough technique of "mentally photographing" printed pages. That combination allows
you to use the best of your current reading skills, coupled with the best of PhotoReading, to
handle your reading needs immediately.
And you can use PhotoReading on all types of material and on all subjects from
gardening to geophysics, philosophy to calculus, computer manuals to the morning
PhotoReading does not give you a photographic memory nor instant recall of
everything. It simply makes printed material faster to process and easier to use.

An effective, no-nonsense way to create more time,money, & respect
Be honest. You don't have time to do everything you want... especially reading.
But, if a regular guy like me can get through a couple hundred books in a year and
have time for other pursuits, then you can, too.

People learn PhotoReading, because they know life can be better than it is.
When you hear the stories about PhotoReading, you may say "No, that is not possible."
I just ask that while you read this letter, you hold open the possibility that it might be true.
After all, knowledge from reading is power to earn more, be respected by your peers,
and form deeper bonds with those people important to you.

"A breakthrough with the subconscious mind"

Your conscious mind can handle seven pieces of information at a time, while your
subconscious mind can handle a staggering 20,000 pieces of information. That's the
difference between regular reading and PhotoReading. We don't like using the word
"subconscious" because it seems mysterious. We take the mystery out of the subconscious,
and we help you expand the capabilities of your "whole" mind. Can you imagine the power
your whole mind can bring to reading?
Better grades, sharper thinking, increased productivity

(MAN's enemies are: Ignorance, illiteracy and poverty!)   by keeper of knowledge

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