Sunday, 27 April 2014

Make the PhotoReading Whole Mind System Part of Your Daily Life

Make the PhotoReading Whole Mind System Part of Your Daily Life

Use PhotoRead every times in daily life, use it more than reading book. Use it for seeing all things

The PhotoRead system
Step 1 : Prepare
Step 2 : Preview
Step 3 : PhotoRead
Step 4 : Active
Step 5 : Rapid Read

Step 1 : Prepare
* State your purpose
* Enter the ideal state for reading
* Put it all together
* More on the tangerine technique

Step 2 : Preview
* Survey the material
* Pull out trigger words
* Review
* Read as you would shop for groceries
* Beware of traps  (maximum time use for preview is 5 minutes)
* Preview or postview ?  (Postview is after PhotoRead, Max time is 15 minutes)

Step 3 : Photoread
* Prepare to PhotoRead
* Enter the accelerative learning state
* Affirm your concentration, impact, and purpose
* Enter the PhotoFocus state
* Maintain a steady state while flipping pages
* Close the process with a sense of mastery
* Consider PhotoReading before sleep


Step 4 : Active
* Jump start activation with postviewing
* Let it incubate
* Probe your mind
* Super read and dip
* The best way to dip
* Search for the train of thought
* Skittering your way to success with text
* Create a mind map  (in just one page of paper for one book)
* Gain a new experience of memory

Step 5 : Rapid Read
* Rapid read or super read ?  (super read = fly, land, fly) (Rapid read = fast, slow, vary speed)
* Demonstrate how the system works for your
* Take the five-day test

(MAN's enemies are: Ignorance, illiteracy and poverty!)   by keeper of knowledge
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